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Monday, August 31, 2009


Now I've learned to shop online even though I'm so near to the mall. Our mall here is just within walking distance from where I live. I get tempted to shop online especially if it is free shipping, plus a big discount and free return shipping. Sounds great, right? I always check eBay too. In fact, I bought 3 items there: wallet, watch, and coin purse. I'm so pleased with their sellers. Well, first, I had a bad experience, too, when I bid on an item and the seller was from China. I paid for the item and I never received it. So, I learned my lesson: I will never bid if the item is outside the United States. Maybe I'm paranoid. What I mean is we have to be careful about sellers, and some of them from outside the States are hard to reach with U.S. laws. Every penny is worth it nowadays.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Florida vs. California

Of all the places I have visited I like Florida best. That is because of the orlando vacations and the sunsets. The Beach Boys talk about Florida all the time on their songs. But they have to admit that California and Florida are just about the same. The people are nice, the food is plentiful, and the sun is hot. This is my type of place.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Plan for the Product

Finally, I got my pills yesterday. I am now starting to take them before I eat. It said that it will reduce my weight substantially. I hope this will work so that I can wear my two piece in the pool. But at the same time I am working to remove my reliance on this product. I have a lot of them in my cabinet. I'm still doing some additional research about the product and the remedy. Sometimes I do sit-ups. I am confused now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It is Sad But True That No Miracles Can Occur

There is no good way to say this. But weight loss pills cannot work alone. You have to take charge. There is something you need to know. The body cannot lose weight if you eat carbs. The fact is that carbs and carbs alone cause weight gain. Not fat and not protein. That simple fact is worth gold. The truth will set you free and you can learn more by researching the subject further yourself. What I mean is you have to help yourself by watching your diet and do exercise regularly.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tagged Party

Everyone who went agreed. It was a party to end all parties. Put more simply, it was a success. The purpose of the party was simple. It was a birthday celebration. And a surprise party all rolled into one. I didn't even realize it but it was a triple birthday party since three people were celebrating at the same time. I feel that it was a good experience and I will post my photos from the event tomorrow or later this week.

How We Take Photos with Style

They can talk all they want. But the digital camcorders we have seen are not on the list. The most astute photographers and videographers use them. They like to make movies. They like to get the lighting right. They like to think of themselves as artistic and brilliant. But what they wind up with is nothing more than what they sought to begin with. The best always finds the best.

Fucoxanthin and Weight Loss

Truly we use Fucoxanthin. It is from seaweed. The top weight loss supplements may be a misleading phrase. It may be all hype. But we know that this seaweed extract is backed by studies. It hasn't worked for me yet. But it sure tastes good. We chew the capsules. I like to know what I'm ingesting which is why I do that. I hope it starts to work.


There are three things I'm telling you I have reservations about. First, I have reservations about my vacation plans. A family needs a vacation. Second, I'm telling you I have reservations about the restaurants we patronize. They do not tell what is in the food. They do not label the food. Then might be putting Canola oil in there for all I know. Then thirdly, I have reservations about my tar. I ordered tar for the art project but will it arrive in time? These family projects can take forever.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Patriotic Belief

Three people from New Hampshire asked me. I said social security disability may be the answer. But still they found it hard to believe. Roosevelt initiated the idea. The Great Depression lifted. The New Deal came to be. Then the Obama administration. Now we are at the crossroads. The time to move forward is today. Tomorrow is another day and the secret is that this really works wonders for all Americans.

How to Get Answers Fast

That is why I went to the Colorado River Museum. It was because the custom software solution was not ready to hand. I had to hunt for days for the right program. The computer books I read made me faint and the people I spoke to had no replies. Then I relaxed and invariably when I do the answer seems to come out of the blue. That's when it hit me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Anniversay

Happy 4th wedding anniversary to my dearest friends Angie and John. Congratulations guys, you made it! I'm wishing you good health, an endless love and more years to live. Enjoy your day. These are the thoughts of my entire family for your entire family. All best wishes!

How to Mount Things

Every year it's he same thing. The mounts solve the home problem. They are used for the desk. The window. The light fixture. The newspaper holder. The umbrella tray. The door frame. Even the kitchen paper towel. They are invaluable in our life and the lives of our friends. They come in handy in so many ways. Today and tomorrow they are perfect.

