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Friday, October 31, 2008

Find the Love of Your Life

The amazing thing is that you can actually find a compatible partner with your computer. The fact of the matter is that search for free lets you do just that. allows you to go online and look at photos of people and then read their profile. Then you can decide if you want to contact them and chat with them. You can chat online and find out if you're interested in the same things and before you know it you can get together with someone who may be your dream date. Why is this possible? Doesn't it take the romance and fun out of dating? Not at all! On the contrary, it's quite romantic and fun. In fact, research shows that when people are ready for a permanent and serious relationship, they can often find someone rather quickly. It's when they're not ready that it takes time. But if you feel you need to be in a committed relationship, you will not have any difficulty finding a partner. Really! It works. Besides, signing up is totally free and can be done in minutes. Before you know it you could be chatting with some wonderful potential partner. Please let me know if you meet anyone online in your comments section! Did it work for you, too?

Happy Halloween

It's quite freezing today here in Jersey City but it doesn't bother us. We still have plan to go out to join the Halloween children's party here in the playground Gazebo at 2:00 pm. We want Kate to enjoy this Halloween day. Well, I forgot to buy candies, maybe I'm going to get them later in Duane Reade. I have to charge our camera battery too so that we can take a lot of pictures this afternoon. Then Kate can reminisce when she grow up.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get a CD Copy of Martin at the Sands

Well, now you can get a copy of Martin at the Sands in amazon. It is a a budget priced 1996 box set on Disky featuring 48 of Dino'sbest hits for Capitol in a gatefold 6' x 10' longbox.Includes: 'That's Amore', 'Volare', 'Return To Me', 'Cha ChaCha d'Amour', 'Young And Foolish', 'Memories Are Made OfThis' and 'Dream A Little Dream Of Me' and more. Try to check this out today and share it to your loved ones. You'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bundle Me

Now I am thinking of buying this item called bundle me. Actually, this is for my big honey Kate. We want her to keep warm for this cold season. I already did my research about this. And I found out that most babies here are using it. There's no doubt that it will probably help babies in winter season to stay warm while we're walking outside. Well, it's not that expensive. Maybe tomorrow I will go to Target that is near us. They carry a lot of stuff especially for babies.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have Fun Birdfeeders

Our backyard has a makeshift bird feeder which is comprised of a garbage can cover with about fifty or sixty tiny holes knocked in it by a two-inch nail, strung up to a maple tree by barbed wire, connected to an electrical circuit (110 volt) to provide violet illumination after dusk. The setup works fairly well, except on rainy days it tends to give the birds a slight jolt of electricity as they alight on the can cover. Three birds have been shocked senesless, and we cannot help but wonder why they keep coming back. However, we now know that there is a better way. The professionally designed birdfeeders available from certain professional Web sites, such as (see the one pictured here, for example) can substantially simplify the life of a birdwatcher and also the life of the birds that utilize the birdfeeder. Most birds are possessed of only limited intelligence. Like an insect, a bird only knows how to fly, how to eat, and how to seek out other birds. There is nothing worse than an ignorant bird, but with the advent of the birdfeeders from this source, and all the extras that go with them, any bird can feel right at home, no matter where it came from or where it is going after it stops by. You, on the other hand, can get a good look at the birds and take photos of them, too.

Big Thunderstorm

The weather forecast today is not good as the other day. A big thunderstorm hit in our area. Rain with isolated thunderstorms late this morning...then rain likely this afternoon. Windy with highs in the mid 40s. North winds around 15 mph...increasing to northwest 20 to 30 mph this afternoon. Chance of rain near 100 percent. Well, this weather is really bothering us because we have a doctor's appointment this afternoon for Kate. We want to cancel our appointment but we feel guilty because last week we did canceled it. I think it's better to go today just for the sake of Kate. Anyway, the office is not too far from us where we live. I guess we can do it. Good luck to us!

