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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Have a wonderful memorial day to all. I hope that you enjoy your long weekend, cheerrrs...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tar and Paint

The boy and the girl and the man and the woman use paint and tar and they make a big art with it. They say that paint and tar is a good art to use and the man and the boy and the girl and the woman use it to make their art. They use paint and tar and put the paint on the tar and the tar on the paint and then they sell the art and people buy the paint and tar and use it for art.

The Neighbor

In the town where Frank lives is a car and a cat that like to go together. The can also be seen there. They live in a town that has a lot of animals but none as big as the cat that Frank owns. He gives the cat acid and water to help the cat feel good and the cat likes it and drinks it every day and feels better too.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Cat that Ate the Family Food

The cat and the mouse were in the family shed and the cat tried to call the mouse over to the table so the cat could play with the mouse but the mouse was too smart and stayed away and did not talk back to the cat. The cat ate bullion. The cat and the mouse went through their play each morning and then went to sleep.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Family Trees

The family in the city was not glad when the family in the country came to stay with them. The family from the country brought a nostalgia for green trees. The family in the city did not care one whit for green trees and said so but the family from the country was all about getting to the trees and they made a fuss and caused the other family grief. Untold grief.

The Family Farm and the Dog

The dog and cat were on the family farm and then the cat went away to another farm and the dog was alone on the farm and the family took the dog inside and gave the dog shelter. The dog was in the hay in the cellar and the phentermine was with the dog and the dog was sick for the cat but the family did not know it.

The Goat and the Pile

There is a pile of hay on the farm and the goat likes to eat the hay and stand in the hay and sleep in the hay and eat the hay when the hay is brought from the wagon and the cart. The farm has a goat and does not deal with best weight loss pills. The goat and the hay are always there and the goat stays in the hay and sleeps in it from day to day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Goat and the Boy

The farm is in the town and the boy and the goat are on the farm. The goat is on the farm in the day and the boy is on the farm in the day and the goat and the boy both talk. They talk about the farm and the boy says he likes the goat to pull the wagon and the goat says not a word because the goat cannot talk but the boy does not know this. He is two.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Boy and the Family

The town was hot on Friday and the boy and his family went to the store. The store had a macbook memory. It was cool inside and the air was cold and Frank and the family and the boy went to look. They saw and they stayed and they got cool even though it was hot out. They went to the store again today and got cool again.

Town Fun in June

The town is nice in June and it is fun to be in the Town of Hollister. The insurance quote is there too. It is some town! The mayor of the town walks his cat and dog and his cat and dog like to walk with the mayor and they walk to the mall and they walk back. It is fun to see the man and his cat and dog walk. They talk about things we like to do.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Far Away Times and People

They come from far and they come from near and they stay and talk and they go and then they come back and say the things we like to hear them say and all the while they look at us like they really know us but the thing that puzzles us is where they came from. They are the people in the far town and the people in the near town and we like them all too.

Bandages for Family Trips

First aid is important. The mistake many families make is that they fail to take enough supplies. They do not think to take water. They fail to take salt. Or pills. Do not click here fail to. It could save a life or a baby or a child from harm and a pill or water or a bandage could be a thing a person needs and a good thing to have on the trip.

How to Help a Family

A clam or a family in need is a clan or a family you can help and a family that you can do a good deed for. The how to lose weight fast ideas might. The money might help too. The kind thing you do can help also. You can do a good deed and a family or a clan or a tribe can be helped. You can make a difference in someone's life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Metal Business

The family metal business run by our friend Wilfred is in Oregon. We visit now and then. He is working on a bridge. His wife is working on hats. She likes gloves too and her son is a fan of the European Union. We saw them last week. They were having fun with the steel bridge design that Wilfred drew for the company. We like their work and they like ours. Isn't that what true friendship is all about?

Want To Know Your Credit Score Online?

Well, now there is a website that really does offer you and your family a totally free credit score online. It is so quick and easy to use. In fact, Horace, my pal from Lake Tahoe, tried it yesterday and he had so much fun. I know that just like him you will want to know your credit score too. Why don't you check this today? I'm sure this will help you a lot.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Fun Family We Love

The family we love sits in the front lawn. They wait for Spring and Summer with longing. They hope the weather will be balmy. They use apidexin. They swear they will change. They want to stop using cocaine. They hope they will stop drinking so much. They want to quit cigarettes. They would like to drive somewhere but they are usually so intoxicated that driving is out of the question. They are a fun family.

Happy Mothers Day!

To my dear mom, Happy Mother's Day to you. I'm so glad that you brought me in this wonderful world, I LOVE YOU so much and I miss you too. I can't wait to see you again. Hope to see you soon.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Affordable Weight Loss Products from Nebraska

Well, just like other people out there our friend Alfred is also looking for the very affordable effective weight loss products that are safe and effective. He's so careful about buying pills. In fact, he reads the ingredients first and does some research before buying. He doesn't want to risk his health. He only takes pills if they are really safe. Some manufacturers are putting harmful ingredients in things. So, Alfred is aware of it. He is from Nebraska. He can't spell. He has dyslexia.

The Family With A Lot of Food

A family in our town uses German beef from cans and eats out in the back yard and takes dishes and pots from their shed into the house and washes them in hot water every Thursday. They tried a few weight los products but have not lost as much as they would wish. The father is a very heavy man. The mother is heavier still and the daughter and son are not as heavy but getting there. We like to have picnics with them because they have a lot of food.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Japanese Family Values

In Japan family values are in vogue. The family we know uses a blue motif when they sit in their home. The mom dresses in blue suits. The dad wears blue jeans. The girl wears a blue dress. The boy wears blue shorts. They sometimes wear blue gloves. They talk and talk about the clothes they wear and about the fact that Japan is a great nation now that Yukio Mishima has published so many wonderful novels. (Photo: Yukio Mishima)

Family Gatherings in May 2010

Why is a question that comes up now and then and in a certain way it is an essential thing to ask, now and then. The outdoor patio cushions we use let us sit and talk and ask questions like that and other things too. They allow us to relax and we need to relax these days. We sit and talk and sit and read and smoke and drink and watch the sun set. It is a wonderful way to pass the time.