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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! That's how I feel when I'm on wheels. I want to go skating because I love the sensation of movement and I remember how it felt when I skated on ice. But I want to try a new sport that people in our area do all the time and that is skating with wheels; the4se are roller skates and they have a single set of wheels; so you need balance. I have a good sense of balance and will hopefully not fall too many times as I learn to roll. Looking forward to it and will report back here. If you ever roller skated, please leave a comment and tell me.

Affordable Truck Rental is a moving Web site that I personally used this past February. A friend of mine was moving and needed a one way truck rental. We went on the site and got multiple estimates from different movers in the region, and we were able to select the one that not only was in the price range we wanted but also that had the features, such as number of men working on the job, number of hours, quality of boxes, and references, all of which made the process of moving easier. Hugo is now thinking of moving again because the experience was so much fun. If I were moving I would use this site in a heartbeat, and I recommend it because it worked for my pal, Hugo, and his two dogs.

Lucky Day

I feel lucky today because I was able to grab opps from the triple P. They were giving a lot late at night. Early this morning I tried to wait for opps but I was disappointed because there was nothing. So I went out with Big Honey. We went shopping to the mall and relaxed there a little bit. I met my friend where I used to work before. We chatted a couple of minutes and left. Then I stop by to the CVS convenience store and got some chocolates. I am not planning to eat the chocolates. I know they contain too many carbohydrates and that this will pack on the pounds. But I like to look at them and let them dissolve in the bath tub. Just kidding. I'm going to send it back home.

Find Your New Home Here

Home Sale Directory Inc. can help you find Texas homes for sale. They have a complete listings of homes for sale in Texas. They offer free accounts to home buyers to help them track Texas homes that spark their interest. And plus, they also have inexpensive package deals for home sellers and real estate agents that allow to post their homes on the site with photos and detailed descriptions. This Web site is going to put you one step ahead of the competition, and you know as a homebuyer you do have competition. How's that, you ask. The answer is that other people are also looking for homes. But this site will let you sit and relax at your computer, sip a cup of iced tea to get out of that Texas heat wave, and scan the screen for homes you like. Not only that, the site lets you look at the property, floor plans, gardens, square footage, and neighborhoods. Give them a whirl and you'll be shopping with confidence and enjoyment instead of fretting over the process. You will actually have fun home buying. So hurry, check this out today by clicking it here.

Diamonds are Forever

I admit that I like diamonds. The ones I like are sparkling. I also realize that Liz Taylor got a huge diamond from Richard Burton as a wedding gift. I would love to see the Hope Diamond. It was a diamond that was found in Goloconda, India, and initially weighed 45.5 carats. The blue color comes from traces of boron in the gem. In 1668 the diamond was sold to King Louis XIV of France. The diamond was then stolen, but it reappeared in a cut down version in 1824 in the possession of Henry Phillip Hope. Many people think Elizabeth Taylor owned the diamond for a time, but that is not true. She owned an even bigger diamond, known as the Taylor-Burton diamond, which is 69 carats. (Video: the Hope Diamond.)

A Great Song | From the Movie 'Ghost'

One of my favorite songs.

Beautiful Sunny Morning

It is quite a beautiful sunny morning today. The breeze is nice. People are happy, taking advantage of enjoying themselves together with their loved ones. How I wish that every day would be like this! Then I wouldn't have to worry anymore about the weather forecast. Anyway, here is the proverb of the day: "A person who never settles in one place or who often changes his job will not succeed in life ; one who is always changing his mind will never get anything done.." So to all my visitors here, have a wonderful day! And thank you for sparing your time.

Live Forever | Experience the Ultimate Game

An online game, Tabula Rasa, invites you to experience Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. And the experience is gratis, which means complimentary and without charge to thee, O, my space and time traveler! The Web site for the game is filled with high tech graphics and innovative ideas for gaming fun. Experience the ultimate; challenge yourself and your friends and family; excel at eye-hand coordination; and enjoy the latest in computer games, all from the comfort of your computer console. The game will immerse you in a never before seen world as unique as a Philip K. Dick novel, as adventurous as a Tarzan story, and as cutting edge as the Martian mission planned for later this century. As for yours truly, should I be forced to take a trip (via hyper drive spaceship, of course) to Pluto or Venus or Mars because of a nasty condition on Earth (the total destruction of the planet, I'd say, is a pretty nasty condition), then I'd undoubtedly have to take along my trusty wristlet, depicted above; which is simply the one thing a girl can't be without on a new planet; the kind of essential accessory that goes with any outfit (even a space suit) and that can be used to carry your coins of the realm, your lip gloss, or your oxygen pills. I hope to take that trip very soon, too; but not for the reason that good old terra firma is kaput.
Sponsored by Operation Immortality

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Dinner

I have been lazy about cooking my food recently, so today I decided to buy a roasted chicken in our neighborhood grocery store. It was a little bit late when we went there but it's worth it because we got what we need. The store has a big sale. We got two dozen Dasani water to quench our thirst for this hot summer. When we got home I was starving. Without wasting any time I ate my roast chicken with rice. I was quite full. Thank God, finally I can rest from the stressful day I had.

The Little Big Car | Volkswagen

Need Volkswagen Beetle replacement parts? I sure do. Every time I drive one of those little babies, something seems to fall off; if it's not the gasket, it's the door hinge, or the flyaway bolt, the chrome pit plug, the hotbelt strap, the curtailer, the carburetor gauge, the tailpipe, or even the seat belts. Not that they aren't spiffy little cars. By, Jove, they are! Yet, I find myself constantly relying on the good services of the friendly staff at the Web site known to all who love VW's as the best in the business, the top dog in parts delivery, and the leader in VW parts supplying, BFY Obsolete Parts. Beetle parts are hard to come by elsewhere, but this site has parts for the Volkswagen, Porsche, Karmann Ghia, and more. Next time you're tooling down Route 66 and you hear that tell-tale clink and clank telling you another part has hit the road, give these pros a call and do you and your Beetle a favor.


Stars are visible as you go from our home to the river at night, and stars are visible from twilight if they are very bright; stars like Sirius; stars which are no more than eight light years away; and when you view these stars you are actually looking back in time because the light coming from them left the surface of the star all those years ago; in fact, when you look at the Sun you're looking eight minutes into the past because sunlight takes that long (eight minutes) to travel from the surface of our star to earth. But of all the stars in the sky, Sirius is my favorite because it is the brightest. It's also called the Dog Star because it's in the constellation Canis Major (The Big Dog).

Terrific Web Hosting

Concentric Business Solutions is a company that can help even the most experienced Internet user because they have the tools and the means to make your online presence and experience enjoyable; this means one thing, and one thing only; it means seamless integration of the online experience and terrific technical support; unmatched tech support born of enthusiasm for what they do, who they are, and what they mean to customers, like you. Today more than ever it's clear that shared web site hosting is the next step in Internet small business excellence through domain name hosting and email services. Of course spam protection and virus protection come along for no charge. My pal Yugo, who herds cattle for a ranch in Oklahoma, would love this company and I'm going to mention it to him later today when I call to wish him happy birthday. Maybe then he can start his own cattle business and be a real tycoon.