Play with the Edge

Ever since I was a high school student in New York City and went to football games between Cardinal Spellman High School and Saint Michael's prep or Holy Cross, I have been a big football fan and have loved the game. When I discovered that the game has migrated to the Internet, into a format called WaiverWire Beta, where you can play fantasy games and watch as your self-created teams amaze and entertain you with throwing and passing miracles, well, ever since that day I have been even more of a fan. Beta is replete with fantasy football news and statistical analysis, and of course it has players like you've never seen, all calculated to help you discover the most fantastic football experience outside of the NFL itself. You will feel like you're putting on the helmet with the best and brawniest players from the past . . . and the future. The site provides real time Game Day Scores. You could use this for current and future seasons. The site, as it stands, could simply use a few more photos of famous mega players like Doug Flutie and the megastars of the past, so that users could imagine the stars of the future a little better. Other than that, it's ready to romp!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Mess was Fixed

I mentioned in my previous post that I lost my wallet, and all my cards were there too. Then the person who found it took money from my debit card. Well, since I had my police report I was able to dispute the withdrawals from the thief. The Capital One Bank is so kind to refund all the money that was taken from my debit card. I checked my online banking yesterday and I was so happy that I saw my account balance back to normal like it used to be, minus the fifty dollar fee. There is apparently a federal law that mandates that if you are not the one responsible for the loss, the bank takes the loss, minus fifty dollars. It seems that everything went fine. Plus, my in-laws sent me a check for the lost recovery. They're so nice and very kind to me. But I will resend the check next week because I got my money back anyway. I really appreciate what they did to me. It's pain relief. They're always there to comfort us.

Getting Into and Out of Trouble

Hunter S. Thompson is one of my favorite authors, and I'm reading a biography of him now. It's fascinating learning what a troublemaker he was in high school. He hated authority. He even spent some time in jail. If you're a troublemaker, or if you get into a legal jam, the best thing to do is to take a trip to Canada or Mexico. If that doesn't work for you, try the South Carolina injury lawyer. They can take the trouble out of an injury lawsuit.

Farm Family Trip

My in-laws drove us in Stony Hill Farm yesterday. Our plan was to pick apples but it was too late when we got there. The apple picking was closed at 5:00 pm, so instead of going there we decided to stay at the pumpkin farm. We saw some animals like goats, buffalo, and more. We had so much fun even though we didn't pick the apples. We only bought the ones that were picked already and some apple pies too. When we were heading back home we stopped at a restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. The restaurant was very nice and big. The waiter sounded like Steve Buscemi; what a blast that was. We all felt like we were in Fargo. The restaurant was highly recommended by the people on the farm. It was quite busy too, maybe because it's popular. Afterward we met the mayor of the town. Well, then we got home around 9:00 pm. And I felt sorry for my in-laws because they got stopped in traffic in New York city when they went home. They called us and said that they saw an accident on the road. The two cars got crushed up and also the persons behind the wheels. Horrible. What a trip, huh! I was worried about them because they're not confident about driving at night. Thank God, that they got home safe.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Auto Warranties

Let me tell you why an extended warranry is in our future. The automobile we would buy, should our patrons be so kind as to favor us with a gift of three or four thousand dollars, would be a Mustang, and we would likely drive that vehicle cross country, which means from the brave and brawny East coast to the wild wild West coast, stopping along the way in Texas, Montana, and Nevada (where we have friends). Naturtally with a road trip like that in mind, we decided to do our homework on the issues that a motorist would face, and the number one issue, once your typical three-year warranty runs out, of course, is what you're going to do if something happens to the car. You could run into brake problems, or problems with your transmission, or even with the windshield or the tires. Nothing spells success like a car that's running well, and nothing makes a car run well like a service contract. Yet the fact that most cars come with such a limited warranty is ignored by most. Extended auto warranties are one good way to get over this problem and ensure that after the warranty given by the manufacturer expires, you can still get service from a reputable dealer. Like I said, we expect to be traveling on the road quite a bit, and you can be sure that an extended auto warranty is in our plans.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Under Process

I went to the bank this afternoon to sign the affidavit regarding my lost debit card. It's quite a hassle though because I forgot to bring the police report. I had to go back home to get it and there was limited time because they were going to close. I ran fast. Yes, I did it. I have to wait 10 days to process the claim. If I get lucky they will refund me or else I have to submit more papers in order to convince them. I am hoping for the best. Good luck to me! I am going to relax tonight by reading Hunter S. Thompson.

