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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve Food Shopping

The New Year is coming very soon. I don't want to have an empty refrigerator. I went out today food shopping. And I kept wondering while walking in the aisle at the supermarket whether I had to get the thirteen different round sweet fruits. This is part of the tradition where I grew up. The idea is to put this kind of food on the table. They say it will bring us good luck throughout the year. And I would love to do it because it sound a little bit interesting to me and besides it's fun. So I went to the fruit section but I was disappointed. They had very few round fruits. I got some of them anyway. I know that I can't complete this task. Oh well, at least I tried my best. Maybe next year I can shop earlier, then I can do it. For this year I will not completely follow the tradition. Tonight I'll put cheesecake on the table. Hopefully, the entire year will be as sweet as my cake.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Returning Gifts

I returned the gifts that I got from Christmas because some of them I didn't particularly like and also didn't fit me. It is very convenient to return anyway; the mall is just across the street where we live.Then I bought the item that I really wanted to have. The person who picked my name asked me what I wanted but I decided to get cash. I'm so practical at this this time, I don't want them to shop for me. When I buy my own stuff I like to try it on first so that I don't have to return it. I am so picky especially the style, color and what it's made of... And I shop only if there's a big sale; I set a limit for myself. If I like something I'll wait until the sale comes. So what can you say... I am smart about shopping... I'm not a shopaholic.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Trip

We got up at 7:00 a.m. to prepare the Christmas trip. I got just three hours sleep, so I was exhausted the whole day. Then we missed the train. We were supposed to be at Grand Central at 12:15 p.m. to catch the 12:42 train, but we left very late from the house so everything got messed up. The Christmas party had to start at 3:00 p.m. instead of 2:00 p.m. because they were waiting for us to arrive with Kate. This is the first time that we rode on the train with the baby. It's quite difficult for us because we just started learning the whole thing. We had to find the elevator going up and down. And we had to find a spot on the train where we could put the stroller. It's tough, I admit it. But we enjoyed the party, exchanged our gifts, and had a nice dinner and a pleasant family get-together after all.

There was a family next to us on the train with three girls and a boy. The boy was the youngest; he was six. His sisters were fascinated with Kate and gathered round to gawk and try to interact with her. She loved the company.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Getting Ready

We're getting ready for this special holiday. In fact, we have our Christmas tree up with some ornaments. It is so beautiful to look at it with the colorful lights blinking. I can't imagine those days passed by without knowing it's the end of the year. This season is very memorable for us compared to past years because it is the first Christmas for our daughter. I know that everybody in the family is so eager to see her. She will be the star and get all the attention and the presents... I hope that she can deal with this long trip and not be cranky. We will travel by train from Grand Central station. It will take two hours to get the destination.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Today she learned to grab her pacifier and put it in her mouth. She can take it out when she wants and put it back. Putting it back is largely a matter of luck, but when she gets it right she's happy.

Friday, December 21, 2007


We went to the dentist today, and I didn't know that I had to undergo a consultation first. They didn't tell us on the phone, so I expected that he would pull out my tooth at the same time. But it turns out that I have to make another appointment for the extraction.... Oh boy, what a pain in the neck huh? I'm was so disappointed through the entire procedure. Anyway, their office is not convenient for the people who have strollers because you have to walk up the stairway. We know that it's not fun to carry all the heavy stuff. Well, it's so frustrating that I have to celebrate this Christmas with pain.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Wonderful Visit

My Parents in-law got to see us today. First they called us on the phone to see if we were available. Actually, they planned to visit us last Saturday but they canceled it because they didn't feel good. Then they got a chance this afternoon; on the way to our house they had a pit stop at the supermarket. They brought a lot of food that hardly fit on our refrigerator. We're so glad to see them. After a little bit of chatting we'd please the order for our dinner while we're having fun with the baby. I'm sure that they really missed their granddaughter. They hadn't seen us since thanksgiving. Well anyway, we can get together again this coming Christmas. And we'll have another wonderful visit...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby's First Christmas

