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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Bathrooms

The family bathroom is a place where all sorts of visitors will experience what your home looks like on a good day and a bad day, depending on how you keep it organized. The simplest way to keep your family bathroom looking presentable is to hire a maid to clean it regularly, at least once a month. The maid service that visits your home can also work on the kitchen and the living room, the bedrooms and other areas, but the hallmark of a good home is a family bathroom. It helps to have Kohler sinks.

Family Fun

Here we see a perfect way to have family fun. That is a cruise ship! That is a perfect vacation! That is family fun! But most families make the mistake of failing to enjoy their vacations properly. There are three stages to vacation enjoyment. Research has demonstrates that they are
  1. Anticipation and planning
  2. The vacation itself
  3. Reminiscing and sharing photos
The first phase involves the planning of the vacation. This can actually be part of the fun. The vacation itself is, of course, the central focus of the vacation experience. Then there is the recollecting and reminiscing, which often includes sharing photos and talking about the vacation with others. Remember to enjoy all three phases of your vacation.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Book Clubs

cheap books
I have to tell you a funny story. My daughter is starting to learn to walk, and the other day she propelled herself over to the bookshelf and was eating a book! My husband and I were aghast. But then we looked at each other and started laughing. "She has our love of books," my husband said. "I think she's going to be a big reader." The fact is that books are a big part of our life. My husband reads all the time, and he also writes books. We have more than three thousand books in our library, most of them in the living room. We also are firm believers in book clubs. My husband belongs to the Science Fiction Book Club and we love the deep discounts that are available using a book club. The best part of the book clubs, however, is that they keep you informed about good books. In other words, the book club selects only the best. In fact, the president of a book club, Bennett Cerf, went on to become a co-fonder of Random House, which indicates the close connection between book clubs and publishing. At any rate, we only hope that some day our daughter will stop eating books . . . and start reading them! Anyway, I'm inviting you to join the special club today. They have a best deals and savings. You can save up to 60% off retail prices and get free membership gifts. Hurry, visit them today by clicking the banner above.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are going to my in-laws house today to celebrate this Thanksgiving. But at this time we will not be taking a train to go there. We hired a taxi to pick up us right here in the front of our lobby's apartment. We usually ride a Metro North train and a PATH train to go out of NY city. But yesterday we decided to get a taxi for more convenience. It will take an hour to get there. The taxi is going to charge us $160 for the round trip, that's the price we both agreed. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys. Enjoy eating turkey!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trendy, High Quality Maternity Clothes

Our friend Edith is from Boston and she is going to have a child in January. This is her fourth child. She expects that the child will be born on January 14th, but of course one can't be sure of that! Things have a way of changing at the last minute. And so do fashions, especially maternity fashions. Why, the style of today is the wrong look for yesterday, and the style of yesterday is the wrong look for today. More important than style, of course, is comfort. There is a certain functionality in maternity clothes, and yet they can and do offer some of the most provocative styles in maternity clothes today. Little do some realize, but maternity is a time for fashion. Edith was named after Edith Wharton, who was one of the most fashion-conscious writers of the nineteenth century. Today Edith (our friend, that is) would love to view the clothes and styles that are luxurious as well as functional and which are designed specifically with the Mrs. Mingotts in mind (Mrs. Mingott was the very aristocratic and very overweight grandmother of May Welland in The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton's novel that focused so much on clothes and on maternity!) What some women won't do for a stylish maternity gown. The pictured here would please any expectant mother. They have also winter tops, dresses, pants, sweaters, and more. The is offering free shipping until November 30th this year. So hurry, placed your order now.


Thanksgiving is around the corner here in the United States. The poor turkey will be served on the table. But I'm just wondering why is the turkey the center food of thanksgiving. Do you have any idea? I'm not really against turkey. It's just my curiosity though. It is my third Thanksgiving here in New Jersey and I enjoy it every time. Last year, I saw the Macy's parade with a big float in NY city. It was fun. Barry Manilow was there too. I guess Charice Pempengco will be there this year. I get excited. Maybe I can see her too.

