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Monday, January 31, 2011

Family Soap Dish in 2011

Family soap dish in the bath tub was a big laugh last year and this year we will take the soap dish and use it as a gift for our friend. The great valentine's day gifts are a way we share our love for this friend and his love of soap. He loves to use soap and he has a lot of bars of soap in his tub and in his back yard too. He is a soap kind of guy, you might say.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Family TV Fun in 2011

Family can come to our home and look at the TV and they can watch and laugh and sing and talk in front of it too. The tv stands are on the side of the wall and they let us see the TV as if it were in the front of the room. It is very clear to see. It is easy to see and easy to use and we all like it too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rain in the day and the night

Rain can come in the day and it can come in the night but when the rain comes in the day it does not come in the night in our town so we say that the rain you see in the day is a family rain and the rain you see in the night is not. That is why we like to stay up late and watch what rain we can see.

How to catch a cold in the middle of the night

The way we see it is that we like to look good and if we can look good in the day and in the night then we feel good too and that is why we try to look good all the time, that is, in the day and in the night too. So we went to the bestd Houston flower delivery and we saw that we could get them and use them in the day and the night.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Cook a Hen in the Woods

Woods is where you will find birds and ants and big hogs and big pigs and big frogs and fat hens and toads and snails and they are all food for the man who camps in the woods a long time, say two years on end, okay? So the Nikon binoculars can help you see the pigs and the hens and then you can shoot them and cook them for food.

So Disappointed

I'm so disappointed for my online purchase last week. Why? because I ordered a winter wool coat at Macy' and I chose the color taupe but when it did arrive in the mail today it's not the color that I expected. Plus, the collar was ugly compared to the one that I tried in their store. I just decided not to buy it there because it's more expensive than the online. I like to save $50 bucks for buying it online. Unfortunately, I'm going to return or exchange it tomorrow in their store. Best luck for me...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Men who come out when the moon is high

Part of the way we like to eat is we like to sit on the floor and eat when the sun is high in the noon sky and then we like to snack when the moon is up in the sky at night. The most effective weight loss diet pills are not ours to sell but we know that men who come out when the moon is high say they can get them for us if we wish.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Knitting Story

Guest post by Jewel Cole
I learned to knit many years ago from an elderly neighbor. She was the sweetest lady I ever knew and would give anything to anyone who needed it. She was a great knitter and would sit and make things for people who she knew needed a blanket or sweater. She always had a knitting project in the works, sometimes even two at a time. When she taught me to knit, she always told me that I shouldn't keep the craft to myself. Knitting was meant to be shared and that is why she took me on as one of her students.
I found out years later, after her passing, that she wasn't only a great knitter, but, a great person also when going through her things with her daughter that for many years, she knitted baby bonnets for infants born in the hospital. She had found a pattern when she was a young woman and began making these bonnets. She would bring them to the local hospital and donate them to the nursery ward. They were quite popular and the staff appreciated it (as well as the new parents).
Her daughter and I found that old pattern amongst her things and her daughter graciously allowed me to take it. I now make those same bonnets as she did and deliver them to the hospital. I love working on these bonnets while watching my favorite shows onsatalite tv.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The end and not the start

The way to go to the end is to start at the start and then go to the end and stand there and ask if that is the end and then wait a while and ask a man or a boy or a girl if that is the end and if they say it is the end then it is the end and you can be sure you are at the end and not at the start.

Family store and trips out of town

Roads that come in the town where we live come from the next town and they rise up on the hills and then dip down in the lanes that lie in the shade. The best acne treatment can come in on a truck and be sold in a store in town from far out in the state since we have kids who will buy it in that store.

The cow at the end of the cliff

Do not go to the end of the hill we are told since the end of the hill is a place where a cow is and a place where a pail is and it is not a place where a shade is or a place where a lake is so it is not a place to sit and wait but it is a place to stand and wait for the cars to come and the smoke to come too.

Family locks for us in 2011

For us it is a way to be safe and we like to be safe when we have things that we wish to keep out of the way of friends or kids who visit our family. The cabinet lock keeps the things we need to lock safe and it lets us sleep calm and glad that we can be sure the things we have in there are out of sight too.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family TV Sets

Clans and groups and families who are new to the town can still get the news on their sets and it is fun to do so too. They do this with their new antennas and their TV sets that sit on the top of the floor in the den or the front porch. They can even be used out of the home and in the back yard on a rainy day.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowing Again at Family Site

We didn't even fully recover yet from the blizzard after the Christmas season but now here again the snow continues till tomorrow. I am now starting to hate this place. I am thinking I will move in to a warmer place if I have a chance. I am not comfortable in the freezing weather. How I wish to win a lottery, then it might be easier for us to start all over again in the warmer place.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Travel Advice

The family child is one who is glad to be on a trip or a day long stay in a beach house. She can use her dedicated hosting to keep in touch with friends and with boys she knows back home. In this way she can be a child of the new age and can be glad she is here to smile and have fun all day long.

The Jersey Shore On New Year's Eve?

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez
I have an interesting goal for this New Year's Eve. Don't get too excited. Most people have much loftier goals for New Year's Eve. And since everyone is usually plastered, they have a better chance than ever at attaining that goal. My goal is of a different variety. And my goal should also be incredibly easy to achieve. Are you in suspense yet? Don't be. Once I tell you my goal you're going to shake your head and call me an idiot. But I'm cool with that because I can't hear you.
Okay, here it is, at the risk of my anonymous online reputation being tainted, I will admitted that my goal for New Year's Eve is to channel surf on cable deals until I find at least one Jersey Shore star. Once I find at least one of them, I will not change the channel. Does this make me weird? Does it makes me infatuated with the people you call morons? Don't be too quick to judge. If the ratings for the Jersey Shore are constantly through the roof, then Im in the majority and youre in the minority. What do you think about that, punk? LOL. J/K. You see, the show is already rubbing off on me. What I would love to see most is The Situation and Ronnie both get drunk and end up in a brawl. Id like to see Ronnie win.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year 2011

Happy New Year to all of my friends and family! Well, my new years resolution is be productive, eat healthy foods, sleep on the right time, spend wisely, and learn how to drive a car. Anyway, I'm just hoping that this year will be more progressive than the past years. 2010 was not a good year for my family since we all got sick. I considered it one of the worst years ever. Thank God, that we were able to survive it despite the obstacles that we went through. So, starting today, we have a bundle of hopes and dreams to fulfill before the end of this year.