This is Kate's first Christmas. She's two months old, and already she's saying how much she enjoys shopping. She has an account at Macy's, and they know her at Kohl's. We can't wait till she's a teenager and she grows out of these silly habits. In fact, we went shopping with her today, and she had the most fun. She bought jewelry and a pocketbook...LOL... and she said she wants more. We spent three hours shopping because she couldn't make up her mind between a Coach pocketbook and a Chanel. She didn't care even though she was getting hungry, all she thinks about is shopping. So we got home very late.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stay Up The Entire Night

I couldn't help but stay up for the entire night; I can hardly sleep to think about my family back home, certain that they'll miss me this holiday season. Usually we would be together during the holidays but everything changed when my two brothers and I got married. My brother who is four and a half years older than me is working in Manila while his family is at my mother's house. It's sad that he's separated from his wife and children.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Shopping Late At Night

Hubby and I agreed to shop this afternoon after his gym workout. Perhaps I was too busy watching the TFC Channel soap opera, it lasts 2 hours. Before he left he said, "Get ready and we'll bring the baby." But I got hooked on the soap opera. So he decided to go tomorrow, but I couldn't wait; I changed my clothes and left. I went to the food court and ate there. I had fun window shopping, I bought some gaudy stuff and supplies for the baby. It's the anniversary today of the day we got engaged three years ago. When I came home from the mall we finally celebrated by eating peanuts and chocolate cake by candlelight. Next year I can't imagine it'll be better.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I was so bothered from my toothache recently that I started to act awkward. I took some aspirin to alleviates the pain. I made a couple of appointments in the past few days but I kept canceling them because I'm a little bit nervous about the extraction of my wisdom tooth, plus my hubby was out of town. I'm worried to be alone and doing things that I'm not really sure about the outcome. But anyway we rescheduled another appointment for the dentist and I'm hoping that this time I'll be able to go and not abrogate my responsibility to myself.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A wake Up Call

I received a long distance call early today from one of my close friends. She just started asking me how I'm doing now that I have a baby; and she also wanted to see photographs... I used to call her on the cell phone a lot but recently she changed her sim card because her cell phone got mugged. I had a nice time chatting with her sharing our ideas and experience being a mother. I got to know her a few years ago. She used to rent a room from my landlady's daughter who was very close to where I lived in Cebu City. She was my good neighbor, helping me do some housework. I miss being with her doing silly things. It's sad that when I went to the Philippines earlier this year I didn't have time to visit her; I was so busy, and I was suffering jet lag, plus I didn't feel good; maybe because of my pregnancy. I wish someday I can have extra time to visit her... then we'll both be happy.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is all about a mad old sailor who comes home from a harrowing sea voyage like a man possessed. He tells his tale of horror to everyone who he can find who he thinks needs to hear it. The story revolves around his mistaken shooting of a big bird, the Albatross. "I shot the Albatross," he says.


Life is unpredictable; when you fail it breaks your vulnerable heart. Sometimes you stop thinking for awhile or you rue the day something bad happened, and your remorse actually helps you feel better. Each person is capable of dreaming big dreams, but unfortunately not everyone can succeed. With each failure and mistake we can learn a lesson that can help bring us to great success. However not everyone can control their feeling of frustration, and such frustration can encourage people to do crazy things. We all know that obstacles are part of life; it might be too much sometimes to deal with but we need to be strong to face it and not to capitulate. Always be optimistic then you can beat them...whatever it is...everything will be fine; trust me...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Wish

Everyone of us has their own wish especially this kind of season; some people doing their wish by attending the (Misa de Gallo) the 9 dawn mass before christmas. It is supertitious belief but I did it just once and it works for me; my wish was granted...I love to do that again but it is tough to get up 2:00 a.m I can't think right. This is very popular in the place where I grow up, the church is always crowded. Eventually I might do this in the future with my family...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Slides

Monday, December 3, 2007

Special Day

Today is a special day for my daughter . . . she's now exactly two months old. It is blatant that she's growing fast; her neck is getting stronger every day; she can lift up her head and move. Obviously she is a big girl; the clothes she wears are for kids between 3-6 months. Interestingly, she has some outfits intended for 0-3 months that she never uses because they're too tight already. I'm planning to bestow some of them on my friends, but I have to ruminate about it first. By the way, I noticed that she always looks up at the ceiling and smiles; I don't really know what's up there but I guess she does.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feeling Celebrity