A Gift for Special Little One in Your Life

Christmas is in the air and I can feel it. And I know that most of us are going crazy now buying gifts for our loved ones. Some people prefer to shop in the mall but others do not. It all depends on where they feel more comfortable buying gifts. Just in time for the holiday season, I came across the fascinating Web site Mega Brands. Using it, you never have to go to a mall because it's a mall online. And guess what I found? A Smart Builders Piano for my daughter Kate. I really would like to get this for her because I noticed recently that she is very interested in music and some musical instruments too. I am now thinking of buying it. I think this is the ideal Christmas gift for her since she is under three years old. Besides, I want her to learn more about music. You never know, she might be the next Beethoven. Well, MEGA Brands has an awesome selection of toys for this Holiday season. Actually, they have a wide selection of toys for children of different ages. So, if you have special little ones or a big child, this is a perfect online store to shop for toys. I'm sure you will find a wonderful gift right here. Check dragons figurine today! It's highly recommended. You can find many more toys and even activities for family fun on the site.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Upset Stomach

I have had an upset stomach since last night, which started before I went to sleep. I tried to recall the last food that I ate and it was a cantaloupe melon. I didn't think that melon would cause the pain. I am a little bit confused about what might be the reason behind my upset stomach. I ate dinner around 7:00 pm. I had baked chicken, rice, and rice cake or biko. Then after that I watched a movie and updated my blogs. But before I went to sleep I ate the melon around midnight. Well, I don't really know. But maybe I need an alka seltzer fizz. They say that helps, and I never tried it. It looks like fun.

Planning My Vacations

When I am planning a vacation, I always use the most sophisticated tools available. One of them is a GPS system, the other is a map, the third is the Internet, of course, and the fourth is a paid researcher who does odd jobs for me and my family. This guy is a whiz. He knows just about everything, and the other day he was telling me that what I need to get is a balance transfer calculator.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

This was one of my favorite books when I was growing up. The story begins with a white man being led into the jungle by some tribal safari guides. But at one point the guides tell the man, "We stop here."

"Why?" asks the man.

"We go no further. The curse of the forest is upon us."

Laughing at their fears, the white explorer travels alone into the jungle. And that's when the adventure begins. He comes across a beautiful girl, too, and naturally he saves her from tigers, and then they are both captured by a secret tribe. The plot thickens and the romantic and exciting conclusion is all you could ask for in an adventure story.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rabbit Foot

I don't really know much about the idea of a lucky rabbit foot but some people said that it might bring good luck to the person who has it. Good luck comes to the holder in many ways. I got excited because I just received a rabbit foot from somebody. I hope it will work for me. I really need luck for my blogs to get a new design, heheheheheh. Let's see in the next few weeks what I can do here. I feel that my blogs are dying without a nice design. I added the holiday logo, but what do you think of it? Do you like it or is it annoying?

Reading the Ingredients

Before taking any pill (or any food, for that matter) I always read the label. If you had been thinking about taking the Hydroxycut hardcore diet pill we've done the work for you. Here is the list of ingredients for this pill. Notice that it contains about as much caffeine as that contained in two strong cups of coffee, in addition to numerous other substances.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving
  • Proxyclene Fat Loss Blend 742mg
  • Green tea extract, (as Camellia sinensis) (leaf) Standardized for 90% polyphenols, [75% catechins (45% epigallocatechin gallate, 10% epicatechin gallate, 8% epigallocatechin, 4% epicatechin, 3% gallocatechin gallate)]
  • Caffeine anhydrous, supplying 280mg caffeine
  • White willow extract (as Salix alba) (bark), standardized for 25% salacin
  • Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco extract (bark), standardized for 0.3% alkaloids
  • Norepidrol Intensity Focus Blend 171mg
  • Deanol acetamidobenzoate hydrogentartrate
  • Xanthinol nicotinate
  • Evodia rutaecarpa extract (as Tetradium ruticarpum) (fruit), standardized for 10% evodiamine
  • Inula racemosa extract (root), standardized for 2% alantolactone
  • Codonopsis pilosula extract (root)
  • Lasidrate Delivery Blend 55mg
  • Troxerutin (as Sophpra japonica), standardized for 97% trihydroxyethylrutoside
  • Inositol hexaphosphate
  • Cnidium monnieri extract (seed),standardized for 20% osthole
  • Black pepper extract (as Piper nigruml.) (fruit),standardized for 95% piperine
  • Yohimacore Blend 4.5mg Methyl 17 alpha-hydroxy-yohiman-16alpha-carboxylate hydrochloride
Other Ingredients
Sesame oil, FD&C Red # 3, FD&C Red # 40, caramel color, silica, gelatin, ink (shellac, isopropyl alcohol, butyl alcohol, dehydrated alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, povidone, titanium dioxide, FD&C Yellow # 5).