Diamonds are Forever

"Diamonds are forever!" I think that most of us know about this popular saying. Based on what I know, a diamond is the hardest substance found in nature. And it's also one of the most expensive gemstone to buy. Well, I noticed that most women are crazy about diamond rings, earrings, bracelet and necklaces. I admit that it's nice to have diamonds, though. Let's shop till we drop! And wear those diamonds with pride.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bad Day

What a bad day for me today! I woke up this morning with an upset stomach. And later this afternoon my friend called me on the phone and said that she wanted to meet me at the mall. But when I got to the mall I lost my wallet. As I recall I had it on my right hand before I took off my coat. Well, I noticed my wallet was lost when I tried to buy bibs for Big Honey. I was very nervous and tried to look all around where I walked. But it's definitely lost. I reported it to the police station at the mall and left my contact address there.There 's a lot of important stuff inside in my wallet, like 2 debit cards, Visa cards, a Macys card and my green card. I went home without my key. I had to pay $50 to our doorman to get inside our apartment since my hubby was in New York City at that time at a Book Exposition. I checked my bank account online as soon as I got home. Unfortunately, the person who found my wallet took 900 dollars already, using my debit card. So I contacted the bank right away to block my account. I made a lot of phone calls till Kate went to sleep. I couldn't stop myself from crying. A few hours went by and my hubby got home. He asked me what's going on with me, why I cried hard. So I told him the story. He said that I don't have to worry because it's just money. He called again to the bank and the credit card. The bank said that I will only get charged for $50 even though the person withdraw $900 from my account. They're going to refund my money. Thank goodness! At least it's not the whole amount that I'll get lost. On the other hand, my green card expired last February this year. I am waiting for my new one to arrive any day this year. Maybe it's not bad at all. Charged to experience.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crib Bedding

I remembered how much fun it was when we did shopping for crib bedding. We were both excited browsing the different beddings. It took us a couple of hours to decide about the best design and the style to buy. And finally, we both agreed to choose the Winnie the Pooh bedding. Because we like the color combination of it and the quality of the fabric. Besides, the color is very refreshing and has a high quality design. We really made the right decision. In fact, Kate is enjoying sleeping on it.


The family is the unit of American life, but it is also the unit of life in other nations as well. This includes Spain, France, Italy, and every country I know, including Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America. From the tropics to the arctic, the family is the hub of life. Yesterday I chatted with one my friends back home. We used to be friends and it was like a family, but now we are separated by over 3,000 miles! It's been a long time since I heard from him. It is just a coincidence that I was online yesterday. I never expected to see him on camera. We had so much fun talking about the past. I showed him my baby and my hubby. Then I added him on my Friendster. We spent two hours chatting till Kate cried. He said that he would be online again next time but he didn't confirm the date . . . Well, it was nice chatting with him. I feel like the family connection has been reestablished.

The Coolest Piano Bar

Howl at the Moon invites you to join the fun at a dueling piano nightclub, now serving eleven different locations. When you enter the doors of this club, leave your worries behind. Like entering Rick's club in Casablanca, you'll spend the night in a romantic and fun atmosphere where two piano players simultaneously play onstage for an hour. After their set is completed, two new players come to the stage and play for another hour. In between sets the four players are onstage. Then other instruments are allowed onstage for two or three songs to raise the energy level. The songs that are part of the sets include old standards and new popular melodies that the audience will recognize and sing along with. In fact, ninety percent of the songs are sung along with by the audience. By the end of the evening if you don't swear you've had more fun than at any other club, something must have gone wrong. This is entertainment at its best, and in an atmosphere that is unique and lively. It is reminiscent of the New Orleans style entertainment that you can find in the blues clubs and nightclubs on Bourbon Street and in the French Quarter. Brought to you by a management team that puts customer satisfaction first, Houston bachelorette party is not to be missed. See you there!