Waxing a Car

Cars are my hobby. I do like the Mustang. It is my favorite car. I like to see cars waxed. This is because a nice new car can look good and ride better. It's a pleasure to see a blue or a red Mustang. In fact I like the car so much I intentionally look for them on the road when traveling. Next time I go on a car trip to Maine or New Hampshire, I'm going to try to see fifty Mustangs on the way out and fifty on the way home. That's not easy because a lot of people don't drive them. But I'm a good scout and I see them everywhere.

Looking for a New Home?

Bardell Real Estate,, is a reputable dealer in the Florida area. They specialize in helping you find an airport home or a Florida airpark home, which can be a pleasant way to invest in real estate. Perhaps their greatest specialty, among various others, is their knowledge of airports and aviation neighborhoods in the state of Florida. Why, any visit to their site, a Web site that ranks among the top in this area, will reveal that they know more about airport communities that probably the people who live and work there. Not only that, but they can help you get familiar with what you need to know before you invest in these properties. Visit their site on villas for sale in Florida for all the details about how you can live in your own Disneyland.

My Wristlet

I received a wristlet birthday gift from my friend yesterday. The word wristlet has taken on added connotations and a new sense recently. The word is so new it's not yet listed in the dictionary for this new sense, the sense that means a small handbag. The handbag I received was from my friend, A**** C*******, who was kind enough to surprise me with this wonderful pocketbook. I am going to be very chic and sleek and wear it with a slinky dress so that I look like totally modern city shopper. And of course I'm going to take it with me when I go shopping later today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Resveratrol Helps to Cure Cancer

Some research suggests that resveratrol, a constituent of red wine, grapes, and other plants, may possess properties that extend life and fight cancer. Problems with bioavailability from oral doses plague researchers, and also it is not known exactly how the substance works. In order to test the substance, a human who has only months to live is going to be a test subject and try a megadose of resveratrol. Anyone wishing to participate in this study by reading more about it can do so online at the newly created Web site known as the human resveratrol forum. We wish him all the luck in the world. We also believe he should cut back on his carbohydrate intake.

Monday, July 28, 2008


There was some tar in the road and when the sun beat down upon it the tar become soft and things stuck in the tar. There was a penny stuck in the tar; a bright copper penny; a beautiful coin. Three boys were playing in the street; playing baseball. The penny was underfoot and was smashed into the tar even further. In the evening the tar cooled and enveloped the penny like two praying hands, taking the penny and swallowing it out of sight. Later, a truck bounced over the penny and it was invisible; no one could see it from the street. But underneath the tar the penny was still a penny. Aristotle would ask, if a penny can't be seen is it still a penny? The answer to this question relates to all homes and families. Because in families across America no one thinks about issues like this. We never stop to consider philosophical issues. But in the East it is common to contemplate simple things, like a penny; tar; and the absence of both.

A Great Way To Invest

The company name says it all: Diamond Bay Investments. And we mean high yield investment returns. Listen, we never studied economics in college, and we never took an accounting course either. But we sure know the value of good investments and a good stock portfolio. And that means trust deed investments. Today all you hear on the news is the mortgage information and the ups and downs of the housing market. These are indicators of an economy that revolves around real estate. And why do you think that is? It's because real estate produces income like no other sector of our economy, except the military. So if you can't invest in a nuclear missle site (and you can't) then the next best thing is real estate. Feel like the next Donald Trump? Try this. Sit back. Open up a can of iced tea. And relax while looking over this Web site on how to retire early and live on your investments. Sound too good to be true? Well, that's the reality of investing in trust deeds. And if you don't know the first thing about trust deed investing, relax. You're not alone. These professionals will answer all. And then they'll start making you rich. Does an average 12 percent return sound like your kind of fun? I thought so.


The music we hear is the music composed by composers. But what of the music of the spheres? The music of the spheres was a magical tune, a tune not heard by any human ear, only by the mind. The composer who could compose the music of the spheres does not exist. Only the mind of man can imagine such tunes. Sometimes, late at night, when your mind is at rest, you may hear the music coursing through your nerves and ringing through your brain like a wash of angelic harmony. Listen for it. It is the music of the gods, seldom vouchsafed to man.

Tolkien and the Cell Towers

The hobbit knew nothing of modern times, not skyscrapers, not submarines, not cell towers. The hobbit knew only the Shire, the land of Mordor, the Two Towers. Tolkien, who served with distinction in World War I, knew nothing of cell phones when he wrote of the hobbit, but cell phone and cell towers have come to dominate our landscape as machine guns dominated the landscape of Europe and embankments dominated the graveyards of the millions slain during the Great War. Today the cell tower stands as a monument to a new industry that has, like the mythological phoenix, risen from the rubble and ashes of the past, that has reared its head like the giant Geryon that Dante pictured as a winged monster, and that has come to symbolize the globalization of wealth and the monopoly of conglomerates that dominate the telecommunications field and that sugarcoat the bitter pill of plenty. To be sure, cell towers are the newest old toy of the barons of microwave signaling, a new class which Tolkien would have seen as akin to the race of men in the land of middle earth. Before long those cell towers shall certainly be superseded and supplanted by a new class of infrastructure, but before that happens, the cell tower industry is sure to see its heyday and new cell tower bluebook.


You have to be connected today, there's no question about that, because wherever you go and whatever you do people want to talk with you and know what's going on and what you're doing, which is why I keep in contact with people on the telephone; and recently I've been thinking. What is a telephone; what can it do; why does it exist? The telephone is a convenience; a luxury; a blessing; and a devil. It's a convenience because it brings you close; a luxury because it is better than a drum for communicating; a blessing because it is man made and ingenious; and a devil because it soaks up time like a sponge. But most of all a telephone is instant teleportation. This means, in using a phone you are with the person you're talking to. How nice! Thank you Alexander Graham Bell.

Lovely Corum

My dream watch is the kind of watch that I can wear and feel confident that it will register the correct time day after day, month after month, year after year. Perhaps even more important, or certainly equally important, is the face. A watch with a face I like will reflect back upon me every time I gaze into it's crystal depths. For me, a watch is a reflection of personality. Therefore I want to feel like I'm Sleeping Beauty or the Fairy Princess when I gaze into the face of my timepiece. To me, a lovely face is the most important thing in a watch, which is why I admire the Corum luxury brand. Simplicity is beauty. Symmetry and a clean timeless design distinguish the Corum watch. I also always look for a watch that can help me save money. You cannot become a millionaire by spending an excess amount on your accessories. This is why I seek out watches that are beautiful in the best stores, and then I look for the same simple and yet elegant designs in inexpensive watches. No one knows how much I paid. In fact, right now I'm wearing a beautiful wristwatch that cost only fifteen ($15) dollars. Like me, I'm sure you'll be enchanted with the lovely Corum. Visit today. They're now offering free luxury watches with almost any purchase or 80% off any additional watch! Hurry, get your dream watch today by checking out their site.