Friday, November 21, 2008

My New Wallet

As I said in my previous post I had lost my wallet and also all my cards. So my mother-in-law sent me a new wallet yesterday. And it is perfect for me to carry anywhere because it is designed to be portable: It has a long strap to put around on my neck with a card holder, change area, lipstick and cellphone holder. I really love the design. It is impossible that I will lose it again since it will be around on my neck all the time. If I lose it I will lose myself! It also now has a rabbit foot attached to it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Botox Treatment in Chicago

Botox Treatment in Chicago is now here to serve you. The lakeview dermatology is a leading dermatology clinic in the Chicago area specializing in laser acne treatment, hair removal treatment, Restylane treatment and other skin care treatments. They provide treatments to many skin conditions as well as cosmetic, medical and surgical treatments with the help of Dr. Eugene Mandrea and Dr. Steven Mandrea . So try to check this out today. For more info just visit their website by clicking the link above.


The summer may be gone but there is always the potential for a summer in one's mind. In fact, through the use of hypnotism you can believe that it's summer even in winter. This doesn't mean you'll go out in the snow in your swimming suit. But it does mean that you'll feel warm even on a cold snowy day. The mind can allow you to view the world in a different way and the use of hypnotism can work miraculous changes in your life. I recommend that everyone pick up a book on self-hypnosis and study it to learn what it can do for you and how it can help you reach your goals.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Dog

I once had a dog, but I did not like my dog food and neither did my dog. In fact, my dog got sick because he wouldn't eat the food from the can. I had to get him some pet supplements. The vitamins and nutrients in the supplements cured him overnight. Which is why I highly recommend going out of your way to research the kinds of foods and vitamins you give your pet. It could mean the difference between health and sickness for your pet.

Books for Book Lovers

My hobby is collecting books. Well, that's not really true . . . that's my hubby's hobby. He can't get enough books to satisfy him! He orders books online, buys them in stores, and seeks them out at book fairs and book shows. He's got about 3,000 books in the living room and in his office and in the bedroom. His dream is to own a library some day. He always likes to read a book while eating. He usually likes that more than watching TV. He just loves books.

Big Sale in Macys

I went to Macys today to check their one day sale. I tried to browse their jewelry department too. Well, there was a 30% - 50% discount on their jewelry and their clothes were being sold at a 30%-65% discount. I didn't go to the home department because I ran out of time. I only bought some clothes for my hubby and went home. It was freezing when I went outside. I hope the sun warms things up tomorrow, or we may have to move to a warmer climate, somewhere like South Carolina or Alabama. I hear Alabama is a very nice state.

Las Vegas Online Community

Vegas online community where members get paid to refer new members! Yes, you heard right. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new venture. It's an online community like MySpace with one critical difference. Whereas MySpace does not pay you to invite new members, this site does. You heard right! You will indeed receive money for attracting new members to the site. allows you and your friends who love the Vegas life to have fun, network, socialize, and also make some extra cash in the process. You can add your profile, photos, and chat in various forums, just like in any other social online community. But if you're a Vegas fan like I am, you'll go for this site in a big way.


The fact that bees sting makes many people afraid of them. But hark! There are bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz people who love bees and who cultivate bees and who raise bees for the honey they make. There are also scientists who love bees because bees are their (the scientists') livelihood. Yes, these Ph.D.s study the little bees and find out what makes them tick.In fact, a new book, Traffic, compares traffic to insect movement patterns, including bee traffic. That's enough to give one pause, isn't it! What if we're nothing more than a part of a alrger human instinctual pattern, our movements controlled for some larger purpose, like the movements of bees in and out of a hive . . . Utterly frightening!