Family Life in Film

Ann Margaret starred with Jack Nicholson in Carnal Knowledge (1971). This family blog mentions this film because it is truly a family oriented film, despite its title. The film portrays the many permutations of family life, from religious, to amoral, to decadent. It focuses on the relationships Jack Nicholson had with all the women that he encountered in his life. Ann Margaret's character wanted to marry him, but in his pivotal scene he screamed at her that he didn't want that in his life. The film was a box office sensation and featured brilliant performances. Another family film that will be released later this year is Gonzo, all about Hunter S. Thompson.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bible Verse to Buy

My favorite Bible verse is the quote from Revelations where it says "six tigers will come out of the mountains." The great poet W.H. Auden lived by that verse also. There are many people to whom that verse is a standard. It is certainly a standard in our home. This translation was done by Y.H. Newhouse in 1567 and is a standard in our home because it rings with the cadence of the best poetry. When we travel, however, we use the Gideon Bible and can never find the exact same phrase, since the translations are all slightly different. This is to be expected. We ascribe no particular meaning to the words, but the poetry of the images is what we enjoy. Find out more. In fact there is a poetry even to things that are not usually thought of as poetry. Find out more. Yes, you can find a great deal to read in the Bible and a great deal of poetry too. Find out more. We believe that travel from city ot city is natural, even if one is not a traveling salesman. The only thing more natural is that there is a Bible in every hotel room in America, or at least almost every hotel room. This is because the Gedeons travel from city to city and give the Bibles free to the management. The management puts them in every hotel room. CineMeetings & Events will be hosting the first-ever Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23.


Tomorrow a batboy from the New York Yankees will come and visit us. He wants to talk with my hubby about a book proposal. Well, I am big fan of the Yankees whether they win or lose. I just get excited too, because he knows a lot of famous players, like Babe Ruth, and Derek Jeter, and more. I talked with him on the phone and he sounds like a nice guy. So I am hoping that he and hubby will come up with a great book idea. God knows, there are a lot of baseball books out there . . . but then there are also a lot of fans! Search Engine

Find Search Engine is an alternative to Google, with a little different look, and a more relaxed feel to the search results. Find People can help you locate that long lost buddy or business associate. Find Friend can help you locate that high school chum who you lost contact with several years ago. This is a search engine for consumers, and that means anyone who is in the market for . . . anything! The site also has five hundred expert written articles and expects to have thousands by 2009. The site is easy to remember: You can access it from your address bar by typing Here's an example of the search results for kissing, quite a big interest around here! As you can see the search results are presented in a clear and clean window. The pictures and photos are not usually from the site in question and may or may not be directly related to the site, but the results look pretty. There is an interesting different group of results and those who regularly use Google may want to switch over now and then, if only for a different look and feel. Anyway, Google needs some competition, and is a good bet for a search engine that can give them a run for their money.

It's Over

Family blogs have to face the facts of life, one of which is taxes . . . Finally, our 2007 tax return is finished! We did it! We're so glad that we made it before the deadline. It was very stressful work for both of us. I hope we can get the refund soon. Whewwwww! Some of my friends said that they got their refund already. Sounds good to me. I'm looking forward to getting mine too. You know, Christmas is approaching; I need it for buying gifts. Very soon, I will put my Christmas wish list in Amazon. I expect to receive a gift from somebody who knows me, ha ha ha! Anyway, it should be noted here that Federico Fellini was one of the people who hated taxes. He had a lot of trouble with taxes in Italy. I feel that he and I have a lot in common. The great Italian film director was hounded by the authorities to pay more taxes. (Photo: Fellini)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Cigars were invented by the Egyptians, but they were not perfected and popularized for family and personal use until the 1400s in Japan. At that time, Emperor Hilo Heronymo dedicated a temple (the Temple of the Golden Sun) to his wife, Heeiji. The temple was said to be impervious to earthquakes (of which there are many in Japan!). His wife, however, was killed while praying in the temple by an earthquake in 1545 A.D. The emperor was so devastated that he traveled to Korea and then China seeking spiritual comfort from the greatest philosophers, mystics and religious leaders of the day. There was no comforting him, however, and in his grief he wasted away and lost 40 pounds and was himself on the verge of death. At this time his faithful servant, a young seventeen-year-old girl named Kino Kawabati, suggested that the emperor try the cigars that she had found in China during one of their trips. (Her job was, in addition to taking care of the emperor's wardrobe, to seek out new products to import.) The emperor liked the cigars and found they calmed him. He began to gain weight and before long he was able to continue his travels without any difficulty. Every after, the cigar has been a revered as an almost religious object in Japan.