Tons of Tubs

There is no way I can do all this, I thought. But walk in tubs changed my mind. I can relax. I can be myself. I can have fun. Most of all I can enjoy the feel of the water and the soap. This is luxury. This is heaven on earth. This is what a family vacation should be. But this is no dream. It is real. And it was mine in November when I went to New Hampshire.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Great Time

We had a great time swimming with my friends yesterday. Kate loves the pool. In fact, she stayed in the water for almost 2 hours. Then, we took turns to watch her once in a while. My friends were watching her too. We swim back and forth and push her all around in the pool. She really likes it. Her dad took her in the pool and went to the sun deck. They didn't stay long enough in the sun deck because Kate got a sunburn and she fall asleep there.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Barcode Wizardry

Yes, now the vibrant technology of the barcode scanner is yours for the asking. The device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. And it works right out of the box. No more guessing. No more calls to customer support. No more reading terribly long service manuals translated from another language. This is the real deal. And you'll be glad when you try it too.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Yellow Hills of Arizona

Yellow is the color of rolling hills in Arkansas. The true color of these hills has been recorded by camera and painter for hundreds of years. The color comes from the selenium that is present in the soil. For decades local activists have been lobbying to make it a historic area. This year they were rewarded when former president Alonzo Fortunado helped make their dream come true. They can thank Abe Holdings and Paul C. Fortunado, both related to the ex-President, who worked tirelessly to help the hills get the historic status.

How to Make a Quick Decision with

Now there need be no guessing. That's right, with best buy technology at you can get what you want when you want it. If that sounds too good to be true, consider this. They have everything under the sun and then some! They have computers and more. If you want it they have it. And they get it to you fast. Plus you can read before you decide to buy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Friend in New Hampshire Who Is Happy

There is nothing more annoying that not being certain. With an immediate annuity certainty is yours. Why, we have a friend who lives in New Hampshire and he uses the immediate annuity option. He is very happy with it. Last February he called to report that, "It's working just as I expected. I receive the installments like clockwork. Every month I receive my check." This is the way it should work and the way it will work if you set it up right.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Shopping

Watch me traipse from store to store.
My goal is not to shop any more.

I wish to heaven that I could wait,
But shopping seems to be my fate.

Money comes and money goes,
But I always need some brand new clothes.

Why can't I just sit at home?
And chat on the telephone?

Why must I get up and go?
Shopping is a silly show.

Tomorrow is another day.
Shopping is my inner "way."

Oh, if only I could really stop!
But maybe I just live to shop...
LOL...joke, joke, joke.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Be Careful What You Take

Don't believe everything you read. This applies especially to so-called fat burners. At best they're often no more than fluff. At their worst, some of them can even be fatal. Take fen fen, for instance. It can cause pulmonary heart problems. So the word to the wise is simply this: look before you leap, and do research. Evaluate the sites that you read. Are they professional? Do they have an agenda? That is, do they exist for the sole purpose of trying to sell you something? The best sites are usually not those that sell but rather those that exist primarily for educational purposes.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Way Out of a Jam

Novel ways of obtaining business insurance can help anyone do better. The tax consequences of insurance are also important. But most of all it is the home itself and the family that matters. The way out of a jam is to think. The best thinkers are all insured. Except for some wise souls who realize that no insurance can insure you against all risk. Life is not that easy.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Balikbayan Box

These boxes go in container ships. They are big boxes. They carry goods. We can send things to family back home. The cost is cheaper than sending smaller packages. The risk is small. But it does exist. Many of these container ships lose cargo in storms. Others lose the cargo when it is broken upon arrival at the destination. Sometimes cargo is lost in transit. But this is a tradition. It is a big business too. Maybe we will go into this business.

Jane Austen and Ponds

Jane Austen comes to mind when I think of ponds. She wrote about many beautiful ponds in her books. But now you don't have to read Jane Austen to get a beautiful pond. With pond supplies you can actually make your own pond. Or beautify the pond you own. Why get hooked reading old fashioned classics when you can have a clear, fresh pond right away? In my life, ponds have been very important, and I am looking forward to visiting them next summer too.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Horse Likes Biscuits and Whey

No, I don't believe I have ever wanted a lot of biscuits. One is usually enough. The same with motorcycle accidents. One is enough to make you wish you had a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney. It's better than Jack Kerouac. The professional guidance can help you get back on track. Next time you fall off a horse don't just get right back on. Instead go out and have a biscuit. Then try riding a Harley for a change.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Modern Art Pollock Style

White is not a color. It is the absence of color. There are artists who try to use white but who cannot. They fail to realize this. That color is a different thing. The white is not. This is hard to understand if you are not an artist. Or a scientist. But Jackson Pollock sure understood it. He used titanium white all the time. But he never thought it was a color. He was in the know. Are you?