Monday, November 17, 2008

High Quality Maternity Clothes

Most women worry what they will look like when they become pregnant. Of course, you know you will gain weight, that's for sure. But did you know that the state of pregnancy can be a time of enhanced fashion and beauty? True, many women fail to realize this. But there are plenty of people, including many men, who view the pregnant form as even more beautiful than the woman who is not pregnant. The best part of this is that today there are plenty of maternity styles that will make you look even better than you expect. Due maternity has the clothes you want for this time in your life, maternity clothes which say volumes about your fashion sense. They also are a good bargain. And that's not all. Yes, now you can get free holiday shipping simply by entering the secret shipping code "BLOG1" in the shipping code box when checking out. These styles are made in the good old USA and come with a sense of fashion built in to make them last for a long time and brighten any expecting mother's wardrobe. So, don't let a slight gain in weight slow you down. Look your best and feel your best. And do it all in a way that won't hurt your pocketbook. This site has all the fashion an expecting mother could wish for, and at bargain prices, too.

From Russia with Love

I watched this classic movie of James Bond last night. I enjoyed it very much. I like it because it's kind of romantic too. Then I remembered that I already watched this two years ago. Oh, well it didn't bother me much. I don't know but I am big fan of James Bond movies. I can't help it. I fell in love with Sean Connery. Waaaaaah, joke, joke, joke... I am married. I am faithful to my husband. But I can still dream, can't I? The good thing is that my husband, Mike, looks quite a bit like Sean Connery. He moves like him too, lol. This is because he (my husband) was a boxer in his youth and has an athletic physique, like Sean Connery. Did you know that Sean Connery was an athlete before he became an actor? I'm an expert on this guy!

25,000 Quality Gifts Under $25

Click Here
Kmart has more than 25,000 items which are potential gifts costing under $25 this year. We all know the economy is not what it used to be, and this sale is sure to please even those whose annual income exceeds $100,000. They also have a layaway program, meaning you can pay now and make monthly installment payments and then pick up your item when you have fully paid for it. It's like a mini mortgage. There are three items that I would consider buying this year and they are the Craftsman® 23-inch hand tool box with comfort handle, which costs $19.99, This I would send to my friend Bertrand who lives in Alaska. He is a big fan of any kind of woodworking, and I know he would enjoy it. Then there's the Martha Stewart everyday tall nickel pillar candleholders, which cost $14.99 each. I would send these to my cousin Betty who lives in France. She's such a romantic! Finally I would get the Route 66 girls fashion hoodies which cost only $16.99. I would give this to my sister-in-law, Janice, who is a big fan of wearing hoods. She has felt this way ever since she was four years old and fell in love with the story of Little Red Riding Hood, which her cousin Anne used to read to her when she was sick in the hospital with scarlet fever for three months.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Russell Stover Chocolates

It's my first time eating Russell Stover chocolates. And I'm not really crazy about them. I prefer Lindt chocolates because they taste better and have sweeter cores. Well, I bought two boxes of Russell Stover because they were on sale in CVS. If only I knew the taste before I bought them, I'm sure I would not have made the purchase! But it's too late and I regret it. The box is so pretty, it's an irresistible look. There's a saying that goes, "Don't judge the book by it's cover." I guess it applied to chocolates too.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Austin Jobs

It's almost two years now since I quit my job because I had the baby to take care of. I miss working though, especially when it comes to pay day. Well anyway, Austin jobs is here for you folks. It's quick and easy. You can go online and search jobs and opportunities that are available in your area. Don't forget to post your resume so that the employers can reach you!

Weekend Getaway

We are going to visit to Aunt Mary tomorrow. It's been a long while since we saw her. We called her a couple of days ago just to say hello to her. But unfortunately, she was sick. She said that her back was killing her. She is in pain. Her brother will be going to take her to the doctor soon. We're so worried about her because she lives alone in the house. Just only her one brother lives closer to her. We love to help her but we're too far. We can just only stop and visit her sometimes. Hoping that she will better soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drug Abuse Treatment

Good things happen to people who seek alcohol rehabilitation. And Promises Treatment Center can help with the recovery from alcohol, cocaine, codeine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, oxycodone, and other substances. The one thing to keep in mind is that a person must want to change or the treatment will be worthless. But for those who have the will and the intention, this treatment center will show you the way.