I think you may get confused between the nectarine and the peach because the color is very similar. The only thing that can help you tell the difference — without biting into it — is the skin. A nectarine's skin is shiny, while a peach's is fuzzy. Nectarines have vitamin A, vitamin C, and they're a good source of fiber. Anyway, I love them both. In fact, I am eating a nectarine right now while I am typing here. Ummmmmm, it's juicy. Better that I finish this before I go to sleep. It's very late. I'm going to bed very soon. But not before I finish this nectarine.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ibogaine and You

You may not think ibogaine is important, you may not even know what it is. But ibogaine and you have a big future together. Because ibogaine stands for something. It stands for independent thought. It represents the cutting edge and it speaks volumes about the way the status quo can cover over advances and truth. Ibogaine can be ignored but it won't go away. The lie that undercuts the established medical and pharmaceutical industry is eating away at America. We have buried this and other truths for too long, and the results will affect you even if you know nothing about ibogaine. It might help if you started learning something about the drug that, in one dose, can cure heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and often alcoholism. You know where to start. The word is ibogaine.

Caring is Sharing

My father was suffering from diabetes a few years ago before he died. He took plenty of medicine but unfortunately it didn't help him to cure the problem. If only the C'elle existed at that time maybe he would still be alive today. I just found out recently that C'elle stem cells have demonstrated the ability to differentiate into other cell types such as heart muscle, the cartilage, brain and nerve and even bone stem cells. In short, it can save a lot of lives. Anyway, About the Science C'elle is clearly able to demonstrate great promise for potential future therapeutic applications based on preliminary research and their pre-clinical study. If you want more information, try to watch the video on C'elle ClientTestimonial. Subscribe today, start collecting and preserving your C'elle stem cells. It might be able to save your loved one's life in the future. And as pointed out in the latest science books, genetic engineering is the wave of the future. Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D., indicate this trend has great potential in their book Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever.
Sponsored by C'elle


I play checkers seldom. People in my neighborhood are never seen playing the game at night. In the daytime they wear bright shirts and speak in loud voices. They congregate near the fountain in front of the river. There they enjoy watching their children frolic and play. Sometimes a quick rain patters down over the scene. The children do not mind. Their parents scamper away quickly, dragging protesting toddlers.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Sunlight Exposure

Any young person can give themselves a self-help acne treatment by cutting dairy products like milk and cheese from the diet and drinking tea, which will help clear the complexion and freshen the breath. In addition, the use of soap and water can aid the process. Plenty of sunlight is also beneficial and will produce vitamin D in the skin in five or ten minutes, which can help.

The Value of Exercise at Home

You can go to France for an enlightening two week tour and then come back and study engineering. But in the process you will be getting no physical exercise. Instead, try the latest method of keeping fit, and you can do it right at home. It's the wonderful world of home gyms. People like Charles Atlas can tell you how beneficial they are.

Red Roses for my Happy Birthday

It's my birthday today. Hubby was giving me a bundle of roses this morning because he wants to be sweet and romantic to me. Gertrude Stein had a few things to say about roses but she repeated herself. All roses are not the same. All roses that are red are similar to other red roses and similar to white roses. Red roses are and always will be popular.

Business Cards Gratis

We have been happy VistaPrint customers for many years. We initially learned about their wide selection of business cards through their incredible free offer. Yes, you can get free business cards from VistaPrint, all you pay is postage. The cards are basic, but you can upgrade to shiny stock or flashy graphics very easily and inexpensively. In fact, we order so many products from them we also order things as gifts for our friends. Our limo driver is the recipient of many cards, business cards, from us. He loves them and his customers marvel at the look. We put the photo of an airliner on his cards to give them a professional and a different look, and he said his customers rave about them and ask him for more. The guy drives a limo but his card features a jumbo jet. Can you believe it! He sure can, and he is forever grateful to us for this surprise gift. Well, right now VistaPrint is having a Special Sale and it features great new deals on free offers from VistaPrint. Just click the link to see what's for free. There will be something to surprise you I'm sure. They also have invitations that look great, wedding announcements, custom rubber stamps, business card magnets, beautiful postcards, custom t-shirts, custom return address labels, and even Web sites. Let me know how you like them, too.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grilled Squid

It's been a while since I enjoyed grilled squid. I miss it so much. I think the last time that I had grilled squid was three years ago. Yes, it's true. We have fresh squid here but I can't grill it because we don't have a patio for grilling. We live in a condo apartment, the landlord didn't provide a space for grilling, and everyone is bemoaning that fact. Mostly, I broil and bake fish. But sometimes I fry dried squid and some other dried fish. Our rooms have the aroma of a restaurant for awhile and people in the hall say things like, "Wow, they're cooking something good!" I light romantic candles to make it look nice. Anyway, this photo illustrates one of the dishes I am preparing to have very soon. Notice the green garnish in the background.

Books and a Great Web Site

Not only is this a large bookstore but it is a bookstore that looks beautiful so that as you shop along the shelves looking at books of poetry, for instance, your eye catches the light of the setting sun and the colors of the books dance in your mind like raindrops. The store features a 200,000 volume collection of slightly used books, all in great near-mint condition, and a staff of book-lovers and bibliophiles who will be happy to help you find that Horace classic in Latin or even suggest a new work by Kipling for your collection. The children's section is especially well designed with comfy chairs and spiffy playful shelves for the toddlers and infants who will someday be Shakespeares and Hemingways. Yes, it's all here under one roof in Lake Forest Park, Washington. Visit for a few minutes and you might well find that you're staying for an hour, discovering new poets, new novelists, new political commentators, and learning as you browse. The horror section and the mystery section can occupy you for weeks, uncovering gems and noticing old friends like H.P. Lovecraft, Agatha Christie, and Raymond Chandler. Amble over to the in-store restaurant, revitalize yourself with a sandwich and some soup, and then head over to the cook book section to find a new book by Martha Stewart and Julia Childs.
Sponsored by Third Place Books

Most Expensive Handbag

While I was browsing on the Internet this morning I came across this very expensive handbag. The name brand is Gucci and it costs $4,190. But I'm not crazy about it. Doesn't look appealing to me. Beside I am very much content with my Coach and Chanel. I have been thinking of taking a yoga class, and the teacher said that if I practiced yoga I would begin to focus on the essentials of existence and I would lose my passion for trinkets and kitsch like this. But I have a feeling that I'll always loke this kind of stuff. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I hope I get something good, too.

Search for the Perfect Seattle Dwelling

This real estate Web site, all about homes for sale, could help you take advantage of the current mortgage rates and find a place of your own. When you visit the site you find a search feature that lets you see the locations without having to drive there, look in the window and view the inside of the properties, and get all the details you need. Seattle can be a difficult place to go home hunting compared to New York, Dallas or Boston, where the properties are lined up in grids, which are easy to see and get to by car or public transportation, but with this service you don't have to do more than click your mouse or type a few keystrokes and before you know it you're standing in front of your new home or real estate investment. If you are looking to move into the Seattle area this is one way to find a few properties. Then the agent from this organization will be glad to take your phone call and reply to your questions with professional and competent answers. No real estate question is too silly or basic. So, make the smart move and call or visit online today.
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The word Smith refers to the way that the nemesis of Johnson contains its name. The name is contained in certain ceramic vessels. The vessels can be used all week long. My uncle was called Smith. My friend's uncle I mean. I thought of him as an uncle, but he was my friend's father's brother, and that is why he as considered my uncle as well. The families were very close. The word Smith was used in relation to him and we never called him anything else. Uncle Smith was the term we used. The cough drops came later, much later. We all loved then, not knowing, however, of the dangers that the candies posed to ourselves and Smith, Uncle Smith. The Smith uncle was addicted to cough drops and took more cough drops than anyone we knew. But the good thing was that he never coughed.

