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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Joys of Christmas Lights!

Contribution by Saul Martin
Well, here we are, less thn two weeks until Christmas, and the season is in full swing. It is a busy time of the year, between planning parties, shopping, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. One tradition, however, that must not be ignored during this most wonderful time of the year is going on the annual journey to view Christmas lights. After bundling up in warm clothes, making a thermos of hot coffee, and setting our trusty home alarm system (ADT Security Las VEgas monitoring), we pile into the car and head out.
My wife and I have a few local neighborhoods that we love to drive through because there is always a lot of creativity shown and you can tell that there is also an environment of friendly competition as to which home in the neighborhood can concoct the most spell-binding Christmas display. In our journey we see everything from the tacky (a yard literally FULL of oversized inflatable Santas, elves, and snowmen) to the breathtaking (a house tastefully covered in icicle lights, backlit in blue). We always conclude our Christmas decoration-viewing with one house in particular. The gentleman that owns the house is an electrical engineer who, every year, creates an automated light show synchronized to music broadcast from an FM transmitter. The show always is incredible and sets the tone for a magical Christmas season.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We spent our Christmas at the new house of my sister in-law in the city of Stamford, CT. We took a taxi going to my parent's in-law first, then they drove us. We had a wonderful time. The food was great too. The house is nice; it's like a vacation house in Cape Cod. We exchanged gifts and gave gifts to the little kids. Everything was pleasant. I ate too much, lol...

Our Family Trip to See Christmas Lights Downtown

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez
My family has a tradition of going to see the downtown Christmas lights and decorations every year after we go Black Friday shopping. This year, we were all really tired from having gotten up so early, but we were excited to go anyway. I'm glad we did, because it was one of the best displays and trips ever!
Before we left, we ate a hearty dinner that was fantastic after the long day of shopping. We packed up hot chocolate and coffee to go, set our home security alarm (site), and packed into one car. Then we drove downtown and somehow managed to get a spot right along the street. The lights were already on and it was one of the prettiest displays the city has ever put together. There were beautiful colors of lights that offset other decorations atop the buildings, ornaments, and even garlands.
As we walked around, it started to snow lightly -- the perfect kind of snowflakes that stick lightly to the ground and come down sort of softly. The snow and the lights together created one of those gorgeous winter scenes that can only put you even more in the holiday spirit. As we made our way to see the mayor's Christmas tree, we laughed and caroled along the street. It was one of the best trips to see Christmas lights.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sugar Christmas cookies for the road

Guest post written by Sarah Brentley
Normally I just do the easiest thing and ride a bus or fly home for the holidays. But my boyfriend is coming home with me this year and he wants to drive there because we both have a week off of work. Besides, I guess I can stand riding for eight hours. So I've been planning for our trip and thought that it would be good if I fixed some cookies or some other kind of Christmas snack for us to have on our way to my hometown.
When I told my boyfriend that, he agreed, so I went online with my Clear tv bundle to try and find a really good recipe to fix for the ride. But then I also got the idea to make an extra batch to take home to my family because I wanted to come home with a little some extra besides presents and my boyfriend for the holidays.
I just settled on making some Christmas sugar cookies because they're so simple to make and everyone likes them. If I'm going to make so many of them, I knew that my treat would have to meet those criteria to make it worth my trouble.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Clan train trips in 2010

Family and clan train trips can be a good way to see the road and a good way to go on a trip and a good way to see the land and a good way to take some time to do the things you like to do when you go out on a family trip on the road and in the town where we like to stay and sit and smoke and talk and tell the kids to eat and sleep.

Family trinkets 2010 style

Family trips can be hard on the kids but we like to go to the sea and sit on the beach and look at the boats and talk with the folks who come to get some sun and wind and talk with the folks who are there. Then we go to town and look at shells and bells and glass mosaic tile to see if we wish to buy some for our shack on the hill and make it look nice and cool.

Family fun with note cards in 2010

Family fun is what we have in the Fall when we go to Maine and we look out the car back vent and the side vent and let the wind blow in our face and we write notes in our note pad to tell us what we did and how much fun we had. Then we use the save the date cards to keep in touch with friends and tell them what fun we had too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family Xmas 2010

Family Xmas in 2010 is a fun trip we will take and it will bring us to the beach in Maine and then we will go to the shore of Maine and then we will go to France and we will go to Spain and we will come home and look at the poor notes we took on the trip and think why we did not take notes that were long and fine and nice to read when we got home.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stressful Week

This is the most stressful week ever for me. My daughter is sick and also my hubby too. They both have cold since last week. Plus, the holidays is around the corner. I didn't even start my Christmas shopping yet. I'm so busy taking care of them and I have to go early for my part-time job. In, short, I don't have time to shop. I'm just hoping that my daughter and hubby will get better before the Christmas Day.

That First Snowfall

The Author of this post is Herman Barry
The first snow of the winter actually just happened to me. About a week ago, I was sitting and writing on my computer when I noticed that it was unusually bright outside. I had made plans to drive my boyfriend to work, since he doesn't own a car. I got up and noticed that there was a plethora of snowflakes drifting down and covering everything in their path. My car was completely covered in snow and I wasn't sure how I was going to make the trek over to bring my boyfriend to work. It was fun to go out and let the snow fall on my tongue. Before I went outside, I bundled in lots of warm clothing and had my hat and mittens on.
My boyfriend and I had a blast throwing snowballs and playing with the falling snow. My dog was also joining in on the fun and was running all through the snow covered grass. In fact, it was one of the best times I've ever had with my boyfriend. After we were done playing out there, we came inside and warmed up. I made some hot cocoa and we sat and watched some satellite television I got after reviewing this Direct TV Comparison. After we were done relaxing, I made sure to bundle up again and I went out to start my car. It turns out, my boyfriend's company called him and told him he didn't have to come in. What a great ending to a day!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Loaves

Content by Sol Rosales
Have you ever had someone bake you a cake and it was just so delicious that you couldn't find the words to express what the experience was like? Well, that's how I feel when I get to bite into a Christmas Loave Stollen cake. It is so moist and packed with so many different flavors from dried fruits and nuts which I might add is generously proportioned all through the cake.
There are different types of Christmas loaves but this one is particularly my favorite. It is a German cake that our family always makes sure we have at least 6 of. You'd be amazed at how tasty this cake is. I fell in love with the flavor of this cake on my 14th Christmas. It was the first time we had ever had it and ever since then, our family is dedicated every year to making sure they don't forget to order them when they come available. I make sure of that.
The holidays just wouldn't feel right without them and if you love your cake with coffee, you'd really enjoy this cake with a nice hot cup. I always make sure we have extra after Christmas just so I can enjoy it with my coffee, and we usually do. In fact I saw an advertisement on my Direct TV offers today for one of these delicious cakes.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Family fire in the woods in 2010

Family good times start with a fire and a big meal, and then we go to the store and buy a high grade hog and cook him up and sit and listen to the fire make noises in the night and then we carve the hog and eat the hog off the sticks and lick our lips and tell tales of the time we had a hog for good food. The adirondack is on the side of the fire and the girl or boy who sits on it is close to the heat and can feel it all night when it gets cold too.
The way we sit around the fire makes us want to go home and use the stainless steel kitchen sink and the butcher block countertop that we know we have at home and that we have used when we were home to make our lives good and clean and neat. But that is the way things go when you are not home and are at a camp with a fire.

Family trial in Cannes

Family trials in Cannes can have a good deal to do with the way they wear their clothes when they come home from France since they can see how the folks in France wear their hair and their shirts and their pants and then they can do the same kind of style when they are back in the States. The way to use the nfl t shirts is to use them the same way they use them in France but to put your own spin on it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kate is Sick

My daughter Kate has been sick since last Friday. She has a cold. I feel sorry for her. She can't go to school this week because she's still coughing. Her teacher called today to find out how's she's doing. And she said that it's fine if Kate can't come to the school this week. She's hoping that Kate will get better by next Monday so that she can see Santa Claus in the school.

