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Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Vacation in August 2010

Family vacation time is a time for travel. We go to the residential rehab in the summer and spend a few days with our patients who we know from a long time ago. They like to go to Maine too and see the woods and sit in the shade and talk in the night as the sun sets and then go for a walk by the lake and view the stars and the birds that fly in the night sky until the sun comes up and the new day dawns.

Family Cook in Blue

The family cook in blue is a girl who we know from the town who comes to cook for the group of us who live in the shore town and she is a girl who wears blue all the time and she likes to cook with a lot of sauce and a lot of salt and also a good deal of spice that she has in a bag that she brings and then she stands by the fire and turns the food over and says to us that it is ready to eat.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Gift

I think, that one of the nicest things to give this Christmas is electronics, such as netbooks, or ebook ereader. Actually, hubby is planning to buy the ereader. Well, I was not surprised when he told me about this a month ago. He is a big book reader anyway. So,I guess this can make his life easier since he doesn't have to carry books with him anymore. Isn't that wonderful? We can even minimize our books in the bookshelves. I'm so impressed of this new technology.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family fun in London

We had fun in the U.K. and said we would go there next year too and see a train ride that we want to see when we visit again. The asset based lenders said they would go on the train ride with us and tell us more about the money they had and the money they made on the road. This is how they spent their time there and they had fun too, I could tell.

Why the family went to town

The family went to town so they could have a drink of ale and when they got to town they had the ale and then rested in the chair by the road and drank some more ale and had a smoke and said a few pleasant words to the taxi drivers and the waiters and then they got up and went inside because it was raining and they sat by the fire to dry off.

Family car trip to France

It was hot on the family car trip to France and I sat in the back seat and saw a cow out the window and said that the cow was hot and looked to be sweating too. The best blackhead treatment was to sit by the cow and feel the heat from the sun and wait for the cow to get so hot that the milk would come out of the cow and be hot enough to make hot chocolate.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family trips to Greece

Family trips to Greece result in some strange tales being told by the men we meet there who say they have a good time when we visit. The male enhancement product they talk about is something that makes us laugh. It is a way they have of saying what is on their mind but they and their family do not mean what they say, they just want to have fun and make a joke when they talk like that to us. I hope to go back there next year too.

How we had family fun in Paris

We had fun in Paris because we went to the tavern and sat and drank and ate and felt the sun on our face and then we got up and walked to the Seine and had a look at the sky and then we went to the store by the bank of the river and sat some more and saw a mime and ate some cheese and drank some wine and talked a bit and then got up and went home to sleep.

Family fun in the tropics

Family fun in the tropics starts with the pool trip and then the train ride and then the car and boat ride and ends with a horse ride. I like the anti wrinkle creams that work and I take them with me and then I ride the horse and get to the hotel and rest. I like to lay on the bed and let the sun play on my face and skin and rest a long time.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot Sun in the Azores

No sun can be as hot as the sun you get in the Azores. The Azores has a hot sun and they have a big acne solution too and they tell you that you can use it in the sun if you like. I like to go there but I do not go there too much because I do not know where to stay when I go there but I hope to go back this Fall.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time for Family Road Trip

The road calls and the family that can hear the call is in a good shape because they will get in the car and drive on the road to a place that is fun to be and they will stop the car and get out and have fun in the park or in the pool or wherever the car might take them on that road trip and they will be able to tell their friends of all the fun they had on that trip too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Family games you can play on your computer

Game and TV fans can play a lot on their toys and their computer and they can have fun with the new games that are available. The xbox story evolves and brings new action film features and thrills to the gaming world. The games that can be played are more fun than the TV shows that you might watch. The key to the show of course in all cases is the way you can be drawn into the game as if it was real. My family likes them and uses the latest all the time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How we go to the family club

My family likes to go to the restaurant and eat a big meal and then go into the bar room and sit and watch the TV or listen to the band and some of the men like to eat some more and drink and watch the ball game and talk. They smoke cigars and drink and play chess and then we all go home and talk about what we did at the club and laugh about it.

Tone in family songs

In family songs tone is a very important thing and the family that can sing in harmony is lucky and especially lucky if they all have the same tone. It is hard to listen to music if the tone is not right. The tone of a song and a singer must be right or even a family that likes music will not be happy and the tone can ruin the enjoyment.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The family vacation in 2010

Family fun can be had at a nice party or a picnic but the way we have fun in my family is that we go on a trip to the lake and rent a boat and have a bunch of food with us and some drinks and then we sit in the boat and watch the sun set and then we eat and row or sail back to shore and get in the car and go to the hotel. The diets that work can be tried on these boating excursions and we have done it too.

Family beds

My family beds are red and have a wood frame and a head board and a thick sheet at the foot of the bed and a box under the bed for shoes and shirts and hats. The adjustable beds are fine in the room since they fit and are easy to make in the morn when you wake and need to fix things to look neat. They all are good to use and sleep on and are good to sit on too.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cheese Cake

I have a new cheesecake recipe that I found online. I am thinking now about trying this recipe on my daughter's birthday this coming Saturday. I hope it will work. I feel it will work if I can get the ingredients right and the temperature right in the oven. The last time I tried the cake cracked and it was necessary to cover it with a topping.