Dental Health and General Health

Long training is not necessary in some fields, such as delivering groceries or milking cows, but when it comes to your teeth you certainly don't want someone who has just stepped out of college working on your molars and putting in fillings and pulling teeth. No, you want to think long and hard before you settle on a dentist, you want to do research, and find someone like this dental practice, which has been in business for years and which has the combined experience of a dedicated dental professional staff composed of actual certified and licensed dentists as well as a staff of professional front of office people who can take your questions, answer your concerns, and guide you through the process of tooth whitening, x-rays, and dental exams and procedures, all using the latest ADA-approved techniques and methods. We will not use mercury in your mouth; instead, we will use composite plastic which is white, looks like your normal natural tooth, and does not poison you. Finally in the Issaquah, Washington area, not far from Seattle, a dental practice that recognizes the inherent holistic relationship between dental and general health, and dentists who have a wealth of experience making patients feel comfortable about dental care and cosmetic dentistry.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Everyone who drives knows how difficult it can be to park in a tight space, and this afternoon I had proof of that. There was a man parking a car in our neighborhood who could not fit his car into the spot. She he got out and began thinking about what he could do. Three trucks were stopped behind him, blowing their horns. Then he finally figured it out and moved on, a blue Toyota, a small man, a man with a haircut like an FBI agent, a man who could not drive, a man who fifteen people wanted off the streets. Yet it was fun to see him try to park.

Public Relations Firm

No company can succeed without people knowing what it is doing. This is your opportunity to learn about public relations from an expert. A business that is isolated cannot do business. The public relations experts at this firm will help you see the way to a better tomorrow by taking your basic business strategy and turning it into a market strategy. This way you can communicate with your public, and with your customers. Without customers no business can thrive, and this is why PR is so vital, especially in the 21st century, when many big corporations such as Microsoft and Google are getting the lion's share of the spotlight. Make your name heard. Obtain media training or press releases. Find your niche and increase sales with the PR help this firm provides. Situated in Seattle, and home to some of the finest plans for public relations this side of the Mississippi, able to bring public relations and media relations to new heights of excellence, this is the firm to trust for adventure in publicity, for dedication to your cause, and for innovative solutions to your PR needs. This PR firm can help you bring back the rich rewards that professional public relations can bestow on you and your company. Go with the best, a leader in marketing and public relations.
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Summer in Poland

Joe spent his summer in Poland, and he told me about it. The climate, he said, was warm. Then Tilly told us about her summer in Finland, and it was also warm. Finally I heard from Anne, who spent her summer in northern Alaska, and she also said it was hot. Now, the question arises, "How can it be warm in such northern latitudes?" This question puzzled Charles Hapgood, author of The Path of the Pole. And he decided to investigate. He found that the earth's poles have shifted, and magnetic north is not where it used to be. The bottom line is that climate can vary by location, and no everyone knows why or how, but it can even get warm in Antarctica!


Thor Heyerdahl was an anthropologist who had a vision, a vision and a dream. He believed he could figure out how people arrives in Micronesia. He decided to fulfill a boyhood dream and build a raft, but not an ordinary raft. This raft would allow him to sail across the currents of the Pacific and reach a destination that no one had reached by raft in milennia. In fact there was no written record of such a voyage ever haveing been made. People said it could not be done. That it was impossible. That he was a fool who would lose his life in the process. But Heyerdahl set out in his raft and, miraculously, it went from Soith America to the destination he had predicted it would reach. The currents had taken him on a timeless journey that had been followed by primitive man 25,000 years ago. Heyerdahl's book on the story became a classic and is still a great story.

Graphic Designer Par Excellence

With an eye to the future and a knowledge of the long traditions of the past, we are a modern graphic designer and marketing manager and offer services that residents of San Antonio, Texas can visit. We created this as a site that is in business to help you in your business. This site creates Web designs if you cannot do it yourself. We will help you design a superior and easy to navigate Web page and place it on the Internet so that you and your associates can continue to do business in a timely manner with clients from all over the world. In this way, the experts at our site can help you no matter where you live. All your payments can be done online and by credit card. In addition, our team of creative artists can help you design a logo for your company, business, sports team, or solitaire league. We can help you make your organization, whether it be charitable or commercial, look good. We have helped others and we are eager to do our best work for you. Why not look over our portfolio today. Experience the difference professional craftsmanship can make in the design of your next online business venture. You'll be glad you did.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dessert Halo Halo

One of my favorite dessert is halo-halo. I am craving it right now. This is an irresistible food. And it's perfect for this hot summer. Yummylicious! Hubby keeps reminding me to stop eating carbs. But I couldn't resist it. He wants me to change my food diet. I don't know if I can do it right away because all of my life I am eating carbs. Maybe I can cut back on it but not stop. I think I have to end this right here because I'm going to eat my ice cream. Hehehe. Who cares?

Great Romantic Food

Rainy days do something to me. They say that Woody Allen loves rainy days more than sunny days, he finds they have more atmosphere. They're certainly more atmospheric for movies. But for me rainy days lead to greater appetite for new foods. Right. New foods, foods that are different and unique. That's why I love this Web site for gourmet food created by Dean and Deluca. The items that I like best are the pepper and salt. The reason is that I avoid ice cream like the plague. No, don't get me wrong, I love the taste of ice cream, and they have ice cream on their splash page, but ice cream is not for me. It's killer carbs and I want fat and protein, which is why I love their cheese pages. My gosh, they even have chunk Parmigiano, ungrated. That's what I call a class act. Then they have other cheeses, like Garrotxa (from Spain) and French Artisan cheeses. Now, I can imagine settling back with a bunch of these cheeses and the right Woody Allen movie, and enjoying a rainy day inside in front of my home theater. Wouldn't you say that's sounds romantic? The thought of it is making me want to visit their Web site now.

The Dog Days of Summer

July is the month for heat. In the ancient Greek city of Athens they referred to July as the dog days of summer. Often this heat continued on into August. The Romans also used the term "dog days" to refer to the heat. The name comes from the Dog Star, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Sirius got its nickname because it is in the constellation Canis Major ("The Big Dog").

Get Paid to Blog

The thing about Henry Miller, which most readers do not know, is that in addition to be a creative writer he also had a routine that he used to inspire him to greater accomplishments in the field of writing, and I'm going to tell you about one of them now. Miller would tack up National Geographic photographs that he had cut out of the magazine, and put them all around his desk so that when he sat down to write he would see these wonderful photos and he would be inspired. He never knew what he was going to write, he simply sat down and let the words flow. In the same way you could be the next Henry Miller, but, better than that, while you're riffing and writing you could get paid by iHype because they let you blog about different topics and compensate you for your efforts. So visit and start your new career tomorrow. You could even tack up photos from National Geographic for inspiration. So get started today.

Peach Fruit

Peach fruit is similar to apple fruit. I'm so crazy about this fruit. Whenever I go to the supermarket I'll not miss getting a couple of it. From what I know about the nutrition facts of this fruit, one medium peach (with skin) contains 1 gram dietary fiber. And also you can get other vitamins and minerals from it, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin C and more. There's a nice saying, "You're a peach!" which means you're sweet.