Man Crush On Superman?

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays
Okay, check this out. I'm going to settle this argument once and for all. If you put Spiderman, Batman, and Superman in the same room and there is no kryptonite involved, Superman is going to win. He is called Superman for a reason - he has superhuman powers. How difficult is that to understand?
If Spiderman formed a web around Superman, Superman would laugh as he used the lasers from his eyes to detach the web. If Batman went to throw a punch at Superman, Batman's fist would melt into Superman's skull. Superman is the man. I knew this from the second I watched him race his schoolmates home. He was on foot and his friends were in a pick-up truck. Superman won. When Superman battled the ingenious Lex Luther, Superman won. When Superman battled three villains with similar powers all at once, Superman won. And when Superman battled for Louis Lane's love, Superman won. He knew to use a romantic flight over the city opposed to weaponry. This just proves Superman has brains as well as Braun.
When I saw Superman was going to be on satellite tv from last Tuesday night, I cancelled my bowling plans and stayed home and watch my childhood hero. He lived up to my expectations as he saved the world once again. Superman is the ultimate hero. If you have a chance to check him out in action, please do so at your earliest convenience.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Friday Mall Trolling for Fun and Profit.

The Author of this post is Kory Dotson
One of the best parts of the holiday season for me is the money I can make from all of the massive discounts and sales that are around every corner. This is especially true for the Black Friday oriented sales at the mall.
This yea when I went to perform my Christmas and business shopping, I operate a thrift and consignment store, I chose to take a non-planned stop at the mall. Normally I hate the mall but this year I saw few advertisements out front for the local game shop. Everything was half off. Video games of all types are one of my best selling items.
Inside the place was a madhouse. There were people of all nationalities, body types, and budgets running around like the world was ending. A few fights nearly broke out in the men's clothing section of one of the attached department stores because two family matrons wanted the exact same pair of men's skinny jeans.
Security was tripled in the mall this year in anticipation of these blessed shopping extravaganza. I managed to slip through the crowds without being accosted and found the elusive games I sought. There were even a few left. Most were outdated sports games but I could not beat the price. After finding what I wanted I headed home to watch some much needed DIRECTV Specialswhile kicking back and relaxing away from the madness.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Boat Ride 2010

Family boat rides can be dull if they are in the night on a lake or a small pond but they can be fun if they are in the day and in the sea or in a big pond or a big lake or a big stream or a big pool or a mud slide place where the full clan can sing and watch the fun that they can have in the sun.

Family who travel to New York in 2010

The family was in the truck and they went to the store and then they went home. Then they went to the setai 5th ave and saw the way it was set up to work for them. They said they would like to go there a lot of times in the New Year if they had time and the good day to go. I think they will be there a lot in the next year since they said they would like to do that.

Family food in 2010

The family that eats is the family that has the most fun since to eat is to live and to live is to eat. But the diet pills are for the man who has a girl or a girl who has a man who is too much on the side of girth. By this time we all should be on a new diet and the way to do that is to eat and talk at the same time.If you eat and talk at the same time you could choke and you could find that you eat less since you are not too well. The diet pills can help you but if you choke it is hard to breathe and it is hard to sit still and wait for the next meal. The food we eat is a weight loss diet pills and we have the news that it is a way to eat that few can do since it is a new way to live a life of less food.

Seeing Santa

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight
I remember when I was a little kid, my parents would always take me to see Santa. But I wasn't like your normal kid who wanted to sit on his lap and all. I actually couldn't stand going to see Santa. He was a bit of a menacing figure for me, mainly because I knew that he couldn't possibly be in every mall all around the country. I guess you could say I was a smart child. And as I got older and became a teenager, I stopped going all together. Some of my friends just wanted to go to see him so they could get a goofy picture. I guess it would be pretty funny to have a picture like that around.
Just recently, my boyfriend and I made a trip to the mall to go Christmas shopping. We set our home security alarm from before leaving the house. I actually completely forgot that the mall is where Santa goes. I was amazed at how many little kids still held the tradition that I was once so familiar with. Some of the kids looked extremely excited to be sitting on Santa's lap and others looked like they were embarrassed and couldn't be bothered. I guess every kid is different. But what isn't different are the lines that accumulate to go and see Santa. Sometimes I can't believe people actually wait on them. But I guess that's all about the holiday spirit.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Trips to France in 2010

Family trips to France were fun but the way we went was by boat so we did not see the towns or the roads in the north of the place and we did not stop and stay at a bed place or a new place on the land, no, we had to stay on the boat all the time for the whole trip and we stayed on the boat so long we got a sick head and a sick foot and a sick arm and a lot of sick thoughts as we felt the boat go up and down.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Family Shop in 2010

Family looks are the thing we think we know but the look of a man and the look of a girl or a boy can change in the blink of an eye, which is why it is good to learn a few new things about the way to look good when you go out for a walk or a stroll in the place where you live and work. The new or the old jackets you can wear can be blue or black or tan or beige in the months that are cold and can be gold or red or tan or white in the months that are hot. The wardrobe you can wear can be a light or a dark shade as long as the fit is good and the coat looks good when you look at it in a glass or when you see the way it fits on you in the shop.

The clan than can shop all at once for their friends or their loved ones is a clan that knows how to shop well. The clothes they can find are all too soon used and they can say for sure that they are good at what they do when they shop since they know how to find what fits and what will look good on each one of them.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Trips to Shop in 2010

Family trips to shop can lead a clan to think they know all there is to know but they may be in for a new thing or two since they can learn at a trade show. The trade show displays can make them see how much they can earn if they show their wares off in a new way and if they learn from the folks who have used them in the past. The truss, for example, is one of the new things they can use to hold their wares up so a man or a group of men can see the things they want to sell in the store or in a trade show, too. Of course we like to see the clan sell all it had to sell, and we like to use the logo floor mats when we sell since they can look nice on the ground in front of your door or in front of your car in the front of the shop. Then we like to use the clan's new and strong exhibit booths to show all we have to the men and the groups of men who pass.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family road trip in 2010

Family road trips can begin in the sun and end in the rain. The cheap car insurance quotes can help them when they go to the race. Then we can go on a trip in the Fall. We like to ride in the car and the bus. The fun we have can never be the same as a boat. That is the way we have a good day.

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Day of School

Kate's first day of school today. We got up at 7:00 a.m. to get her ready to go to school. We're so glad that her first day was wonderful, even though it was snowing a little bit early this morning. She didn't cry once all day. She was having fun with her new friends. She seems like she loves going to school. But she was exhausted because of her new schedule. In fact, as soon she finished eating lunch she went to sleep. Well, I understand since she just started today.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family beach trips in Maine

Family car trips can be fun but we do not go on them too much in the Fall since we like to go on a boat in the Fall and then in the end of the year we will go to the car trip. The locking mailboxes are a fun thing to see when we go on a trip and we look out and we try to find them.

The fun part of the trip is the beach and the sun and the sand and the sea. Then we look for the one and the true locking mailbox and we sing a song when we pass it. We sing a song when we pass the lockable mailboxes since it is a fun thing for our clan to do. Then we go sit in the sun and talk a lot and eat and then we go for a swim in the sea and take a bath and go home to sleep.

Family grill in 2010

Family grill days were in May and June and the clan sat at a stool and said they would talk less and think more. They thought a lot and then they went for quite a walk. The walk was a way for them to think some more. More thought led to more thought till they all sat down and stopped their thoughts and said they would end it all right there in a family way.

Family shop in Maine in 2010

Our family shop on the coast of Maine is a place we stay and a play we like to eat and drink all Fall long since it is a cool place and one that we do not have to pay for since we own it. Then the thing we do is look for the real point of purchase displays that we can say our clan saw when they went in a shop on the coast where we live in the Fall. It is fun to see too.

