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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The machine we saw in the square

Family day in our town is a day to walk to the town square and look at the show they have put on for us there and talk with friends and make new friends. One friend we made was a man who said he had an Industrial pc. He took us to his home and his wife cooked dinner and we looked at the movie we had rented on that machine.

The flood that our town experienced

No one in our town likes to find the street flooded and no one can tell when it will happen next. A friend of ours said it is chance and another said it is not, that it can be predicted. Then we heard about a natural male enhancement that was lost in the flood and we were smiling because we did not think it could happen, yet the rain was so high that two cars were also swept away.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Car Trip to Paris

In Paris in 1930 there were men in trench coats and women in gowns and everyone was glad the Great War was over, none of them having the slightest inkling that within nine years their world would be torn apart. That is the way it is with war. There are many who think war can be avoided, but that is a fantasy. The best one can do is get out of the way of a war if it is coming or win the war with machines. In the future war will be fought more with machines, though people will always be slaughtered.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A bus ride for the family

The bus we took was a bus that had only four wheels and the wheels were all of good quality but one of them was flat. The bus driver said to learn more he would take us to the school. The trip was quiet and we say that wincing and whining. The way we went was a new trail and we got back fast. Then we went again and had a fine trip the second time.

Family flakes of snow

Family flakes of snow can be seen in the month of December as they fall off the family hut in the state of Maine. We look for family fun and find it skiing and sledding and singing carols. That is true fun and the way we spend the winter months. That is why they call us a fun group and try to take our photo all the time.

The french fries

A boy in the family across the street and by the tracks said he was going to get a drink of water at the school lunch break and when he came back from the break he had a plate of french fries with him that all the kids wanted to try. Then he told us that the acne lotion had fallen from his hip pocket and he had stopped to get it when he was surprised to see lunch ready, so he helped himself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The line we were on

The boy in the back of the line was on his cell phone for an hour and when he got off he told us he was in touch with a man who was able to sell a ticket to a concert he wanted to go to, but that he had not enough money to go. The onecall coupons had helped him figure out that he could talk so long and get the answer to his question at last and in the face of the crowd, too.

Family tub

The tub we have seen is a red tub made of red wood and is in the back of the house in the floor. It is the kind of red tub you see in a gas house or a bird house but it is not a kind of tub you see in a post office or a rock store. We had a family tub like that a few years back and now we are to get a new red tub again.

Family dog bite

The toy we had for our family neighbor was a toy that had a dog bite in it and a big dog bite at that. The natural colon cleansers we gave the dog made it have the urge to bite the toy and then the dog went to sleep for a few hours. Then the dog woke up. When we saw the bite he gave the toy we laughed because it was a funny thing to see from our dog, who is usually quiet.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How we spend time

No one can say the way to a fun time is to stay at home. The best wrinkle cream can help you go out at night or even if the sun is hot. The way to have that fun is to stroll around and look at the world and not just the TV all the time. That is the way we spend our time in the state we're in today and the way we expect to spend it in the state we'll be in tomorrow.

Group think

Orwell of course talked about groupthink and how words like that could put us in a trance but he did not live to see the coming of the ereader and the way it could change our habits of carrying books with us. Instead, we can now put them all on a device the size of a cell phone and carry a thousand books with us every time we go out. It is a wave of the future, to be sure.

The news of late

So the bread we made was a type of bread that is sold in the French store down the road and the man who runs the store said he had a bread like that for sale too. The Top ten weight loss pills are another item that he said he had for sale and we bought the bread and a newspaper and went for a walk without reading it because we felt we did not want to be disturbed by the news just then.

How sleep can avoid stress

Boats and cars are in the street and the river and they are so good to see when we go out and take a walk in the night. The sleep aids that actually work can put a man or a town to sleep but they cannot tell you what to take a picture of, only your instinct can do that. Of course sleep is essential to have good stress levels and that is why I am going now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clan time

Clan time is a time to hold a fair and a fair that all the town can go to and not just a fair that a man or a boy or a girl could have fun at, it has to be one where all the town can go and see and drink and talk and sleep and eat some more. That is the way we go to the fair and we have fun there too.

How the family spent the summer

I had a family that had a child that went to the Spain store. The lingerie was there and was bought and was not cheap. It was a lot. It cost a lot to buy even one item. That is why the child was not told the price because it was not an easy decision to make to decide what to spend it on. That is the way that the family spent the summer.

The family car that helped me study

I did not take the car out of the garage since I was going to take the test. I left the car there and sat at home with a pen and paper and a cup of tea to try to figure out if the sat prep would help me or not and in the end I decided to study some more. The way to get a good grade is always to study and review what you study for the reason you do not want to forget.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The sea I have seen

The sea I have seen is a sea that is white in the noon and blue in the night. It is a sea that spans the world. It is also a sea that ships sail on. When I go to the sea I sit and think and have a nice time. I drink tea and talk with the girls and boys in the boats by the shore. We then go to have some food in the pub and then go to sleep.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A car that goes fast

No day is a good day till I have a few hours of car talk. I like to talk cars and drive and smoke and drink when I get home. Then the Ferrari parts are in the car and the car can go fast. The fast car I have is a fun car to drive on the road from my home to the West coast. We go fast and see the cars we pass.