Oniline Payday Loan

Henry Miller was a great American author who wrote such controversial classics as Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, among other books which shocked a generation and brought him unending adulation from the young readers in the States hungry for the kind of quicksilver masterpieces he was churning out at the rate of one a year in his prime. Yet Miller, brilliant novelist and stylist that he was, often found himself impecunious. What Miller needed was someone who could come to the rescue, someone who could act quickly to make his life in New York City (where he lived most of his life) easier, someone who could offer him online what is commonly, in the industry, known as a Cheap Payday Loan. Poor Henry. They didn't have this service then, but if they had he might have thrived and written ten more wonderful books.


We're been so happy for the past few weeks because the new supermarket here beside our condo apartment was finally opened. It is very convenient to all of us who live right here. The food selection is great. It is my first time to see a supermarket like this that has a large selection of Asian food. Comparing to Shop Rite, A&P, Stop and Shop or other supermarkets here, it's got a better selection. I admit that it's a little bit expensive but it's wort it. I can go there every day to get my lunch, and dinner. The name of this store is Morton Williams here in the Newport section of Jersey City. We almost go there every day to get fresh food. How I wish we actually lived in the store. My favorite aisle is the vegetable section, which has fresh beets, celery, and bok choy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fantastic Farm Tarps

Hogs and one farmer walked across the dirt road. John Steinbeck would have loved the scene, but Steinbeck was not there. The only one with the hogs was the forty-year-old farmer in blue jeans and a straw hat, a seriously overweight man who ate too many carbohydrates for his own good. He also love his animals, however. When he got the the farm he revved up his tractor and began plowing the fresh soil. If only he had the help of Agricover he could have done a better job for those hogs. Two of his exposed trucks, including a Lincoln modified pickup, were rusting on the side of the shed. If only he had proper truckbed covers he could have avoided this useless waste of his equipment and could have fought Mother Nature at every turn. In many ways the hogs were smarter than their master.


We went to the doctor this morning and I didn't have a chance to eat my breakfast before leaving. So when we got to the hospital I was starving. Unfortunately, we waited an hour there before we saw the counselor. And when I was inside in the doctor's office I couldn't concentrate. So I left everyone there. Me and Big Honey went to the cafeteria. I was happy because they had a wide selection of food. Finally, I had my brunch. And it was turkey and fish.

Beach for the Ages

I love to go to the beach, and I have rarely seen a beach as nice as the one at Ko OLina and the Beach Villas. Ko Olina Resort and Ko Olina Beach are superior beach fun; can lead you to, which is another beach paradise. Tired of Montego Bay and the same old vacation to Bermuda? Visit the Beach Villas at Ko Olina Beach and Ko Olina Resort and experience the difference.

My Free Sample

I received a free sample today from the Maxxed Energy Pop. I'm so glad to have it. In fact, I am trying the pop right now. It gives me enough energy to stay for the long day that I have. Later I will give some to my friends here that live in my building to test the ingredients on them. If they are also more energetic I will know that this is not a placebo effect. I am not sure how they'll feel about this, but I am confident they are all in favor of advancing science.

The Amazing and Unique Calculator

You know how you keep upgrading your cellie? Well, what about your calculator? Did you know that technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and new and next generation calculators are out there? Unique Metric Conversion Calculator, also known as 1-Step Metric Conversion Calculator is your tool for the future. It is ergonomically designed with an intuitive interface for human computer flexibility. And it will do the right thing for your math. Try it and see if you don't become another Tom Swift. People will be asking to borrow it all the time. Check out this somersaulting wiz kid toy today and you will be glad you did because it is the 21st century toy of the future and nothing compares to it not even the German made calculators or the Philip K. Dick stuff.

Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort

Alegria Beach Batong Malunhaw beach resort
Batong Malunhaw beach resort is one of our tourist spots in my hometown. It is a very unique beach because of the big rock that can hold 10 people standing on it. You will pay P50.00 pesos per person for the swimming pool. The owner of this beach is our beloved town Mayor. I really love this beach because it is close to my mother's house. In fact, we can walk all the way there. This beach was located at Madridejos, Alegria, Cebu 6030 Philippines. I can't wait till I go home again and enjoy the beauty of this spot.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get Your Home Insurance Today

Wilhelm Reich, who lived in Rangeley, Maine, and who was one of the more original and brilliant of Freud's early disciples, didn't believe in insurance. Luckily his beautiful home on Dodge Pond, which he designed, and which served as both a residence and a research laboratory where he made some of his most famous discovers (including the cloud-buster device), this home was fortunately never ravaged by the kinds of hurricane force winds that could easily damage a lesser shelter, could lay waste to a lifetime of hard work, and could prove disastrous without a good home insurance policy. can help you prepare for the worst, and they'll even help you calculate exactly how much insurance you need based on your square footage.

Mt. Lanaya Volcano

This is the sleeping volcano in our town, Alegria, Cebu, in the Philippine highlands. There is a hot spring in it. A lot of tourists come and visit here. Some have said that this hot spring can cure any skin problem because the water contains sulfur. I think it's true. My mom also said that the deeper you go into the water the hotter you get. I've never been there even though it's very close to our town. Maybe I'll see it next time I visit my hometown.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Budapest Apartments

All my life I have wanted to take off for the wilds of Eastern Europe and ride the Orient Exress like James Bond, to experience what it was that made From Russia With Love such an exotic novel, and to visit Istanbul, where some of the action of the novel takes place. If I went there today I would certainly use the help of ApartmentsInBudapest.Com to avoid having to stay at a hotel. After all, in a hotel my room could be bugged and people might be eavesdropping on my conversations. Better by far to go with a company that has passed with flying colors all the tests that Her Majesty's Secret Service requires, and consider a Budapest holiday rental of an apartment, fully furnished, of course, and better than a 5-star hotel. Ah, that's the life.

My Wish List

Well, my friend Angie was asking about my wish list a few weeks ago. But I was quite busy for the past few days grabbing opps and taking care of my daughter, Big Honey. Just today, I have the chance to do it because for me I consider Saturday is the rest day. Yes, it's rest from the computer but it's a busy day of cleaning and doing laundry. Oh, boy, mommy is always busy, it never ends. Helllllllllp...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Heat Wave

Once again, we are experiencing another heat wave here in Jersey City. For three days in a row the temperature is over 90. This means that it's going to be a heavy ozone day. I want water! I need hydration. The more I feel the heat the more I need to drink water. My favorite is Dasani. What about you? In the comments section, pleeeeeeeeeeease tell me what is your favorite water?

Golf Service Online

Golf, as I have argues elsewhere in this and other blogs, is a superior sport because it helps you relax and enjoy life. And sports golf software can help you get ready for the PGA. NetHandicap is a company that gives you, the consummate golfer, tips for a better game, handicap calculation, and the savvy you need to compete against your colleagues on the green. They have software that rocks. Your source for USGA handicap cards to be employed in official golf tournaments. Better than other sites, they will improve your game from the comfort of your home while you're online. Try them and see.