Family game we play in 2010

Family fun can be had when you go to a game and see a man fight a man, and one man will win and one man will lose and the crowd will road when they see the match. The high school wrestling is a game that we can see and our clan can see it on TV or in a show where we go see it live too.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Childhood family 2010

I was kind of busy today for my daughter's requirements at school. I went shopping to get her school uniforms, shoes, socks, a backpack and more. Actually, we're not that ready because we just received the notice from the school the other day that she can start to go school this coming Monday. So, we are both thinking about others who are in a panic because the school uniforms are not available in the store anymore. In short, we ran out of it. I tried to look online but the size is limited.

Christmas Tree Shopping

Thanks for the guest post by Laura Mitchell
For my family, getting the Christmas tree is always a huge production. My husband and I will wake our two daughters up early the day after Thanksgiving. We'll all enjoy a large homemade breakfast in our pajamas, then we'll hurry and get dressed to start our adventure. After setting the home security alarm from, we load ourselves in the truck and head out to the Christmas Tree Farm. That really is the name of it! It's a farm on the outskirts of town that has different things for each holiday. For Christmas, they allow families to explore the acres of Christmas trees to find the perfect one. We always let the girls pick out the tree while we take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Once they locate it, the workers will cut it down for us and load it in our truck. While they are doing that, we spend a few hours in the many barns since the Christmas Tree Farm has so many activities for families. We can visit Santa's workshop, see where the reindeer live, and even take a sled ride through a mock Victorian town. Though there is a charge for the tree, the rest is offered free of charge. The owners have a large kettle where people can leave donations for charity, but it is not necessary. We always leave several twenty dollar bills, because we want our children to understand the true meaning of the season.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Schooling for child

Kate will start going to school next week. We are both excited for her. It's a big step for all of us. The only problem is she gets up late every day. So, this week I'm going to train her to get up early. Her school starts at 8:30 a.m. and goes to 2:30 p.m.. I know it's tough for her since she's not used to it. I'm just hoping that she will enjoy it, then everything will be easier for us.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family trades

Family trades can be in a side show or they can be in a clan show but the trades should be in a show or the trades will not be good trades. We like the trades to be in a day or on a day when the sun is hot and the sky is blue. That is why we trade in the day and not in the night. We trade in the day and not the night since that is how we like to trade too.

Family car trip in 2010

Family car trips are fun when you can go to a place that you have not gone to in the past but when you have gone there in the past then it is like you are on the same trip and it is not as much fun. That is why Auto Insurance Select can help when you go a long way on a car trip. We like to go to a new place when we go on a clan trip and we like to stay in a place where we have not stayed in the past.

This is the way we like to plan our trips and we like to stay at the beach when we go or we like to stay at the shore and we like to read in the car and nap in the car and eat in the car too. That is a clan trip for us. We like trips like this. Then we go to the sea and we swim and we have fun in the sea and then we go to eat and then we go to the car or to the beach and take a nap in the sun. At times we stay out all night. Once we went to a place that we had not gone to in the past and we slept out all night and the moon light made us laugh and sing and feel good. That is how we like our clan trip to be and that is the best trip for us too.

Family game fun in 2010

Family trips to games can be fun for the boys and girls who go to see the plays and the games. That is why the can help to get to a place like, say, Yankee Stadium or even to Target Center or a place where kids can have fun.

The games we like are at a place called Palace Of Auburn Hills and a place they call FedEx Forum and a place they named American Airlines Arena -FL. We go and sit and eat dogs and see the sights and look and laugh all day. Then we go home and watch the game on TV and laugh some more since we were there in the first place and we saw the game live. That is one of the most fun things to do. That is why we go to the game with our clan and sit and watch the game live since we like to see it first and see it when it is live too.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family show in 2010

Family show in 2010 was a show in which our clan went to the show and saw a show and then went home and saw a TV show and then went out and then saw a show on the road and then came home and saw a show on TV and then went to a show on the road and then went to a show at home on the TV, which was a lot of shows to see, let me tell you.

Good food for Family

Family fun can start with food and it can start with a drink or two and it can start with a trip to the zoo or it can start with a trip to the beach but it can start with a walk in the sun too or it can start with a walk in the snow or it can start with a trip to the end of the pier and it can start with a trip to the moon.

Family time in bed in 2010

Family time spent in bed is a time for a clan to rest and to sleep and to wake and to eat in bed too, which is a thing you can do if you think how to eat a bunch of food from a tray and not spill it on the bed. The pine beds can be good to sleep on and they can be a good deal if you can get them in the time of a sale too. This is a nice way to spend the time when you need to take some time off and just sleep or take things slow.

Family fun in Spain

In Spain we have a fun time since we like to laugh and eat and talk the tongue of the land. The best weight loss supplements in Spain and in France are in the box that we take when we go in a boat from France to Spain. It is a nice trip and we like the sea down by the coast. The waves are blue and the sun is red and the folks we meet are nice and kind and full of good cheer. That is a clan we see a lot too.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Clan and family time

Book and car were in the road and book and car was red and the man said he was a famaily and the girl said she was a book and a car was there and a girl said she saw a car and a car saw a girl and a red car saw a clan and a clan said they were a book and a book said they were a clan and a fire was in the clan and they went home.

Family steroid use

In the year 2020 the family will use a pill that will make the man a strong man and the girl a big girl and the boy a smart boy and the pill they will use will be a type of pill that we do not have now. The hgh can be in a pill or it can be in a jar. The family in 2011 will use a new kind of pill and the pills they use will be a good pill that works good.

Family food for the clan

Family food for the clan can be a food that is hot or a food that is cold but it should be a food that is good to eat. The therapores review can help a man or a girl or a boy to make the food that is good to eat and the food that we like to eat. That is why we have the food we like to eat in the day and the night too.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

No sun for family

No moon or sun for family and no day or night for clan and no way to go to the fair and see the man and the boy who sat on the rock and the sea and the sky and the night since they were not there to see it and they did not want to see it and no one said it was red or blue or green and no one was there to show the clan and the group.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a day for us all to think of when we sit down to eat and drink and eat and drink some more and then go out and then come back and then sit down to eat and drink more than we did the year that passed. The family that can sit and eat and then go out and then come back and sit and eat a lot more is a family that can sit and eat and then go out and then come back and eat some more. That is a clan we like to see too.

Family talk about face

The family can talk and the man can talk and the girl can say what she wants to the boy and the man can say what he wants too but they can not all say what they want at the same time since it would not be good to hear. So the deep wrinkle eye cream was a thing the man and the girl said to the boy that he should use and the clan then went in a new state and talked a lot more.

Food for family fun

Family fun starts with food and the food we hear about most is the raw food, which does not taste like food should taste, so we have to do a thing or two to it or cook it in a way that will make it taste like it is good for us. The spice racks can be used to make it taste the way it should taste and the wall spice rack can help to have the spice close to the stove and close to the food we will cook.

The kitchen spice racks can help a chef to make a food taste good. And the spice rack can help him put the food in the right pot and the right fire so that it will cook the way it should cook. That is why we have family fun when we cook and we have the food we like to eat too.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My family hat for sale

My family hat collection is for sale and we hope to sell it to a blind man who lives by our home and we hope he will use the hats to cover his head when he goes out to walk and when he goes to the store so that his head will not get cold and he will be a man who is safe in his big hat and his red hat and his gray hat.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Family fun in France

A family in France is not in a good position and I'll tell you why. They don't have Gas Logs and fireplace gas logs the way we do here in the states. And Hansen Wholesale is the place to buy them. Hansen Wholesale can give you the guaranteed lowest price for any gas log by R. H. Peterson. In other words they are experts on the gas log technology and products.

In fact, they were the first dealer to show gas logs on the Internet in 1994! They even have an unbeatable offer now available where they give you $75 extra discount and free shipping. No sales tax applies to all gas logs too. Free shipping applies to complete gas log sets under 36" in the continental Unites States.

Peterson gas logs are available for you today and I would say they are good, too, since they look good. Gas Logs are not always easy to find. But now the R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs are online for you. In fact the Vented Gas Logs and the Gas Logs and the Outdoor Gas Logs are all stunning. You can find out more by staying at home and you never even have to go to France to see that they don't have this in their homes.