A Phone Call

I received a phone call last night from the wife of Wilson Bryan Key. Well, Wilson Bryan Key was a close friend of my husband. He was the author of several books about subliminal advertising and subliminal messages. Anyway, his wife called us because Bill passed away just a few days after his knee operation. We were very sad to hear about it. His last wishes included the fact that he wanted my husband to get his latest book into print if anything happened to him. We received the manuscript some months ago. He called my husband before he went in for the operation. We didn't think that anything would happen to him because it was minor knee surgery. His wife said that there were, unfortunately, unintended complications after the surgery. We're so sad to think about it. Hubby sounded very lonely when I talked with him last night over the phone. He is in Chicago doing his lecture and his coming back tonight. He wanted to go to the funeral, but I think it's too late. They live in Reno, Nevada and it's quite far from where we live. There's nothing I can say except my heartfelt condolences go to Bill Key's family.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Black Friday Shopping Deals

Great news for cell phone lovers because now you can get new cell phones like the Samsung Instinct for free on Black Friday. Yes, that's true. Anyway, speaking of cellphones what I like is the Sprint Instinct. Why? Because I love the look and very friendly to use. Well, I don't want to go shopping in the mall this coming black Friday. My experienced last year was enough for me. Waiting a couple of hours on the line was not fun. Plus, I couldn't pick the stuff that I want for all these people surrounded me. But anyway, this year I can get away from them. Shopping online via the Web site is the best approach. So guys, if you are looking best cellphone deal you can check at&t Black Friday deals they have wide selection. Verizon Wireless Black Friday sale is another option too. But, if you couldn't still find what you like, Sprint Black Friday deals is here for you. They have latest features about cellphones. And the last but not the least is T-Mobile Black Friday sale. I'm sure you have an idea now where to shop. Don't miss this great offer. Save your money and time on this black Friday sale.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Miss Earth 2008

I enjoyed watching the replay this morning of the candidates of Miss Earth 2008. Miss Karla Paula Henry won the the title of Miss Earth 2008. She really has the beauty and the brain. She answered the question without hesitation. I like the way she walks too. She truly deserved the crown. Congratulations to you Karla. You did it! We're so proud of you. Great job and keep up the good work.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Talk to Your Screen

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code
Dragon Naturally Speaking with coupon code is geared to make your computer talk. Nuance is offering you 25% off Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred, which will save you money. Yes, 25% off Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard will save you even more. And 10% off MacSpeech Dictate, too. To get the discount click on image above and use code: DNSMSBG. This code will not work from other sources. By the way, enjoy this video. It will amaze you.

Press Release:

Hello my name is Brett Bumeter and I write about Dragon NaturallySpeaking quite a bit. I've been writing reviews at for a couple years now, and I wanted to share with you some insights into this great video that Drew from the blog has put together on YouTube.

Drew just recently started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and this is one of the first videos that he's done with the product. Today, you can train Dragon NaturallySpeaking in about seven minutes. So almost immediately out of the box, you can start transcribing your words into text, and that's just amazing!

The software is extremely fast and can enable you to type at 150 words per minute. That can save you a significant amount of time and energy, and I wanted to point out this aspect of it because you can kind of see it in the video. Not only is Drew speaking in a natural voice and at a natural rate of speed, but you can actually see Drew composing the words that he's going to say as he speaks them.

When you watch this video you can see that Drew is looking to the right just a little bit as he thinks of each sentence that he's going to say. Dragon NaturallySpeaking makes you use a part of the brain that you're not necessarily used to using because you typically write with your fingers on a keyboard or with a pen and pencil. When we type we use a different section of our brains than we do when we speak. We even use a different segment of our brains when we write with a pen or a pencil.

So when you first start using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you will learn how to compose with your brain. We learn to think of the words that we're going to say and then say them. With Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 those words can be transcribed at such a fast rate of speed(about as fast as you can talk).

The benefits of the program are immense, as they enable us to type so much faster than we can with our fingers. The average person can type 2 to 3 times faster with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This saves us a great deal of time as we complete e-mails and messages and articles and documents two to three times faster. This gives us more time to proof read our documents and ensure that they are absolutely fantastic, and it can enable us more time to do other work, or even spend time with our family or the people that are important to us.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is relatively inexpensive, and right now, through this article that you are reading, you can receive an exclusive discount of 25% off with an exclusive Coupon code and link with prices that starts at $75 after discount! Then you can join Drew and I and start typing at 150 words per minute too!