Going Out for Dinner

Well, it's Friday today. We are going out to dinner later. It will be an opportunity to try the new diet we are on. This diet involves adhering to Gary Taubes' advice in Good Calories, Bad Calories. The whole idea is to eliminate, or sharply reduce, the amount of carbohydrates you consume. The reason is simple. Carbohydrates lead to a rush of insulin, and insulin works to jam pack fat into your body's tissues, including your legs, stomach, and even your blood vessels and heart. That's right. Insulin, which increases in response to carbohydrate intake, smacks the fat into your tummy and into your heart. Insulin gives no quarter. It works to slaughter. Remember that little jingle and cut the carbs. Enough said. Now, bring on the eggs, cheese, steak, fish, and fats!

A Great Selection of Candies

I have been reading Gary Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories in which he argues that you can lose weight and improve your health by cutting back on carbohydrates. But I must say that temptation is all around us, and one of the most tempting things is chocolate. Admittedly the actual cocoa ingredient in chocolate is good, so let me focus on that in talking about a beautiful and sweet site all about chocolate candy. Some people have not got the message yet and are still eating candy, and if you fall into that category, you'll enjoy the Fannie May candy company. They do have one called No Sugar Added Mint Meltaways, and if a candy has no sugar and no carbohydrates then it's a step in the right direction. Visit this wonderfully designed site today for more info.

My Charm Bracelet

I am planning to buy this charm bracelet as my birthday present next week. I have to reward myself for blogging too much. I know that it's an unreasonable idea for me to be buying this because it's not my basic needs. Well, it's just once in a blue moon that I'm doing this. I know that I have to watch myself overspending for nonsense stuff. Plus, I have a child already that I need to focus about her future. Boy, it's tough to be a parent. You need to balance everything between your needs and wants.

Kitchen Magic

Ever since I heard about the Hagia Sophia palace in Istanbul I have been interested in architecture and interior design, especially the design of fractured and fractionated materials such as diadems, floor mats, wall coverings, tapestries, magic carpets, Persian rugs, and tiles. There is nothing better, in my opinion, for a kitchen or jacuzzi than a tile interface so that those who are interested in design can see the beauty you have inlaid in your walls and floor. I try to use turquoise in all my designs, but recently I have also used amber, which is beautiful when the sun hits it. Well, for all you design fanatics, Glass Tile Store has marble mosaic and all the other types of tile designs for your jacuzzi room, foyer, or kitchen, with prices that can't be beat and customer service to match.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crying Baby

Kate is a crying baby today. But she is also a vocalizing baby, and that's a good thing. She is our Big Honey, and we enjoy hearing her no matter what she says. Actually there aren't words yet, but sounds and noises in the form of a code that only she understands. Well, I understand sometimes because I guess she wants food. Sometimes she just wants to play. And other times she wants to move to a different location. She can roll pretty good, but Big Honey isn't really crawling yet. Pretty soon, though.

Dr. Kathleen Hall | The Mindful Living Network

My friend Dattatreya is from Calcutta and he knows an Indian family whose uncle is a heart doctor. The heart doctor, also known as a cardiologist, visited the area and I got to meet him during a Halloween celebration. Of course I asked him for advice. He said that olive oil should be consumed daily for the heart because it lowers cholesterol. I'm not too worried about my cholesterol. But he said to walk daily. And to relax. I asked him how I could relax, and he suggested meditation. So I searched around and discovered Mindful Living TV and the new and ultra cool and its associated Mindful Living Network, which has exactly the kind of relaxing programs my cardiologist friend was talking about.

Wilhelm Reich Museum

The Wilhelm Reich Museum is a natural focal point and destination for all those who admire the work of Wilhelm Reich, and it sits atop a hill overlooking Dodge Pond in Rangeley, Maine, amidst some of the most scenic area in the entire northeast. The region attracted Reich, who immigrated from Germany, because it was halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Reich's work can be found in his classic Character Analysis and other books which opened new avenues in psychology and personality analysis. The work of Reich has implications for modern man and society. He was a big fan of the young, and at his death he set up the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund, which carries on his work to this day. My goal is the visit this museum this summer.

Temporary Housing Online

Kafka lived in Prague and worked in a bank all his life. But what if he had to move to New York or Los Angeles or Denver or Miami to work in a bank or an insurance agency or a trust office — how would he cope, what would he do for accommodations, and how would he deal with the fact that his family would certainly have wanted to visit him? Poor Kafka lived in a time when National Corporate Housing didn't even exist, but today Kafka could easily get what is known in the industry as corporate housing and as a result all his problems with where to live would have been solved.


Rolphing is a type of massage that can work wonders for those who have been bent down and wearied by gravity, for those who need a professional osteopath, for those who seek advanced and innovative structures in therapeutic contact, and for those who wish to experience the work of Ida Rolph, who discovered the advantages of deep tissue massage and the way it can relieve internal pressure and keep the body healthy. The word rolphing also means speaking nonsense and then ad libbing from it. Both forms of rolphing are discussed in videos on YouTube.

Excellence in Rollers, Conveyors and Bearings

When I worked in the Philippines I used a conveyor belt system and saw its operation on a daily basis, and also its frequent failure with all the attendant downtime that entailed. I learned firsthand how annoying and disruptive conveyor belt failures can be for a business. The chief engineer would wander about in a frenzy, pulling his hair out in clumps, whenever the belt broke down. Which is why I know for a fact that a superior material handling system and well-designed conveyor can not only make your business work better but also keep the blood pressure down of the top managers so they can focus on the job at hand rather than repairs and the frustrations that go along with them. For your next conveyor belt systems analysis or installation, call the best in the business: Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. Your belts will work and your jobs will be finished in a professional (and calm!) manner.

Hubby was on TV Show

Hubby got invited to The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet last month. His pen name is William Cane, he discusses how birth order can influence romantic compatibility.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'm planning to make a journey, which is the theme of this blog, and my journey will take me from when I live to another location, this time to Sydney, Australia, for the summer of 2009, and the reason I'm planning this trip is because I intend to visit the people who live there, and to see the land where the film Walkabout was made, a film shot in Australia by Nicholas Roeg and which is beautiful in the extreme. The next time I get a chance I will watch that film with my journey in mind. If you get a chance, look up that film on Google or and you'll be amazed. You can see clips on YouTube, too.

Painting that Looks Good

Want a new house painted? Try College Works Painting, also known in the business as the venerable or also for all your house painting needs. Yes, they even have a blog: or try them at this site: where you can find out more. Before you know it your home will look great and you'll be helping good students start a career. Save time and money with these young professionals.

Elephants and Dinosaurs

Elephants and dinosaurs. Why, you may ask, am I talking about them in a family blog? The answer is simple. Yesterday when I took my daughter to the doctor for a routine checkup there was a book in the waiting room about Dinosaurs. I happened to pick it up and started reading. Turns out that some dinosaurs had legs like elephants. This meant that they could move quickly. It also suggested that they were not reptiles but, instead, warm blooded mammals, which typically move faster than cold blooded reptiles.