Family bank holiday 2010

The family bank holiday starts on the first of the month and goes to the ninth of the month and we will all go to the coast on that first day and stay until the ninth since we like the idea of a time to rest and a time to catch our breath. Then we will look for an online brokerage firm, but only one that is set up in such a way that it allows customers to trade stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs and fixed incomes at the best competitive costs. We want to find this because Online Trading is one of the things we like to do.

We have an Online Broker who deals with IRA Accounts and we have a man who calls us with the data. We stay in a single room with a TV but we do not turn it on since we are all involved in the process of Mobile Trading, which takes up all our time. Then we do Stock Trading and call it a day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The family car trip to Maine

Our family car trip to Maine was a trip that our clan took to get to the state we like most and to take time off from work. Then we wait for Cyber Monday. It is a time to stay at home and watch TV and talk and eat and think a lot. Then we go out and walk by the lake and try to laugh and sing songs and play cards too.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Our extended family holiday

Our family holiday in 2010 was an extended family holiday and we saw a man with a hat and we say a few words to him and we think he hears us but his family is in a bad way and they can't talk and they can't hear and they can't see and they can't think and all we do is talk to them and sing to them and show them pictures of us at the beach with our clan.

Family decorations 2010

My family has a house on a hill and we see people pass every day and they do not stop and they do not say a word to us or come up the road to our home or get out of the car or even call us on the cell phone, but we do not know why this is the way they act or why this is the way we are seen by our friends and by those who come to town. All we really know is that address plaques could help us be more known to those who pass in cars and those who wish to find us. The address plaque we would like would have our name in gold and be so much fun to put up on a post or a door so that those who come to see us can see us at home.

The address sign we will use will have our name. It will tell who we are and why we are here and any of those who come to see us will see the way we have put it up. And I'm sure they'll ask where to get it too.

Simple Salad Dressing

Every time I make salad for my family I only use very simple dressing and that includes the white balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. I mix it together and give and a 2 mins whisk. After that, I let it set for 10 mins to dissolve all of them. Then, I pour it into my salad. See, how easy it is. Then, my husband comes along and eats it. At this point I turn livid blue.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Microphone for family fun

I have been searching for a superior and good wireless microphone that I can use for my karaoke. One of my options is affordable and another is functional. I would like to have it because some of my friends when they come over to my house they all love to sing. Well, singing is fun, I don't blame them. So, maybe in their next visits here I will be able to provide their wants. I hope so, too.

Blue family dolls

Blue family dolls are the dolls we have in our house and the dolls are blue and pale blue and deep blue and sea blue and sky blue and some are red and light red and deep red and pale red and some are pink and deep pink and pale pink and red with lots of hair on top and lots of clothes to wear and lots of shoes to wear and lots of gloves to wear and lots of cars to go in and lots of dolls to talk to as they sit and drive and have fun in the fall of the year 2010.

Family car fun in 2010

My family is a car loving group and we love cars that go fast and that are red and pink and blue and green and that have a fast start and a slow purr as they tool down the road to the next town and run fast on the road to the beaches we go to all year long. That is why we like a Chevrolet Tahoe and a lot of other cars too. And that is why we like to look at the Lexus Gs-450H and the cars from France and Italy that have a race stripe on them and a nice shine on the hood.

The other thing we like is the Nissan Juke and the way it hums as it runs and the way it eats gas like a tiger on the prowl. Yes, we look in the car encylopedia all the time since we would like to have a car like a pop star or a car like a man like Chuck Berry or Elvis.

Family fun and cameras

My thought is that family fun can be had with a camera if the camera is a small one that can fit in the palm of your hand or one that is so tiny and small that most people can not see it even if they look close to try to find it since a camera that size will be a thing that is almost invisible to the naked eye. The fact is that a Key logger can help with this game as can a good computer set up to do the work of a clan on the make as a secret clan or a secret agency.

You may not think that a family can have fun like this but you don't know the half of it and you don't know the family we do, run by a man who loves to buy stuff that works in a new way and a lens or a phone that is on the edge of tech worlds. This is why he has a few spy cameras and other things like that on him day and night. I think the guy never sleeps, he seems to be on the alert all the time for his gadget fun.

TFC Channel

Recently I just stop the connection of my TFC channel because I realized that I didn't really watch it more often than I used to. Well, I have an access to my computer whenever I want it. So, it's not the big deal at all. Plus, our cable company just only offer one TFC channel compared to other company. It's been a couple years ago that I was thinking to stop it since I only get one channel of TFC from them.

Family cable work done right

The building the family was in was a big tall high rise in the town and they had to get a thing or two fixed and they called for the help they needed. The Structured Cabling Contractor was on the scene and they were told they could have the cable put in that same week if they wished. Then the work began and the work was done on time and the cable was put in the way they wished.

The Structured Cabling Contractor did the work and they told us they could do it again if we needed. The other company we called did not do the job the way we wished and they did not do the job in a way that was expected of a business that is to be paid for this kind of work. The Structured Cabling Contractor we used was a good one and we are a family that now lives in a tall tower that has all the work done right.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kate is Learning

Just recently, my daughter Kate learned to drink water from a cup without spilling it, but not only that, she also brings some things for me that she wants me to open, especially food in a package. She'll look up at my hands and hand the stuff to me. I always have a big smile whenever she does it to me. I'm so proud of her. She is definitely improving every day. She is now trying to communicate with us in her way. I'm hoping that she can be a public speaker someday. I know it takes time but I'm willing to wait. With God's help I know there's nothing that is impossible.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family talk in Maine

In Maine we talk and we swim and we go to the lake and we stop by the woods and we sit and eat lunch and then we get up and go for a walk in the woods and then we stop and have some more to eat, then we go down to the lake and go in the lake, then we go home and sit in the shade and wait for the day to end, then we go to sleep.

The family fun vacation we took

Family fun is my way of life. I was looking for a place to stay in Myrtle Beach and considering staying at and playing a few rounds of golf. Because the golf packages Myrtle Beach were available the days I needed them and the days my family needed them. The day we were considering was a hot day and we sat there thinking about it for a while and then went inside.

The hot air made us drink a lot of drinks at the table by the bar in the town where we live and then we went out and looked at the car. The was on our mind too since one of my friends went there and they really enjoyed it. I can't wait to go there in the next summer.

Family golf trip

The family golf trip was in the summer and was fun. We got back and were looking for a place to stay in Myrtle Beach and were considering staying at this resort and playing a few rounds of golf. Then we went in the train to the friend's house and said the same to him. He said that Myrtle Beach hotel reservations were online and we listen to him all the time.

The Myrtle Beach Accommodations were easy to find, too. They had a lot in the book we saw them online too and then we went in a boat and our friend was telling us more about it but we did not have time to go that day. Maybe someday we can do it with my family members since they got excited when they heard about it. Well, I'm hoping that next year we'll be able to go there.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet and Sour Fish for the Family

One of my favorite dishes is sweet and sour fish. Actually, I can't get enough of it. I can eat it every day in different fish. In fact, I made it the other day and there's some leftover left in the fridge. And now, I'm thinking of buying a tilapia fillet for my lunch tomorrow. I'm a big fish eater and so is my daughter too. Hubby doesn't like fish as much I do. He loves veggies. That is a family tradition.

Family data center

The family that lives on our block is one that is all the time on the phone to try to get their time cards and cash facts straight. They have a lot of credit score problems and they try to solve them all the time by a phone call to a man who is in a place in Maine.

Most friends we have heard try to get a free credit score when they can. They can get it when they call this guy in Maine who has a lot of info for free. They give it to you and tell you right over the phone from what they call a client data center.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Google Page Rank for Family Blog

I'm glad that this family blog got page rank 3. I just noticed it yesterday when I clicked the google page rank checker. It's been awhile that I lost my blog PR and I was sad at that time. Then, I moved on and forgot about it. I can't believe that it came back and is much higher than it used to be. Well, I'm hoping that my PR will stay longer at 3 this time. Let us see.