Mustela for Babies and Mother to Be

Everyone who has a baby is similar in that they want more information than they ever wanted in their lives about what is and is not good for babies. When you're young you never realize that the subject of infant and baby care is such a vast field that there are literally thousands of books and millions of pages of magazine articles on the subject. Where to begin? where to end? where to get the orientation you need to be a successful parent? Vitamin barrier cream for babies is my favorite product from the Web site of This is a product for today and for the future of your baby. It hydrates and reduces irritation. Its main ingredient is zinc oxide, which is a proven irritation fighter. Your baby will love the smooth cool feel and the velvety comfort it provides. But most of all the baby will notice that the rash is all gone by the next time you change it! This is a product all parents can appreciate. The Mustela Web site also has what is called the 'Parent's Corner.' We found this very helpful ourselves, since we have a one year old baby. We think that the information is up to date and easy to digest and put to use immediately.

The New Jersey Turnpike

I have always wanted to drive on the New Jersey Turnpike. This is because it is a vast flat expanse of macadam that has been the envy of road designers and architects and engineers for more than five decades. The turnpike itself had humble beginnings (see photo) and was originally a small dirt lane that the Iroquois Indians used when hunting. This path was widened in 1807 into a two-lane horse road. That was made into a cement road in 1957, and later turned in the turnpike. Three zebras were marched across the finish line when it opened in 1958, and the Governor of the state dedicated the turnpike to F. Scott Fitzgerald, who lived in a small house not far from the start of the turnpike. This was, of course, before he met Zelda and became a well-known journalist and novelist. As I said, I've always wanted to take my family (and my friends) on a drive on the turnpike, and I plan to do that someday soon.

Stay Healthy with Dr. Lark

With Dr. Lark you can stay healthy and beautiful. Why? Because she has a Web site where you can find many products that would be of benefit to your health. In fact, they have a lot of categories of products to choose from, like weight loss, beauty and skin health, nutritional supplements and women's health. The prices are affordable compared to the other stores in this field that I have visited. Check this out today! Remember, health is wealth.

Wedding Reception

I would like to give families some information about weddings. In the northeast there is a statistic that is interesting, for all you gift givers. It says that people in the northeast give the most expensive gifts. On average our gifts are $100 more expensive than those from other parts of the nation.

Today is the wedding reception of my husband's niece. We got invited but we can't go because it's too far from us. It would take 7 hours for traveling. We felt guilty though because she came to our wedding and also the birthday of Kate. We have a very hectic schedule since we tried today to finish our 2007 tax before 15th of this month. Besides hubby is going to travel again next week to Delaware. Plus, he has to teach and finish the five books that he is working on right now. Well the deadline of his big book is on February next year. It's a busy, busy, busy life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Everyone who uses a computer knows that there are times when the data you have slaved over for hours or days (or longer) is suddenly and mysteriously zapped into the ether and gone forever. I've been using my computer for almost three years now but I didn't realize that I don't have any backup for my files or data if in case my PC might break. And I know it would be a big disaster if it happened to me, especially because I do a lot of writing. Well, I think it's not too late for me to get one of these backup systems. The OPENRSM CloudBackup is the perfect choice to easily, cheaply, and very securely make and store your own personal backups. The best thing of all is that CloudBackup is extremely cost effective, and it works with Windows, MAC, and Linux, and you only pay for what you use! How do you like that? It's cool, right? I am going to tell my hubby about this because I noticed that he is using a USB flash memory drive. It's a big hassle. Plus, you will never know when you will misplace or lose it. This is very important, especially since he is writing a few books.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sauna Baths