If you type 20 e-mails a day, and you type at a speed of approximately 50 words per minute in your e-mails that are say, 200 words long each, that means that your e-mails will take you four minutes to write. At 20 e-mails a day, that's 80 minutes spent writing e-mail. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you could write those same e-mails at 150 words per minute, or approximately a minute and 20 seconds per e-mail and finish all of your e-mails in about 26 minutes. That means you could save over 53 minutes per day just from writing e-mails alone. At a cost of $75, if your time is worth, at minimum $10 an hour, Dragon NaturallySpeaking will pay for itself in about a week($75/{$10*53/60} = 8.5 days). If your time is worth more than that, it will pay for itself, much faster. If you write more. It will also pay for itself, much faster also. The bottom line is that it can save you time and money, and these days we all need that type of help.

So, please enjoy this video that Drew is put together and consider how Dragon NaturallySpeaking could work for you to save you time and help you improve your quality of life and just about pay for itself with the discount codes that Nuance is offering exclusively to blog readers.

Best regards,
Brett Bumeter.

PS I wrote this article using Dragon NaturallySpeaking myself. It's about 700 words long it took me six minutes to write, and another minute or two to edit. That averages out to approximately 87 words per minute including editing time, which is fantastic!


Yeaaaah, finally my bracelet got fixed. I went to a couple of jewelry stores yesterday looking for a reasonable price to repair my bracelet but most of them I didn't like. One of them was asking me for $40 for the repair and a wait of 10 days to get it. It didn't sound good to me so I continued to look around till I found the best deal. They only charged me $15 and a wait for only 10 minutes. It was amazing! The jewelry store's name is Giorgeo's Fine Jewelry. They repair watches too. Check this out guys.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Military Gear Website

Guess what? There's totally free shipping on Galco holsters if you order over $75 worth of Galco products and you'll get free ground shipping on your order. And you can also receive a free Galco hat when you purchase any Galco holster. You know that they carry the highest quality products, from their Premium saddle leather, ballistic nylon, horsehide, and more. Check this out. If you like great clothing at a great price, this is the place for you.

Winter Boots

These are the boots that I bought the other day. They're very comfy compared to my brown boots which I got last year. The leather is so soft and it's also very light to walk in them. Well, I prefer these flat heels for my own good. I walk so slow if I wear high heels. In short, I'm not used to it. Anyway, I'm ready for the winter and more snow to come. But these boots don't have a spike so I need to get the snow protector and put on the bottom of them. Then I will be safe.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Driving One

We have a lot of car drivers and car racing fans in my family. Many of us drive red cars and like to go fast. My friend Bobby drives a red car and drives very fast. He would love this contest. In fact, I'm writing this for him, so that he can join. You'll love it, too. The "I'm Driving One" sweepstakes can make you a winner. You may wish to register for the sweepstakes which has great prizes. In fact, more people are signing up for this sweepstakes every day because they want their chance to win too. You can easily enter for a chance to win. You might be lucky. The grand prize winners will be drawn on November 7th, and that is very soon. For innovative digital marketing I encourage you to embed the widget in your own blog using the supplied code. Notice how innovative Ford is, and see how they have everything from the "I'm Driving One" widget to the brand new Ford Flex. Now, it's your turn to enter the contest. And while you're at it, don't forget to complete the "refer-a-friend" section so that you are in the running for the grand prize. The grand prizes include a vacation to Florida for the NASCAR race, a California trip, or a Utah trip involving Mustangs. You can also win a helmet on which a racing driver has signed his name. You can enjoy that gift for a lifetime. So hurry, sign up today by clicking the link below.
Drive One!


Tomatoes and Salads

This family blog likes to inform you about everything that you need to keep your family healthy. Tomatoes and salads are two things that can do the trick. Tomatoes are very helthful and they include many vitamins that we know are beneficial, including vitamin C and lycopene. Salads are equally healthful and have plenty of vitamins. But did you know that there are probably other vitamins that we don't even know about yet! That's why I'm eager to have my salad later today, and I hope to be consuming lots of good vitamins, some of which have not even been discovered yet!