Gaining Weight? Family can Help

It's never been easy to loss weight quickly in a big family. There are some procedures to do and that includes the food that we eat daily. If you don't have a proper food diet, exercise, and self discipline then you will be gaining weight rapidly. I know that there are some weight loss supplements out there. But you have to be careful of what you're taking because not all of them are effective. Before taking this pill you should have to do your own research and read carefully the ingredients.

The family engine

The car was in the park and the car had a red tire and the back tire was green so it had two tires and they were a red and green tire and the man who made the car said that the red and green tire were on the car when he made the car and we should be glad he made the car with a red and green tire like he made it.

The family fun we have at this time of year

Family trips to the woods or the beach can be fun and can tell us much about the time of year. The best time of year, of course, is the one when the christmas 2010 gift guide is out and we can read it and see what it says and how it tells us what to get for those we love. The time of year when it comes out is the best time of year and we all think that too.

Family red car plans

Family fun begins with the right car and the right car trip and since the right car is a car that is often red a man can say that he has a vision of fun when he has a car like that, be it new or old. The fact is that auto insurance companies do not have a red car policy but if they did we would have a red car right now and would be driving in it too.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The red family

The red family and the blue family were on the road and they were in a shirt and pants that looked like they were in a war since the first had on gray pants and a gray shirt and the next had on blue pants and a blue shirt and the men and the girls and the boys who saw them march saw them look like they were in a war and some said it was like the Civil War all over.

Family doctors

A family with a doctor in it is a family that has a need for consideration of his schedule. But what if the family has seven doctors in it! This is the situation of a friend of ours. They have a big need for scrubs clothing and did while in school. They had to get a uniform too.

Next they went into practice. The family were all medical students and then all doctors. They each had to get their cheap scrub and use it every day. The first day they had to wash them and the second day they had to sew them since they had some rips and the third day they had to sell them since they felt they needed new ones.

Family Farm

The family farm was warm in the sun and the boy was in the dirt with the plants. He can use a few new fiberglass planters and he can make a fiberglass planter but he does not like to make it since to make it is to take a lot of time and he does not have the time to do it this year.

The fiber glass planters he can make are not like the fiber glass planter he can buy so he has no choice but to make a quick trip to the place where he can get them and then bring them back home and set them up and put the plants in them and make the plot look good like he wants it to.

Our family fight

Two families had a fight and they went in a bus and came to a beach and sat on the sand and had a big fight and said they would not go to the same beach the next day since they had a fight there and then they went the next day and they had a fight there too and then the next day the same thing so that by the end of the month they went to the beach ten or more times.

A family in trouble

Our family is always in trouble. We have tables and chairs and a patio and a fireplace and an umbrella and a few trees out back in the country club and we are made to care for them with the latest concrete power washing austin. The job can be too much for one man or one clan! So we find that we may need to employ desiccant dehumidifiers austin. They work for us the way you would expect.

The fun does not stop there, though. We have even been known to experience fire damage claim austin. This can put any man in his right mind in a state of concern. But it always works out in the end.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Too Many Families

Because a lot of families live in the hills they say that they like the hills and that the hills are their home and that if they had to go to a place that was not a hill they would not want to go to the place that was not a hill since they like to see a hill and have a hill near the place where they live and then they claim the hill is the best place to live and to die.

Family in France

A family in France can see a lot of clothes. They can see new hats and coats. Then they can come home and see the same clothes but in a new style that is a style you only see at home and not in France. The one thing that we see that is the same is the pants. Many men wear the same kind of pants.

The suits for men and the shirts and ties are not the same in France as in the States. The fact is that the men's clothing is not the same since it is made by a different company. Then you can shop and look and try to find the clothes in the States but it is not always the same as in France. To each his own.

Clan trips

Our family is also a clan and the family that we have is a family that can claim it is a clan and then go to the lot and stay in the lot and play in the lot and still claim it is a clan since the clan and the other clan are the same clan and they both play in the lot and they both say they are a clan and that they claim they are a clan too.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The family store in town

The family store opened today. The tiles were on the floor in the store and the man said they were on sale. This was a way for us to shop. Then we went into the next room.

The bathroom tiles were red and blue and you could see them. Then we went in the room at the front and the man said they would show us. The subway tiles were on the wall and they were white and black. Then we went to look at the other wall and saw it was a blue wall, too. But it's so nice and beautiful. So, we're thinking of buying it next month.

Family learning

The family on a trip to Washington, D.C., saw a school. The school was made in 1972. Then we went to another school and saw The Chronicle. The tour took us to the ground by the class that is now in the school and we saw the boys and girls in the class.

We heard that Walden University was in the area. We did not have time to go to all the places that were on our list. The Education was not a thing we saw talked up much but we did see some men and some girls and boys in a scull by the river and the club was a club that taught how to row in the boats that the school owned. We will go again next year.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The clan made a funny face

The clan made a funny face when they saw the sun set because they did not see the sun rise and they thought they would see the sun rise but they did not and so they thought they were at a place they were not as a clan but then the bulb flashed and they closed their eyes and they saw red and they made a face that I can not say more about now.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The art we saw as a family

The nice thing about the art we saw as a family is that it is a good picture of Thomas Eakins style, featuring medical documents and medical implements the likes of which a clan like ours rarely sees. The cautery was painted in a golden sheen and the other devices were all rendered with bold confident strokes of the brush like Eakins himself would have done were he still working today.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Vacation in August 2010

Family vacation time is a time for travel. We go to the residential rehab in the summer and spend a few days with our patients who we know from a long time ago. They like to go to Maine too and see the woods and sit in the shade and talk in the night as the sun sets and then go for a walk by the lake and view the stars and the birds that fly in the night sky until the sun comes up and the new day dawns.

Family Cook in Blue

The family cook in blue is a girl who we know from the town who comes to cook for the group of us who live in the shore town and she is a girl who wears blue all the time and she likes to cook with a lot of sauce and a lot of salt and also a good deal of spice that she has in a bag that she brings and then she stands by the fire and turns the food over and says to us that it is ready to eat.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Gift

I think, that one of the nicest things to give this Christmas is electronics, such as netbooks, or ebook ereader. Actually, hubby is planning to buy the ereader. Well, I was not surprised when he told me about this a month ago. He is a big book reader anyway. So,I guess this can make his life easier since he doesn't have to carry books with him anymore. Isn't that wonderful? We can even minimize our books in the bookshelves. I'm so impressed of this new technology.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family fun in London

We had fun in the U.K. and said we would go there next year too and see a train ride that we want to see when we visit again. The asset based lenders said they would go on the train ride with us and tell us more about the money they had and the money they made on the road. This is how they spent their time there and they had fun too, I could tell.

Why the family went to town

The family went to town so they could have a drink of ale and when they got to town they had the ale and then rested in the chair by the road and drank some more ale and had a smoke and said a few pleasant words to the taxi drivers and the waiters and then they got up and went inside because it was raining and they sat by the fire to dry off.

Family car trip to France

It was hot on the family car trip to France and I sat in the back seat and saw a cow out the window and said that the cow was hot and looked to be sweating too. The best blackhead treatment was to sit by the cow and feel the heat from the sun and wait for the cow to get so hot that the milk would come out of the cow and be hot enough to make hot chocolate.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family trips to Greece

Family trips to Greece result in some strange tales being told by the men we meet there who say they have a good time when we visit. The male enhancement product they talk about is something that makes us laugh. It is a way they have of saying what is on their mind but they and their family do not mean what they say, they just want to have fun and make a joke when they talk like that to us. I hope to go back there next year too.

How we had family fun in Paris

We had fun in Paris because we went to the tavern and sat and drank and ate and felt the sun on our face and then we got up and walked to the Seine and had a look at the sky and then we went to the store by the bank of the river and sat some more and saw a mime and ate some cheese and drank some wine and talked a bit and then got up and went home to sleep.