Hubby and I went to New York for shopping; we walked down to Broadway looking for the shoe store. When we tried to get inside the store one man approached us and screamed the name of Woody Allen; he sounded like this: "Hi, guys, Woody Allen is here with his wife Soon-Yi!" We smiled and laughed but he never stopped bringing us to the crowd's attention; so the group of bystanders got larger. The saleslady said to me, how do you feel being Soon-Yi. I was speechless at the time. I couldn't believed it happened to us. For those who don't know about Woody Allen, he is a famous director and Hollywood comedian-actor that married, a Korean lady.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This morning is different from the past because my hubby flew to Texas to do his lecture at one of the universities there. And this is my first time to be alone with my daughter since she was born. Hopefully tonight she'll be peaceful and quiet; so that I can sleep tight...

Monday, November 26, 2007


We bought a crib yesterday for my daughter. We were very excited to assemble that right away without wasting any time. We're so glad to have it; so we tried to put her in it for the entire night but I felt sad because I'm used to her beside me. I can't stand having away from me. So I decided to take her back and put her on the bed the way it used to be; we realized that we can just use the crib for the day time...

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well I watched the news on the TFC channel last night, then I found out that there's another typhoon coming to my homeland. As far as I know they're just recovering from the typhoon named Lando a few days ago. A lot of houses have been destroyed and the people who were affected are now in evacuation centers. I don't really know why this country is one of the favorite targets for typhoons. It never ends, and unfortunately most of the people who live there are poor, I feel very sorry for those who were affected. All I can do is to pray and hope they can survive.


When I woke up this morning I had a terrible headache all day long...and I threw up, then it became worse in the afternoon and I kept thinking what is the main cause of this ache, maybe because I don't have enough sleep or it's related to my toothache that's been bothering me for a few days. Anyway I took some aspirin to cure the pain; it took awhile for the ache to disappear...I am very careful about taking aspirin because I am breastfeeding, I don't want my baby to get sick or get affected by what I take. It's so difficult when somebody relies on you. It makes you crazy to think about what's best for both of you... I hope I can have a good night's sleep... wish me luck...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poor Turkey

Thanksgiving is fast approaching here in the U.S. My in-laws invited us to have lunch in their house just to celebrate that precious day. And we know that during this kind of event the poor turkey is number one on the table. I feel sorry for all the turkeys on that day. But the funny thing is that the dessert is at my sister in-law's house, which is too far; it takes 2 hours to drive there. Anyway it is family gathering and they want to see us with my daughter.... Hopefully we can get there easily...

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Most of the time I am the only one who takes care of my daughter since my husband is at work. And I notice that each day is amazing because she always does something different, like today I put her in the rocker and then she started to look up and smile but not only that... I saw her laughing while the toys were swinging over her head. Well I said to myself my God how wonderful...what a great feeling...I can't wait for her to start walking and talking...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

After living overseas, going back home is exciting and fun. All of your family and friends want to see and chat with you. And it is a great feeling spending time with them during the holidays. How blissful to have them in your life! Now and then, you will notice a drop of tears from your eyes and it's all because of joy that you feel inside. And how you wish to spend more time but you know that it is difficult because there's someone waiting for you out there...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Book of Love

Finally, my hubby finished his book that he was writing for a couple of months. It has now been sent to the press, and hopefully will be available in bookstores in February 2008. The name of the book is The Birth Order Book of Love. It's all about siblings and the way they grow up and it also analyzes how compatible you are with your partner. This would help you to understand each other, especially those who have plans to get married. Perhaps it would also be helpful to married couples who don't know what their differences are...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Love Hurts

A sad thing that happens in life is when you meet someone who really means a lot to you and then you find out after everything that you're not meant to be, so you have to let go even if it's very painful and hard to forget. With all the memories that you shared, it may remain forever in your heart, whatever you do and wherever you go, but you have to move on in your life. And always remember that it's not the end of the world for you, and that if you put your mind to it to someday you'll find the right person who will give you the love you need.

Having a Baby

Everyone of us knows how tough it is to get up every 2 hours to feed a newborn baby. Lack of sleep and feeling exhausted for the whole day and night is par for the course. Perhaps it's worth it for me because I felt joy inside my heart that I'd never experienced before. However, my life has been changed; it is more wonderful now than the way it used to be. I don't have any regrets about having my daughter. She's great fun!!!