Real Estate Exchange Alliance

Come on, admit it. You know that deep down inside you feel like another Donald Trump waiting to happen. You know you have real estate investing in your blood. You wake up mornings with visions of Howard Roark-type buildings rising against the sky, with Frank Lloyd Wright blueprints in your mind, and with the expectation that the world is your oyster. If this describes you to a T, then have we got news for you — good news. There's a terrific new tax loophole that all the big real estate tycoons know about, or at least their lawyers know about. Here's how it shapes up. You have property, you sell it to buy better property of similar nature. And guess what? The tax loophole, known as 1031 exchanges, allows you to do this without immediately paying any tax on your capital gain. You know tax can be a headache, a big headache. It can take all your profit away and give it to Uncle Sam. But not if you use this wonderful 1031 exchange. Need help with it? Find an expert at and become the next Donald Trump. Move mountains, construct shopping markets, build skyscrapers. Realize your real estate dreams and know how to achieve your goals, all the while keeping every penny of profit you earned and paying no more in taxes that you need to.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yes, I dream about donuts. But that's not good. It's been brought to my attention that the craving of carbs is an addiction and is caused by insulin spikes that occur after eating carbs. I have to eat more fat and protein to improve my balance. This balance I'm talking about is a hormone balance that is controlled by insulin. Then I won't dream about donuts. I'll dream about Tom Cruise,

Nikon Camera Supplies has the best Riflescopes and optical supplies for Nikon and other cameras. Nikon Riflescopes are a superior product for the photographer. Their Nikon Rifle Scopes is attractive to hunters, bird watchers, or those interested in field sports or Olympic photography, indeed, anyone who wants a long shot to look right. When I need photo equipment, I turn to for the best.


I want to eat grits. Grits are a kind of cereal. I know grits are bad for me but I want to try it at least once. My father said he tried grits the first time when he went to Alabama. I don't know why, but that sounded like fun to me. I hope to go to Alabama some day. He said it's the friendliest state and the people are all very intelligent and well behaved. He liked them all. Grits was on the menu and he enjoyed them. That was before he read all these books telling you how bad carbohydrates are for you. But anyway, I'm going to try them.


This week I am going to send the baptism pictures to my mother back home. I know when she gets them she will like them. We are also going to wait for her reaction because she could say anything and we want to hear it. I always like getting my picture taken, especially when I'm the center of attention as I was at my own baptism. I got baptized in the Bronx. It was a sunny day. My entire family was there and I had two wonderful godparents, John and Susan. Next year maybe I'll get confirmation.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Time for a Winter Holiday

Now that summer is officially here I'm thinking it's time for a winter holiday in Colorado or Utah or Montana or some other state that has weather that is conducive to winter sports and to winter fun because as the heat builds up and the summer wears on I know that I and my entire family will want to cool down and to enjoy the services and facilities of a winter haven such as offered by ski resorts in Paris or the Swiss Alps or at least in the snowy parts of the United States no matter what the cost and no matter what the difficulty getting there and for this reason I am planning even now to make my great escape to a winter resort.

Money Investment

Northern Trust is a superior company for those seeking to build assets, establish long-term financial goals, and execute financial documents with the confidence and security that they will hold up over time against any kind of challenge that might be posed by an individual, corporation, or fidicuary agent. This company earned its reputation by assisting those with wealth to amass more wealth and to hold on to what they had despite the tough economic times the country has weathered recently. They produce asset management that is without equal and that is superior to that provided by the local branch of your bank. Of course it is a good idea to have a good relationship with your financial adviser, and this company will enable you to do just that and to understand private banking at its best. You no longer have to look to a Swiss bank for the kind of comprehensive wealth management you deserve. Northern Trust. For all your financial needs.


Here is the latest video of the Miss Universe 2008. I think she deserves the crown. Well, Miss Venezuela did a great job of representing her country. She made it. Congratulations to you and the rest of the delegates who joined the competition. We know you guys that you did your best too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Movie Night

Every Wednesday we go to the cinema. Some people might consider this frivolous, but not me. The last film we saw was about penguins. It was called March of the Penguins. I personally consider all animals related. They are basically simply evolved mice. The penguin and the mouse share many common characteristics. For example, mice like to eat cheese, which is high in protein, and penguins like anything that has protein, including cheese and fish. Secondly, mice like to move around at night, and so do penguins, who often march during the twilight and evening hours. Finally, and most relevant, mice like to associate with other mice, and penguins, similarly, like to associate with other big birds, especially members of their own species. For this reason, in my opinion, penguins are no better than rats.

Have Fun Moving

Moving can be fun, provided you have all the details under control. This is where comes into play because they can help you get it together and deal with all the little things you're apt to forget in your excitement and in the stress of moving. also can help you move your vehicle, whether it's a Mustang or a ten-ton truck. Check out the list of reputable moving companies before you move and your experience will be better than you expect. They can give you a checklist and help you get organized. Before you know it, you'll be telling friends how easy your move was. can even help you move out of the country and around the globe. In time they'll probably help people move to Mars, but we're not ready for that yet. Right around the corner, to another state, or to another country, this site can help you get it all together and make the right move.


I went food shopping today. The best store in our neighborhood, and the most convenient for food shopping, is Morton Williams supermarket. Ever since we stepped into that brand new facility we have felt a great sense of relief. Now we don't have to order food delivered by companies that, although proficient, charge a delivery fee. Now we don't have to trek across town and take taxis to supermarkets filled with people who are not our neighbors. When we go to Morton we see friends and people we know. Plus their selection of cheese is excellent. Last time we got six different types, including Swiss, Muenster, and Boursin.

Learn and Discover How Bills Can Be Paid

Like a secret service agent or an FBI operative, I work from a home office. In the course of a typical work week, I might make numerous long-distance telephonic contacts with operatives in various foreign nations, including some in Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Philippines, some concerning Debt consolidation. Our business maintains a sizable number of contacts in Manila and other international financial centers. We also monitor daily Debt relief fluctuations in the Japanese Stock Market. According to a time-honored tradition in the importing industry, we have set aside the twenty-fifth of each month as Bill Day and to consider Debt help. On that day I and my associate pay the bills from our central business office. My foreign contacts report that I have maintained a calm manner when doing so. I must confess, however, that the most significant bill is, of course, our international and overseas telephonic services account. We have investigated various third-party agencies, including the Bills IQ Quiz, which provides a unique perspective and feedback for bill payers and Credit counseling. We cannot stress how important we feel this service might prove to be for anyone operating a substantial, or even a small-sized, business or consulting agency who wishes to Consolidate debt. So if you want to know your financial health status, you better check this out. Sign up for the Email Newsletter TODAY! And receive guidance and advice on debt, mortgages, loans, credit and more emailed each month. And please don't forget to take their BillsIQ test. It's fun!
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Baby Bump

My friend Joy gave me this idea. I couldn't deny to everybody that I was pretty big when I was pregnant. And I'm not ashamed because it's normal for pregnant women to gain weight. I was surprised at how much my body structure changed but I don't have any regret about it. It's such a blessing for us to have my daughter, Big Honey, in our life. She is an adorable baby and made our family complete. She is one of the best gifts I've ever received. And she makes our life more colorful and wonderful. I Love You Big Honey!!! Muahhhh.:)

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Flour and Wheat

I have to say I like flour and wheat but I've stopped eating them. Actually I haven't but I've been thinking about it. Gary Taubes' new book Good Calories, Bad Calories, is an amazing read. He argues that carbohydrates are the bane of civilization. Put in its simplest terms, this means that white bread, white rice, cookies, and products made from plain wheat flour are not foods so much as poisons. Even consumed in moderation they are likely to cause havoc in the body by raising insulin. Insulin will ruin you and your family faster than a hurricane and more certainly than disastrous weather. Better to eat butter, cheese, meat and fish.