Family fun in the tropics

Family fun in the tropics starts with the pool trip and then the train ride and then the car and boat ride and ends with a horse ride. I like the anti wrinkle creams that work and I take them with me and then I ride the horse and get to the hotel and rest. I like to lay on the bed and let the sun play on my face and skin and rest a long time.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot Sun in the Azores

No sun can be as hot as the sun you get in the Azores. The Azores has a hot sun and they have a big acne solution too and they tell you that you can use it in the sun if you like. I like to go there but I do not go there too much because I do not know where to stay when I go there but I hope to go back this Fall.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time for Family Road Trip

The road calls and the family that can hear the call is in a good shape because they will get in the car and drive on the road to a place that is fun to be and they will stop the car and get out and have fun in the park or in the pool or wherever the car might take them on that road trip and they will be able to tell their friends of all the fun they had on that trip too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Family games you can play on your computer

Game and TV fans can play a lot on their toys and their computer and they can have fun with the new games that are available. The xbox story evolves and brings new action film features and thrills to the gaming world. The games that can be played are more fun than the TV shows that you might watch. The key to the show of course in all cases is the way you can be drawn into the game as if it was real. My family likes them and uses the latest all the time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How we go to the family club

My family likes to go to the restaurant and eat a big meal and then go into the bar room and sit and watch the TV or listen to the band and some of the men like to eat some more and drink and watch the ball game and talk. They smoke cigars and drink and play chess and then we all go home and talk about what we did at the club and laugh about it.

Tone in family songs

In family songs tone is a very important thing and the family that can sing in harmony is lucky and especially lucky if they all have the same tone. It is hard to listen to music if the tone is not right. The tone of a song and a singer must be right or even a family that likes music will not be happy and the tone can ruin the enjoyment.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The family vacation in 2010

Family fun can be had at a nice party or a picnic but the way we have fun in my family is that we go on a trip to the lake and rent a boat and have a bunch of food with us and some drinks and then we sit in the boat and watch the sun set and then we eat and row or sail back to shore and get in the car and go to the hotel. The diets that work can be tried on these boating excursions and we have done it too.

Family beds

My family beds are red and have a wood frame and a head board and a thick sheet at the foot of the bed and a box under the bed for shoes and shirts and hats. The adjustable beds are fine in the room since they fit and are easy to make in the morn when you wake and need to fix things to look neat. They all are good to use and sleep on and are good to sit on too.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cheese Cake

I have a new cheesecake recipe that I found online. I am thinking now about trying this recipe on my daughter's birthday this coming Saturday. I hope it will work. I feel it will work if I can get the ingredients right and the temperature right in the oven. The last time I tried the cake cracked and it was necessary to cover it with a topping.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The machine we saw in the square

Family day in our town is a day to walk to the town square and look at the show they have put on for us there and talk with friends and make new friends. One friend we made was a man who said he had an Industrial pc. He took us to his home and his wife cooked dinner and we looked at the movie we had rented on that machine.

The flood that our town experienced

No one in our town likes to find the street flooded and no one can tell when it will happen next. A friend of ours said it is chance and another said it is not, that it can be predicted. Then we heard about a natural male enhancement that was lost in the flood and we were smiling because we did not think it could happen, yet the rain was so high that two cars were also swept away.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Car Trip to Paris

In Paris in 1930 there were men in trench coats and women in gowns and everyone was glad the Great War was over, none of them having the slightest inkling that within nine years their world would be torn apart. That is the way it is with war. There are many who think war can be avoided, but that is a fantasy. The best one can do is get out of the way of a war if it is coming or win the war with machines. In the future war will be fought more with machines, though people will always be slaughtered.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A bus ride for the family

The bus we took was a bus that had only four wheels and the wheels were all of good quality but one of them was flat. The bus driver said to learn more he would take us to the school. The trip was quiet and we say that wincing and whining. The way we went was a new trail and we got back fast. Then we went again and had a fine trip the second time.

Family flakes of snow

Family flakes of snow can be seen in the month of December as they fall off the family hut in the state of Maine. We look for family fun and find it skiing and sledding and singing carols. That is true fun and the way we spend the winter months. That is why they call us a fun group and try to take our photo all the time.

The french fries

A boy in the family across the street and by the tracks said he was going to get a drink of water at the school lunch break and when he came back from the break he had a plate of french fries with him that all the kids wanted to try. Then he told us that the acne lotion had fallen from his hip pocket and he had stopped to get it when he was surprised to see lunch ready, so he helped himself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The line we were on

The boy in the back of the line was on his cell phone for an hour and when he got off he told us he was in touch with a man who was able to sell a ticket to a concert he wanted to go to, but that he had not enough money to go. The onecall coupons had helped him figure out that he could talk so long and get the answer to his question at last and in the face of the crowd, too.

Family tub

The tub we have seen is a red tub made of red wood and is in the back of the house in the floor. It is the kind of red tub you see in a gas house or a bird house but it is not a kind of tub you see in a post office or a rock store. We had a family tub like that a few years back and now we are to get a new red tub again.

Family dog bite

The toy we had for our family neighbor was a toy that had a dog bite in it and a big dog bite at that. The natural colon cleansers we gave the dog made it have the urge to bite the toy and then the dog went to sleep for a few hours. Then the dog woke up. When we saw the bite he gave the toy we laughed because it was a funny thing to see from our dog, who is usually quiet.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How we spend time

No one can say the way to a fun time is to stay at home. The best wrinkle cream can help you go out at night or even if the sun is hot. The way to have that fun is to stroll around and look at the world and not just the TV all the time. That is the way we spend our time in the state we're in today and the way we expect to spend it in the state we'll be in tomorrow.

Group think

Orwell of course talked about groupthink and how words like that could put us in a trance but he did not live to see the coming of the ereader and the way it could change our habits of carrying books with us. Instead, we can now put them all on a device the size of a cell phone and carry a thousand books with us every time we go out. It is a wave of the future, to be sure.

The news of late

So the bread we made was a type of bread that is sold in the French store down the road and the man who runs the store said he had a bread like that for sale too. The Top ten weight loss pills are another item that he said he had for sale and we bought the bread and a newspaper and went for a walk without reading it because we felt we did not want to be disturbed by the news just then.

How sleep can avoid stress

Boats and cars are in the street and the river and they are so good to see when we go out and take a walk in the night. The sleep aids that actually work can put a man or a town to sleep but they cannot tell you what to take a picture of, only your instinct can do that. Of course sleep is essential to have good stress levels and that is why I am going now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clan time

Clan time is a time to hold a fair and a fair that all the town can go to and not just a fair that a man or a boy or a girl could have fun at, it has to be one where all the town can go and see and drink and talk and sleep and eat some more. That is the way we go to the fair and we have fun there too.

How the family spent the summer

I had a family that had a child that went to the Spain store. The lingerie was there and was bought and was not cheap. It was a lot. It cost a lot to buy even one item. That is why the child was not told the price because it was not an easy decision to make to decide what to spend it on. That is the way that the family spent the summer.

