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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Acne Treatment

I admit that when I was a teenager I knew a store clerk who experienced terrible acne. In fact, I think he was embarrassed about it and did not know what to do. He was so annoyed whenever he saw his face in the mirror. He said to himself that there must be a cure for this condition. In fact he told me his uncle was working on finding a cure. His uncle was a doctor in Milan. I never suffered from this kind of problem. I don't have any idea how to cure it. But this guy's uncle apparently did. At least he had a theory. But, today there's a lot of available treatments that you can try for the best acne treatment. This will help to get rid of those embarrassing acne questions.

Friday, April 24, 2009

White Bean Soup

This is a bean soup similar to lentil soup but popular in Asia. I make this about once a week. Then when I have extra I freeze it. I add cheese to the soup and salt. I add leaves of basil. I also add celery and onion. The result is good.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yankee Stadium Open

Yesterday was opening day at the new Yankee Stadium. They were playing against the Cleveland Indians. Jorge Posada was the first Yankee player who hit a home run in the new stadium. But unfortunately they lost the game. Well, it's normal to lose some. It's still open as to whether the team will do well this season since they just started this month. By the way, have you ever heard about Colonix? I hope that the players will get their act together and win a championship again this year.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coconut Plants as Family Medicine

Several years ago I decided to try a new method of cooking, and I want to tell you about it. It involves coconut oil. The coconut is a healthful plant. It is able to produce the coconut tree. The fruit is hacked into bits with saws. Then it is cold pressed. This results in a coconut plant that is useful for the entire family. The coconut produces abundant oil. It is not generally used for cooking in the West. But it can prevent the need for products that treat high blood pressure. Some people consider Colonix.

Spring Break

It's spring break for my hubby this week but he's still busy doing his book writing. We planned to have a vacation but due to his hectic schedule it's impossible to do it. Our plan was to go to Washington D.C to see the White House and have a tour there inside. Too bad we don't have any free time to do it this spring. So, we considered waiting for summer. Well, anyway, it will be summer a couple of months from now. We all want to enjoy summer, like going to the beach, picnicing, camping and more activities.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Diet Pills

Are you looking for a good diet pill, for the mythical best diet pills? Are you looking for a Web site that will help you evaluate the current crop of diet pills? Have you tried other diet pills and found, like many, that they just don’t work? Are you concerned over the cost; the quality; the availability; the ingredients; the efficacy; the name; the popularity; or the quality of the pills you pop into your mouth to try to quell those carbohydrate cravings that are driving you mad? Are you growing diabetic and hoping to find a pill that can cure your ills? Are you so overweight that you’re desperate to try anything? Have your friends recommended pills or even given you pills? Do you feel tired, rundown, weak, listless, confused, or just plain hungry for information? Since you’re so set on trying pills, why not research them before you swallow them down in the hope that they’ll stop you from stuffing yourself with ice cream, candy, cake, cereal, and all those other high carbohydrate foods that are choking the life out of you and raising your insulin levels out of control, making you hungrier and more insatiable than ever. So ask yourself the question many dieters are asking. Where can I find the information I need. Of course you could try the Internet, and now a Web site that claims it can tell you about the Best Diet Pills. Their claim is simply that they can help you evaluate the pills you plan to take before you take them; they say they've evaluated the pills for you and have selected not the ones that will give them the highest profit but those that will give you the biggest saving and be most efficacious; and they say that if you visit their site you'll come away with answers. What do you have to lose but your current state of ignorance about diet pills in the first place?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here's Kate and her dad together showing the Easter gifts from her grandma. Look likes they had fun. Well, she was very happy because she knows that there's a lot of chocolates in the basket. She loves eating chocolates,—who doesn't? It's a kid's favorite and adults' too.