Family saunas are a tradition in Indonesia. The Indonesian Empire, founded in 1207 A.D. by King Tarban, required all citizens of the capital, Mayamar, to use the steam baths on a weekly basis. The idea was to reclaim the health of the Indonesian Empire after a malaria plague devastated the country and ruined its economy. So successful were the steam baths that they have come to be a tradition and are still popular today. In fact, people travel with their families from all over the world to visit the steam baths of Indonesia. We have a saying in the East that goes something like this (in rough translation): "The bath and the sauna are the center of life." The meaning of this saying is clear to all Indonesians, and is one reason that the sauna (see photo) is still popular today. Family saunas are a traditional vacation and lesiure activity. Many men and women meet at the sauna and later go on to marry.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here I will present some ideas on hair care for the family minded in my audience. I have some ideas that have been culled from my reading and also from experience and talking with hair care specialists.

Hubby and I just got a haircut today. Well, I decided to shorten my hair. It is easy for me to take care of it now. Having long hair in the winter is very difficult because it consumes a lot of time drying. You don't want to be freezing outside. Some women wash their hair before going to bed. And I think that's the best idea for working women. But not me because when I used to work in the mall I took a shower before going to work. Sometimes I ran out of time. So I used to run going to my job. It's 5 minutes to walk from our apartment. Just the elevator takes time to come. The better approach is to dry the hair before leaving and in this way you will avoid head colds.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cool Watches

It is time to think of what we can give to our loved ones this Christmas. Sector watches is one of the best choices for gifts. They have a huge selection of watches with the reasonable prices. In fact, there's one that I like. I am now thinking of buying this since my old watch broke last week. But I have to wait first the money from paypal to transfer in my account. I think later this month.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have been interested in farming all my life. When I was a girl I used to take care of goats. I have even been thinking of writing a book about goats. The great SF writer Philip K. Dick loved goats. The goat is a friendly animal. In fact, I used to have pet goats. I used to take care of about fifteen to twnety goats. I had to take them out to pasture in the morning before school and round them up and put them in the field after school. Farming is a noble profession. I am a true farmer's daughter. My husband is always talking about how lucky he is to be married to a farmer's daughter. Knut Hamsun, the Norwegian Nobel Prize laureate, wrote about farming in his novel Growth of the Soil. I will read that book this summer.

Get Into Show Biz

If you live in the New York City area, you know that when you go to a restaurant or take a stroll down the street or go into a department store, 50 percent of the people you meet (or more) will be actors. Most of these hopefuls are good looking, decent hardworking people; they just want to get into show business. Many of them have already been in a play or a television soap opera. Some are aspiring stars who are looking for a break. Across the country and across the world the percentage may be lower than the 50 percent in New York and LA, but there are hundreds of thousands of people who are qualified, by virtue of their looks or talent, to be considered for roles in TV, movies, plays and even on radio. These people just need a break. Well, now the break has arrived in the form of Talent6, a Web site that lets you post your photo and resume, including any credits you have. Then when movie producers, play producers, or television producers and directors are looking for talent, they can visit the site and look over your portfolio, that is, they can look at your photo and read your bio. The producers can also be invited by you to look at your resume online. Let's say you see a casting call or an audition. You want to be in the show or you wish to be an extra. You know you can do it. So you send an email to the director or the casting director. You say, "Hey, I have an online portfolio. It has my resume and my credits listed." Then they will find you very professional. They can easily invite you to audition! Many times these jobs are for extras in movies, nonspeaking roles for people in the background. You don't even have to say anything and you could get paid $100 to $300 per day just for being in the shot in the background! How easy is that! And it could lead to a movie career down the line. Who knows! Give it a shot. It could be fun! I know plenty of actors in the New York area who have done this already. Give a call to the toll free number to get started: 800-493-9047.