Sproutwells Finale sneak peak

My family will never hold a techi-holic intervention on me. What makes me techi-holic is the nature of change and the speed with which scientific inventions are leapfrogging ahead. For example, there is never a moment after you buy software that you can be sure it's valid or current because there's always a beta product coming down the line. We can't keep up with the pace and evolution of change, and this family blog exists to warn people not to even try. With the Web site freshfunds you don't have to worry about that anymore. You don't have to lose sleep wondering whether you ought to go back to school and take a computer course or try to crack a new book on electronics. None of that is necessary! The Sproutwells are here to encourage you to visit and join We are already saving points for a new batch of fresh corn. But if we can't get that we will take the elliptical machine. Once you join you can accumulate points for prizes or charitable donations. Yes, you can even get points by buying Chiquita Fruit and Veggie Bites, or Fresh Express Gourmet Café Salads, or Fresh Express Packaged Salads, all of which are healthy choices. Yes, is like ebay and lets you bid on prizes and at the same time have a healthy life and diet!

Beach Boys and their Family

The Beach Boys had a father that was very strict. His name was Murray and he was a tyrant. He used to swat the Beach Boys around like they were bowling pins. Brian Wilson, the oldest Beach Boy, was so traumatized by his father that he became schizophrenic later in life. His mind was completely shot from the family environment and from the massive amount of LSD and other drugs he shot up and consumed. Yet those experiences must have had some kind of beneficial effect on the tall teenager, for he quickly became a musical prodigy, writing harmonies that would go on to earn the Beach Boys millions. Perhaps it was his difficult and strict father that caused him to turn to art and creativity.

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New Black President

Obama got elected as the first U.S. black president. Well, I am happy for him and also for the country. I guess he is capable to run the United States. I hope he'll do a good job and fulfill what he promised to the people. We need a nice change. Slowly but surely. Congratulations to you! I will look forward to the days to come and other interesting speeches he will make. He certainly does have good speechwriters! Last night's was a terrific speech about a 106-year-old woman.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 coupon code

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Exra Hour

I guess everybody here in U.S. is enjoying this extra hour since Sunday. I love it. I can sleep longer than I used too. But it just for one day, then back to normal again. Well, as winter is approaching the day is become shorter each day. By about 4:00 p.m. it's already dark. The night is longer compared to summer time. And I'm now looking forward to another holiday season, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. The year is moving fast, it feels just like yesterday that I had my baby. It's a little scary when I think about the future. Nobody knows what will happen in the next generation, and now we are suffering with our economic crisis and global warming. Let us hope for the best. Certainly an election can produce change that ripples throughout the nation and throughout the world, no matter who wins.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Carnival is in Town

Running late, rolling along the shore, along Beach Road, in the convertible, the white convertible that runs like a dream, looking for fun! Yes, we're out for the night and looking for fun. The sea is blue, the sky is blue, and the people are smiling and happy. The popcorn machines are crackling and the carnival train is pulling into town. The circus is here, and fun is around the corner!

A Great Book

I got a great book out of the library today, it is entitled THE GANG THAT WOULDN'T WRITE STRAIGHT. It is about the New Journalism school of writing that was very popular in the 70s and 80s and that may have died away recently. The election upcoming is a thing that the New Journalists would have loved to cover. They enjoyed writing about current events. The type of writing they did was brazen and bold and it strayed into fiction techniques also. I can't wait to read this book! I am going to share it with all my friends, too, and tell them about it.

A Night to Remember

Ayn Rand, the great American novelist who came to this country from Russia, had parties in her living room on many occasions. One night she met Nathaniel Branden at one of these parties. They hit it off immediately. Nathaniel was sitting there on her beautiful, lush home theater seating and looking into her eyes, and she was actually mesmerized by him. Before long the two decided to become good friends and he was invited back for many more late-night discussions.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dinner with a Friends

We had dinner with our friends at a Cuban restaurant last night. We didn't expect that there would be a live band at the restaurant. Actually, we didn't plan for it. When we left home we agreed to meet one of my friends at the mall because I had to return some things that I borrowed from her. She and her boyfriend were watching a movie at the mall. But we tried to invite them to have a dinner near where we live. And they both agreed; they left the theater even though the show was not finished yet. They said that they didn't really like the movie. So we went to the restaurant and ate there. The people were starting to dance already when we came in. It was fun. Unfortunately, we didn't dance because my baby Kate was with us sleeping on the stroller. Maybe next time we will go there again and leave Kate with her grandparents. That's an idea. Plus upstairs is a great cigar room when you can sit and talk and plan expeditions of just reminisce about a vacation.