Beach Fun 2008

If you are looking for beach cruisers, I have a place for you. is a proven leader in this popular field and their products for the beach are superior. They can supply beach bikes that will leave the competition in the dust. If you wish to ride a beach bicycle, they are the place to start. They also have electric scooters. Their prices are the best in the field, and they stand behind their rentals. Why not have some summer fun and check them out today. If the Beach Boys were still surfing I'm sure they'd agree that these guys have the best equipment for beach recreation and fun. Dennis Wilson was an avid surfer and he would have loved their products. He might even have written a song about them.

Swiss Cheese

Why does Swiss cheese have holes? The answer may surprise you. They're not there for aesthetic reasons. The answer is that in 1572, Prince Lepzig van Holster of the House of Pendreghast, decreed that cheese should have a look that distinguished it from all other cheese manufactured in other parts of the world. It was decided to cut holes in the cheese to give it this distinctive look. The diameter of the holes indicates the Swiss city the cheese hails from. Actually this is just a joke, folks. Anyone who can explain the real reason Swiss cheese has holes in a comment will get 10 points.

The Next Great Place to Bid for Products

Everybody has an iPod these days, and you probably have one too. But listen. You can get another iPod! The iPod Auction, which i'm being remunerated by to talk about here, will offer a thousand iPods, bids to start at one dollar. If you don't think this is a good deal, maybe you already have two iPods. But, if you win the bid (and chances are you will, with a quantity like one thousand going on sale) then you'll have three! I don't know many people with three iPods, so you might be the first in your circle of friends. Then you can boast about how many iPods you have and also about how you won it for a low price in an auction. (You can also bid on nanos, and bids start at the nano price of just one buck.) Now let me tell you a little bit about this auction thing. Sure, it's like eBay in that you can bid on items. But it's different in that everyone selling on uBid is trustworthy because it's a Business to Consumer site, unlike eBay, which is a Consumer to Consumer site. So, on uBid you have zero fraud because all the sellers are businesses and are strictly regulated. Plus they're all great guys.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Because it is so hot and because the rain almost never comes in the month of July here in the New York City area and because I am a big fan of the beach and because I have been to beaches in the Philippines as well as in Cape Cod, and because I am a big fan of music, and because I like to listen to music on the beach, and because I believe this summer will be the best summer for listening to beach music, I can honestly say that I hope the Beach Boys or bands that I like, such as Shania Twain, will release new songs in the summer of 2008.

A Record of Records

Rare Vinyl Records and Memorabilia is a one of a kind site with links and info about bands you may have missed or albums you may not be able to find elsewhere. I saw the Beach Boys in concert and have a flyer advertising it, which might be priceless today, or at least worth over a thousand dollars, as memorabilia has an astronomical value as time goes by. In fact has plenty of memorabilia for you to browse and look at online, in addition to albums and lost CDs. My fav thing on their site is the Theme Time Radio Hour With Bob Dylan: Baseball, an item that is hard to find these days, for sure. I am a big Dylan fan and think his relationship with Eddie Sedgwick, which was recently portrayed in a play about Andy Warhol, was one of the most fascinating things about him. In this he reminds me of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame, and his relationship with various artistes from the Los Angeles area during his sixth, seventh, and eighth American tours. Yes, I happen to be reading a biog of Zeppelin, Hammer of the Gods, and it's excellent. As a final note, 991's rare collectibles and records are worth checking out if you like great music and great musicians.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


What I like about horses is their mythological nature, that is, they're creatures that we find in many fairy tales and stories from ancient mythology. The Centaur is a mythological horse. He was possessed, however, with the head of a man. Therefore a Centaur is a combination of horse and man. In mythology such creatures were possessed of magical abilities. I wish I could meet a Centaur. Wouldn't that be fun. Then I could talk to a horse. But, of course, my favorite horses are horses you can ride. I have a picture of them on my bookshelf.

Reading a Good Book

While at the mall I heard a woman say the word Phentermine. When I got home I picked up my copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories and continued reading. I think that Gary Taubes is right and that the best way to lose weight is by cutting back on carbohydrates. Later, after reading my book, I got up and had a slice of cheese. I understand that cheese is good for you because it's high in protein and low in carbohydrates. And as Taubes says, the fat in cheese is actually going to help you fight diabetes. Nice to know something so delicious can be so good for you too. Boy, am I enjoying his book. I'd enjoy any book that told me I could eat cheese. I'd like to find a book that tells me I can eat pizza.

My Friend

My friend is from Jersey City and her job is working in a jewelry store. The reason she is my friend is because I met her through a trip to the mall. She introduced me to jewelry in her store. We then bought a wedding ring there and other jewelry. I have not received as many discounts as I'd like, but I sure do enjoy the selection. My husband also loves the store and says he would like to visit it more often. He is very interested in earrings, rings, and all types of jewlery designs. He is a good judge of jewelry. The funny thing is that sometimes I think he is more interested in jewelry than me. Maybe later or later this week we'll go to the store and see my friend.

Blisteringly Fast Internet For Less

There is no better time to get up and running with a new Internet connection company that offers speeds up to 5 Mbps and the low price of just $14.99 per month, Charter internet, which is offering this fantastic sale until July 31. You can get a 30-day risk-free trial. In addition you'll get a $25 Shell Gas Gift card if you sign up online. You know you'd love a faster connection and lower prices. So what are you waiting for? You'll also get automatic protection from spam. Plus 20 MB of Web space. Wow, that's a sizzler! I'm impressed and I use a T-1 connection.
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Big Honey

My daughter has been nicknamed Big Honey and everyone in the family loves it. The name Big Honey is similar to names from Tennessee Williams plays. In Cat on a Hot Tin Roof one of the characters is named Big Daddy and another is named Big Mama. So we liked the fact that this name has allusions to great literature. It also has in it an allusion to the Winnie-the-Poo stories, where honey is a frequent topic since the entire story revolves around the adventures of a talking honey bear. So, in honor of her reaching her ninth month we nicknamed her Big Honey — and from her reaction, she loves it.

Warning | Your Deodorant May Be Killing You

There is now credible information that leads some to believe that substances like aluminium and paraben in antiperspirants and deodorants might be linked to the etiology of breast cancer. Put more simply there is some suggestion that the aluminum seeps into the skin through the underarms. This sounds plausible, especially since we know that the skin can be permeable to certain elements. Which is why the transdermal application of various drugs works. Additionally it is known that certain areas of the skin are more able to allow this transfer of chemicals into the body. For example, the heel of the foot is rather rough and does not allow much osmosis. But the underarm area is particularly vulnerable because the skin is soft and in addition it can be cut by shaving, leading to the transmission of carcinogenic substances directly into the body. While I believe the primary cause of cancer is sugar, as revealed in Gary Taubes' book Good Calories, Bad Calories, I do also believe that substances in deodorants can be harmful and potentially carcinogenic and that people should stop using them. Wilson Bryan Key argues that one doesn't need deodorants. Just take a shower and also wash before bedtime and you'll be fine. Our society is too odor phobic. For more info and to add your thoughts, visit Join the Breast Cancer Link Debate.

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