My Favorate Song


You say that you've always been true
Looking in your eyes I see you lie
You're trying hard to hide that
There's someone new you found and
You want me to believe that you still care

How can you hurt me this way
Everything I knew was loving you
How could you try pretending
Your love was never ending
Now you can't even say that you will stay

How, how could you say you love me
When you will go and leave me
How could you make me hurt so bad
When I have loved you more than anyone can do
Can't believe the pain
That I'm feeling now because of loving you

I can't seem to understand
How can love be so unkind
Still you broke my heart despite what I've done
Still my love was not enough
Though I've given you my all
I can take it anymore

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It is a Big Day

Today is my big day, that's what my husband said this morning and I asked him why. Then he said, "Because the professor is going to observe me in my class." He got up very early at 4:00 a.m. to prepare his clothes but I'm too tired and sleepy though I can't hardly open my eyes. I went back to sleep and when he had to leave I woke up so that I could give him a kiss goodbye but he looks different this morning maybe because he was wearing formal attire that I'm not used to...


The word vacation is very exciting to hear for everyone, and other than that it is also fun to think of the place where you would like to go. But it's a pain in the neck to prepare all the stuff that's needed, especially for a long trip. It may be difficult to plan and organize a trip, however once you get there it's all worth it. And then when you get home you can look at your pictures and reminisce. Is that fun or what!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Living in the United States

Many people wish to live in the country called The Land of the Free. Maybe because of good opportunities and jobs. Well, in my homeland we have strong family ties, which is something we value. We always help our family even if we're married, and we take care of them until they get old. Some married couples live together with their parents. But because of poverty we often have to go abroad in order to work. There is a big difference between working abroad, especially in USA, and working in the Philippines. You can earn more and send the money back home; that really helps them. And for those who are full-time mothers here maybe life is not fun, because you feel that you're isolated; no family is helping you. You are just alone taking care of your kids; it is sad, though, to think about it...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Little Princess

I have a newborn daughter who is 1 month and 4 days old; I love her so much, I want the best for her. I will do everything just to make her happy. Even though she encountered a lot of difficulties in breathing, she remains nice and very kind to us. We went to the ENT doctor to have her checked up, and he said that our daughter has a larynx problem; and he wants to see her again in three months. Her trouble breathing makes me feel worried all the time. Supposedly infants grow out of these breathing problems within one or two years. Still, sometimes I can't sleep at night just listening to her and hoping she's doing fine. Can you believe it, only one month old and she snores! And the noise is loud. I hope that I can fix her very soon...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


When I arrived in the United States, I immediately wanted to know whether there was a drugstore near where we lived. I got lucky because we had one very close, just a two-minute walk, so I decided to browse around the store with my husband and I started to pick up some vitamins that I like, but my husband wanted to talk about it before I made a purchase and he said, “You don't need vitamins, the food you're eating every day will give you all the nutrients you need.” Then I explained to him, with a very soft and gentle voice, that I used to take them before I met you and I love it. So we reached a compromise, even though he didn’t believe I should take them. Most of his life he didn’t take vitamins, so I understood how he felt.

Then the funny thing is that a few months later he was listening to the radio and he heard some doctor talking about antioxidants and how good they are and how they’re very helpful to the body, and he bought the book The Antioxidant Miracle by Lester Packer, and he read it cover to cover and it became his bible, and before you know it he’s smiling and apologizing and saying I was right. But before he made his decision he did a lot of research to find out all about antioxidants and Vitamin E, and his research convinced him to change his mind in a radical way, so that now he takes lots more vitamins than I do daily. In fact, he’s become such a big fan of vitamins and supplements, he takes about 65 pills a day.

Being a Mother

It is a great challenge in life to have a baby especially if you don't have any knowledge at all of how to take care of it ... just like me, the youngest from my family. I had absolutely no experience handling babies. And then when the time came that I got pregnant I felt very nervous thinking about whether I would be able to fulfill my responsibility and whether I would be a good mother. Then days passed by, and I had to give birth to my daughter and in that moment I felt like a new person.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The First Smile

Since the day my daughter was born I've been watching her to see if she would smile. No luck. But today she rewarded us with a big smile. It was beautiful. She's one month old.