The family car that helped me study

I did not take the car out of the garage since I was going to take the test. I left the car there and sat at home with a pen and paper and a cup of tea to try to figure out if the sat prep would help me or not and in the end I decided to study some more. The way to get a good grade is always to study and review what you study for the reason you do not want to forget.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The sea I have seen

The sea I have seen is a sea that is white in the noon and blue in the night. It is a sea that spans the world. It is also a sea that ships sail on. When I go to the sea I sit and think and have a nice time. I drink tea and talk with the girls and boys in the boats by the shore. We then go to have some food in the pub and then go to sleep.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A car that goes fast

No day is a good day till I have a few hours of car talk. I like to talk cars and drive and smoke and drink when I get home. Then the Ferrari parts are in the car and the car can go fast. The fast car I have is a fun car to drive on the road from my home to the West coast. We go fast and see the cars we pass.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The family tub

In the family there is a love of the tub. The jacuzzi tubs are loved by the man and the boy and the girl and the tubs are used. They use them in France and they use them in Greece. They use them in the states too and they like them. The trial is over and they like them a lot.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clan Habits

A clan is a tribe. A tribe is a family. And a family is a unit of people who are together. The way they have habits is is they eat at the same time each day. They do this because it is a custom and they like to keep the custom alive by doing it every day. This is a normal way to have a town or a city work together.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The 2010 trip

The truth is that we have a family that is on a nice trip. The health care career is part of the trip. The trip will take us to many places. We will go and come home and go out again. Then the trip will be over and the new trip will start. The trip we are on will be a big trip and the next trip will be an even bigger trip. This is what is happening.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friends and Family

No friend is a friend if the friend is not a good friend in the day and the night and all through the years that a life is good and dark and fine and sour and bold and spent, for a friend is a friend who is a friend to the end. The jobs one has have not a whit to do with the friends one makes on the boats and in the sea and on the shore and in the land where the friend is a friend who knows one to the end too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Car

My car is a car that is on the road a lot in the day and a lot in the night and is on the road in the fall and spring. I like the car but the car can not go too fast or the car will have a burn in the oil and the brakes will squeal. I do not like a car to make too much noise and I try to keep the car in shape by my feel for the road and my foot on the gas. That is how I drive my car.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Men's Ties for Family Savings

This link is to a tie store that has terrific ties for men. It is for pink ties as well as all other ties, including rep ties and silk ties. The prices are terrific. A good family resource for ties. Today you can pay up to $45 to $75 for a tie, which is a little too much. I would rather pay $20 and that is the top price they charge.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Vacation Time 2010

Family fun is for summer. Family travel is for winter. But the pull up bar is for all seasons. The boy in the summer liked to go to the winter land. The girl liked to go to the pool. The boy in the winter liked to play in the sun. The girl in the water. The family was happy. They liked to travel and go away to get a nice break.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birthday Dinner

I really enjoyed my birthday dinner last week. We went to the Clam Broth House restaurant in Hoboken. It's one of the famous resto in the area. The food was great. I ordered baked lobster and salad. Well, I have to thank my in laws for giving me a such wonderful dinner. Thank you, again.

Slideshows in Minutes

Well, this is fun I'm telling you. Now, you can create a slideshow in minutes by adding your photos, videos words and music. How do you like that? I love it! In fact, I tried it already. It's great! I just did the photos not the video yet maybe later this week if I have enough time. I am inviting you guys to try this too. You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Swim

The family swim at the lake was a fun day and the bus we took as we went was a nice bus too. The family we went with was a fun family and they were all nice and they told us they want to go back next year. I think I will go and I will tell them that I will be there next year too. We like to swim a lot with them.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Family Computer

There is no way I can do the things that I have to do in a day if I do not make a list. The computer memory is better than mine and I know it. I have to try to do things that I have to do by memory. But it is not in the cards for me to do that today because my family computer is gone.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Friend's Wedding

My friend is finally found her soul mate. She got married last Saturday. In fact, I was there of her memorable moments. I was assigned to light the candle. It was very nice wedding and the reception is wonderful. The guests love it too. Well, to my dear friend, wish you all the best and congratulations!

A light for the family in July 2010

All the girls and boys and men and women and all the dogs and cats in the wild town of New York were looking for a long time before they found this on the family picnic. It is a maglite led flashlights and it is for them. They use it at night and they use it in the day and they use it on boats and in cars and in trains all the time they like it so much.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The man who disappeared

A fat man in the state of Maine said he was going to take a walk in the woods one night when the moon was high and the sky was clear. The health insurance in nc was not on his mind when he vanished and no one could find him for days and then weeks and then years and then decades. Now they have a documentary and a movie about him.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Paris journey for a family

A family went to Paris and had a good time and then came back to the States and said that they wanted to go to Paris every year because it was the one city in the world where they felt they could have fun and not spend too much money and eat good and go for nice walks and buy things and shop all day and sit in cafes and read books and talk with people and enjoy the vacation.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pizza for all family boys and girls

No quick weight loss can work in the time it takes to eat a pizza. That would be quick. But a family that eats pizza now and then is a family that considers the facts about pizza and makes its decision. The decision is not one that should not be made. But it is a decision that many make and are happy with. The thing is that pizza has been here a long time.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The way to go on vacation in 2010

No boy or girl who goes will like to rent a tube of plastic since a tube of plastic is not good for the fun you can have if you bring your own. The best acne treatments are not apt to work if you try them and if they do work it is a coincidence. The sun is the best. The family in the sun is the family that stays together. We all say this in our city.

Family pride

Two men fell in the water and one said he had family pride and the other said he had family pride too and then they began to fight and they punched and hit and said things until the water was a froth and the two of them were about to suffocate and drown and the police were on the way to rescue them and then a thing happened that had never happened before.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spot reduction does not work

No child no man and no woman can say. The ab workout is the only thing that can say, and what does it say to you? The truth be told it is mute. It stands like a sphinx in awe of the incontrovertible truth. Which is that spot reduction is worthless. Less than worthless. It simply does not work. That is the way I see it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The family car went into the sea at the end of the trip

A man and a dog and a rat were in a car and they were on the way to the beach and they stopped and the light was red. Then the rat got a hemorrhoid treatment. This came as a surprise to the man and the light turned green and they went on. Then the car was taken to a hilltop and went over the hill into the sea.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We enjoyed watching the fireworks at the Hudson river. It's one of the biggest fireworks display. It's illuminated in the sky and the NY city. I took some pictures of it but it didn't come out good. Oh, well, I hope folks that you have a great one too.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fish Like Water Animals

The family is at the lake and they have a boat and they want to fish but there is no fish and there is no light and the family is going home. The social security disability is not an issue for them and they have no time for it and do not think about it. They think about the fish and the light and the way home.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Trip to the Palisades in 2010

The family vacation ended and the car stopped at the edge of the Palisades, in New Jersey. We got out and asked the driver, our friend Harold, if he had the engraved money clips for groomsmen. No, he had not taken it. We wanted it because it had a key inside that could be used to tune up the carburetor. Not finding it, we got back in the car and called the police for assistance. This family trip was over.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saturday in July 2010

The family went to the park and the man selling fish and chips said the park would close early. We then took a train to the north side of the city and looked at the moon. The sky was clear and the sun was hot. The vacation was not all fun though because it rained at six. Then we went and had lunch. The family vacation was over for the time being. Later we will go back and see if the park is still open.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calico Cats

Some people like animals but I do not. I find animals too wild for my taste. In fact I think that people who have pets have problems. Mental problems. This is true for all kinds of pets. And yet there are many people who have pets who never stop to ask themselves whether they may, indeed, be suffering from some form of mental degeneration. I don't care if the pet is cute, like a Calico cat. It's still weird to lavish all this love and affection on what is essentially a pig with fur.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Brother Is Watching You in 2010

Nowhere but in America! Look what they're doing now . . . Yes, I kid you not. You can't go anywhere these days without the ubiquitous presence of Big Brother or some other corporate giant nosing in on your private business, usually with a security camera or some other insidious device. If I had to hand the prize to any company in particular I'd hand it to department stores and gasoline stations.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Modern Sofas

I really love home furniture, especially these modern sofas. They help me to relax every time I come home from work. My family likes it too. So, we are thinking of buying a new one for the summer. We will go look at it next week. I hope this is the right thing to do for my friends. We are having a big party, I hope everybody will enjoy the sofa.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Have a wonderful memorial day to all. I hope that you enjoy your long weekend, cheerrrs...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tar and Paint

The boy and the girl and the man and the woman use paint and tar and they make a big art with it. They say that paint and tar is a good art to use and the man and the boy and the girl and the woman use it to make their art. They use paint and tar and put the paint on the tar and the tar on the paint and then they sell the art and people buy the paint and tar and use it for art.