Causing My Headache

I did research today about what's causing my headache and dizziness. I just found out that it can be caused by the computer LCD monitor. When I read the article it seemed to describe what I feel right now. Maybe I have a sick feeling because I used a laptop. I guess the radiation is harming me. I am now thinking of buying a desktop. I have been suffering with this illness for a few days; sometimes it stops, and then it comes back again. It's really annoying and I've been so moody these past few days. I have to lessen the time I spend using my PC every day until I get a new computer. Apparently laptop screens can emit harmful radiation and chemicals!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Gadget News for the Twenty-First Century

The universal remote control is here! A network media player can be yours for the asking. Plus online backup services and more. All can be found at Gadget Advisor, a site that helps you separate the most useful news from the nonsense that passes for news. View the latest product releases there! Check this out today. You will be glad you did.

I am Sick

Last night, I was very sick. I had an upset stomach and headache. I felt dizzy too. I didn't know what was the cause of it. But I guess, I ate too much lunch and experienced lack of sleep. I felt better in the middle of the night. Well, thank God! Because hubby is going to work today and nobody will take care of my child, except me. I need energy for my daughter and my daily chores. Living in a foreign country is really difficult since there's no neighbor that you can ask help of. Yes, I live in the city and there are a lot of people around me, but I only know a few of them. They are not always there to help you since they are also busy with their lives.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cleaning Up the Mess

Today is a big cleaning day for me. But on the other hand it is fine because it's over. I have a lot of leftover food in the refrigerator, especially the desserts. The baked sweet potatoes were great. I bought them at the Fil-Am store. It is kind of purple. It's really sweet. No wonder my friend keeps asking about it, whether I have more in the refrigerator. Well, by the way, folks, I'm so sorry that I didn't have a chance to drop your EC yesterday. I was quite busy. I didn't turn on my PC for the entire day. Some of my tasks are expired. But I'm trying to cope by doing some pending tasks too. Well, before I go on further, I want to let you know about Nightforce rifle scopes. Maybe you will find something that you like. We used them at the party to look at boats on the Husdon.

Get Fit

You don't need to go to the gym to be working out on treadmills because there's an online store where you can get your own treadmill. It will save you more time than ever, and going to the gym can be a thing of the past. You know how convenient it is. All the members of your family will be able to use it too. It's got plenty of benefits; not only that it conditions your heart, but it also burns calories, improves appetite, improves sleep parameters, and increases hormone balance. What more could you ask from a simple machine!

Quick Visit

My friends just came over this afternoon to drop off the birthday gifts of Kate. We invited them yesterday, but they were still working. Their off days are Sunday and Monday. We were not expecting gifts from them, but they're very kind to us. We really appreciated it. I offered some desserts and they ate just a little bit because they were full. The ice cream, however, had partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (which is poison). They ate it anyway and said they didn't care. We offered vitamin E, which is a partial protection, but they refused this, — out of foolish pride and, probably, also out of ignorance of the deleterious effects of what they had consumed. They're going shopping at the mall. I know they will have much fun there. I think women's weakness is shopping. I guess so. But it is also eating junk food.

Win a 2009 Civic Hybrid!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Durian Ice cream

I bought one gallon of durian flavored ice cream today. It's my first time buying this kind of flavor. Well, I already tried eating this several years ago, and I love it. Actually, this ice cream is for my daughter Kate's birthday tomorrow. We tried to push the celebration to this coming Saturday. It's just a small party. We have a few guests who responded to the invitation, including her cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncle, and her friends. I think I am going to cook some Italian dishes and seafood. Desserts are not a big deal because I already have ice cream reserved, then I'm going to get a birthday cake, and fruits. I'm still thinking about the appetizer, what to serve besides soup.