The Neighbor

In the town where Frank lives is a car and a cat that like to go together. The can also be seen there. They live in a town that has a lot of animals but none as big as the cat that Frank owns. He gives the cat acid and water to help the cat feel good and the cat likes it and drinks it every day and feels better too.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Cat that Ate the Family Food

The cat and the mouse were in the family shed and the cat tried to call the mouse over to the table so the cat could play with the mouse but the mouse was too smart and stayed away and did not talk back to the cat. The cat ate bullion. The cat and the mouse went through their play each morning and then went to sleep.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Family Trees

The family in the city was not glad when the family in the country came to stay with them. The family from the country brought a nostalgia for green trees. The family in the city did not care one whit for green trees and said so but the family from the country was all about getting to the trees and they made a fuss and caused the other family grief. Untold grief.

The Family Farm and the Dog

The dog and cat were on the family farm and then the cat went away to another farm and the dog was alone on the farm and the family took the dog inside and gave the dog shelter. The dog was in the hay in the cellar and the phentermine was with the dog and the dog was sick for the cat but the family did not know it.

The Goat and the Pile

There is a pile of hay on the farm and the goat likes to eat the hay and stand in the hay and sleep in the hay and eat the hay when the hay is brought from the wagon and the cart. The farm has a goat and does not deal with best weight loss pills. The goat and the hay are always there and the goat stays in the hay and sleeps in it from day to day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Goat and the Boy

The farm is in the town and the boy and the goat are on the farm. The goat is on the farm in the day and the boy is on the farm in the day and the goat and the boy both talk. They talk about the farm and the boy says he likes the goat to pull the wagon and the goat says not a word because the goat cannot talk but the boy does not know this. He is two.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Boy and the Family

The town was hot on Friday and the boy and his family went to the store. The store had a macbook memory. It was cool inside and the air was cold and Frank and the family and the boy went to look. They saw and they stayed and they got cool even though it was hot out. They went to the store again today and got cool again.

Town Fun in June

The town is nice in June and it is fun to be in the Town of Hollister. The insurance quote is there too. It is some town! The mayor of the town walks his cat and dog and his cat and dog like to walk with the mayor and they walk to the mall and they walk back. It is fun to see the man and his cat and dog walk. They talk about things we like to do.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Far Away Times and People

They come from far and they come from near and they stay and talk and they go and then they come back and say the things we like to hear them say and all the while they look at us like they really know us but the thing that puzzles us is where they came from. They are the people in the far town and the people in the near town and we like them all too.

Bandages for Family Trips

First aid is important. The mistake many families make is that they fail to take enough supplies. They do not think to take water. They fail to take salt. Or pills. Do not click here fail to. It could save a life or a baby or a child from harm and a pill or water or a bandage could be a thing a person needs and a good thing to have on the trip.

How to Help a Family

A clam or a family in need is a clan or a family you can help and a family that you can do a good deed for. The how to lose weight fast ideas might. The money might help too. The kind thing you do can help also. You can do a good deed and a family or a clan or a tribe can be helped. You can make a difference in someone's life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Metal Business

The family metal business run by our friend Wilfred is in Oregon. We visit now and then. He is working on a bridge. His wife is working on hats. She likes gloves too and her son is a fan of the European Union. We saw them last week. They were having fun with the steel bridge design that Wilfred drew for the company. We like their work and they like ours. Isn't that what true friendship is all about?

Want To Know Your Credit Score Online?

Well, now there is a website that really does offer you and your family a totally free credit score online. It is so quick and easy to use. In fact, Horace, my pal from Lake Tahoe, tried it yesterday and he had so much fun. I know that just like him you will want to know your credit score too. Why don't you check this today? I'm sure this will help you a lot.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Fun Family We Love

The family we love sits in the front lawn. They wait for Spring and Summer with longing. They hope the weather will be balmy. They use apidexin. They swear they will change. They want to stop using cocaine. They hope they will stop drinking so much. They want to quit cigarettes. They would like to drive somewhere but they are usually so intoxicated that driving is out of the question. They are a fun family.

Happy Mothers Day!

To my dear mom, Happy Mother's Day to you. I'm so glad that you brought me in this wonderful world, I LOVE YOU so much and I miss you too. I can't wait to see you again. Hope to see you soon.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Affordable Weight Loss Products from Nebraska

Well, just like other people out there our friend Alfred is also looking for the very affordable effective weight loss products that are safe and effective. He's so careful about buying pills. In fact, he reads the ingredients first and does some research before buying. He doesn't want to risk his health. He only takes pills if they are really safe. Some manufacturers are putting harmful ingredients in things. So, Alfred is aware of it. He is from Nebraska. He can't spell. He has dyslexia.

The Family With A Lot of Food

A family in our town uses German beef from cans and eats out in the back yard and takes dishes and pots from their shed into the house and washes them in hot water every Thursday. They tried a few weight los products but have not lost as much as they would wish. The father is a very heavy man. The mother is heavier still and the daughter and son are not as heavy but getting there. We like to have picnics with them because they have a lot of food.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Japanese Family Values

In Japan family values are in vogue. The family we know uses a blue motif when they sit in their home. The mom dresses in blue suits. The dad wears blue jeans. The girl wears a blue dress. The boy wears blue shorts. They sometimes wear blue gloves. They talk and talk about the clothes they wear and about the fact that Japan is a great nation now that Yukio Mishima has published so many wonderful novels. (Photo: Yukio Mishima)

Family Gatherings in May 2010

Why is a question that comes up now and then and in a certain way it is an essential thing to ask, now and then. The outdoor patio cushions we use let us sit and talk and ask questions like that and other things too. They allow us to relax and we need to relax these days. We sit and talk and sit and read and smoke and drink and watch the sun set. It is a wonderful way to pass the time.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Danbury Fair and Its Mud

Then it can be done on time because of the group and the family who tried their best. It can be a large or a small jobs fair. It can be done later or on time, it is not a big deal either way. The Danbury Fair was a job for a lot of girls who like to ride horses. They worked there and they saw their lives become Western and full of mud.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden Chores

The garden is red. It is blue. It is white. It is red with roses and white with lilies and blue with peonies and yellow with daffodils. The garden is a flower bed. It is all colors. It is a rainbow. It is a garden we like to see when dogs visit us. We like cats to visit it. We like family hamburger picnics in the garden. It is a garden we all enjoy.

When we plant in the garden we are happy. The garden is a family plot. It is a plot we think is worth picturing. Gerard Manley Hopkins was fond of saying things like fish are birds. He would have loved the garden too.

Family Tungsten Lamps

Every family I know and see in the day and night in the state I live in deserves the best. This is what the family deserves if they want to see better than others. In the Murray Feiss lighting catalog they can see items that will help them see better in the day and in the night. I hope that the sweet vacation we take will light up the night with the light of a tungsten lamp.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Life in the Tropics

No family matters request my attention. No whole life insurance, no vacation package, no lawn to be mowed, no dinner cooked and served to a gathering of friends, cousins, aunts and uncles. No, instead we languish here in the tropics, on the Cuban Island of Youth (Isla de la Juventud). The cool breeze that occasionally blows in from the West is most appreciated today, as it nears eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sleep Deprived Horse Owner

My neighbor Janice has been really sleep deprived for the past few nights. She keeps trying to go to bed as early as she can but it didn't work. Well, her mind was fully occupied recently after she got a new hat job. She had some worries because she had to leave her horse for five hours when she went to work. It was her first job after she acquired the horse in an auction in August 2009. It was a very difficult thing for her to leave the horse. Maybe I can go visit her soon and see her and her horse before the Kentucky Derby. She told me, though, that the horse sleeps fine.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Family Blog for the Family Man

Ray and Terry said do not use it. Do not use human growth hormone. You may have a family. You may find it hard to think. You may find it tempting. But do not use it. The fact is that it is dangerous or potentially so. That is their logic. Do not use it is their motto. At least until more info is available. Actually, we need to gather additional information before jumping into something.